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  1. h_yeti

    Womb Furie

    2019 version: Goes on very similar to O- lots of sweet, super sexy honey- but where O becomes somewhat baby-powdery on my skin, Womb Furie doesn't. The Snake Oil comes out more as it dries but never really smells like pure Snake Oil does for me. It kind of smells nutty, or like cookies but also gritty? Still Womb Furie is definitely all about the honey on my skin, anything else is just an afterthought! I used to not really like honey in scents but over my perfume journey I've come to appreciate it more and I'm super happy to finally find a honey-dominant scent that works on my skin.
  2. h_yeti

    Suck It

    2018 version: Had to get Suck It because it reminds me of one my favourite scenes from I Capture the Castle, where Cassandra drinks cherry brandy at the village inn. Such a great book, and that scene is so idyllic so when I saw that there was a cherry brandy scented BPAL I didn't have to think twice! Also, I just love cherry Wet: Blast of sweet, awesome cherry, like a cherry Starburst- no almond here yay! Dry down: Cherry fades, becomes lighter and slightly more medicinal in tone. Now more reminiscent of a Twizzler. Low throw. Though I don't find Suck It has enough oomph for me to wear it much on its own, I do enjoy layering it with other perfumes to add some cherry sweetness. In particular, I find it layers well over Countess Willie and other red musk blends. And I love that cherry opening
  3. h_yeti

    Lady Una

    Lady Una is one of the scents that I've always been tempted by but got put off by the fear that the honey musk would be too overwhelming. I was wrong though and now I wish I'd tried it earlier! I find this a pretty strange, unique scent.. In the bottle it smells very clean, astringent and a little sweet, I guess from the tea leaf and honey, and it retains that quality on my skin. As it dries down though it warms up and the vanilla and honey come out more and then in the background there is something a bit dark and coffee-ish (the spices? I don't know!). Really bizarre, doesn't sound like it would smell nice but it does! Deep dry-down is a sweet, powdery vanilla over a hint of bitter leaf. I really like Lady Una, makes me feel very clean, fresh and well put together. Very appropriate for the spring. ETA: Wore Lady Una again the other day and realised after aging the dry down had become quite different from what I remembered. It actually reminds me a lot of Bewitched now, but a more subtle, less fruity version. Fresh, herbal, green with a hint of berries.
  4. h_yeti


    I was pretty nervous about trying this because cinnamon and musk can both be a bit iffy on me, plus I seem to amp them to the high heavens, but I'm so happily surprised! The stand out note for me is actually the honey and it reminds me a lot of O. Actually, this smells like if you mixed O and Morocco and then sprinkled the result with a heap of black pepper and cinnamon. The dry down is pretty much spicy honey on a background of warm musk and I like it a lot. Yay, I think this the first spice blend that's really worked on me!
  5. I'm seconding Dragon's Milk for my first pick. It's so rich and warm and sweet, I swear sometimes I even get this slightly smoky boozy vibe, it's just so so good! Second pick would probably have to be Snake Oil, just because it's a BPAL classic.
  6. h_yeti


    Wet, Un has a super strong cherry/ almond candy vibe. I'm not a huge fan of that weird almond association I get with cherry sometimes but thankfully it doesn't last long! As it dries down the rose comes out, red and a little bit dry. I actually like this scent best once I've it had it on for about an hour or so, it kind of settles into this super nice rose candy scent- the image I get in my head is of a clear rose flavoured boiled sweet. I like it a lot but I wish the cherry stuck around longer. I do get the Rose Jam comparison but I actually don't find them that similar. I find Un a much darker, dryer rose while Rose Jam is fresher and lighter. Plus Rose Jam has that hint of lemon, which this definitely does not have! Still, if you like Rose Jam you'll probably enjoy Un as well.
  7. h_yeti


    In the bottle and wet on my skin this smells like sweet rose petals, buttery shortbread cookie crumbs and marshmallow all mixed up together; I think it's the frankincense/ vanilla combo giving me the cookie vibe, had a similar thing happen with Alisz. The cookie smell does die down once dry which I'm happy about, and I end up with a very sweet, warm rose scent with a comforting (non-cookie) frankincense background. I think I prefer the yellow rose to red as red can be a bit dry on me, but yellow seems lighter and more sweet.
  8. h_yeti

    Earth Dog

    This is my first time trying one of the Chinese New Year blends so I don't know how this compares to the others, but this one is absolutely lovely! In the bottle it smells a little woody, very fresh, green, citrusy and slightly sweet. Straight on this is quite fruity and sweet from the peach and lychee, with the citrus in the background. Very quickly these notes calm down and the patchouli comes out. I'm usually not a big fan of patchouli and sadly, also seem to tend to amp it hugely, but in this blend it actually stays really well behaved! It's quite a green woody patchouli, not dirty at all, and is very nice combined with the citrus and sweet fruit on top. After around half an hour the patchouli settles down as well and I'm left with a fresh, clean scent that reminds me a lot of Lush Karma. If I were to compare the two I would say Karma is a bit sweeter and more high-pitched then Earth Dog, and also has bit more of a soapy undertone. Earth Dog is richer, more complex and has a more pronounced woody/ incense base. I do like Earth Dog slightly more, mainly because it is less soapy, but honestly I find them very similar and it's good to know there's an alternative if I ever run out! I'd say if you like citrus and patchouli scents, or if you like Karma and want a BPAL alternative, definitely give Earth Dog a shot, it's great!
  9. h_yeti

    Van Van

    This smells a lot like this sachet of lemon-honey chamomile tea I've had in my tea jar for ever- warm, herbal, citrusy and kind of dusty... The honey is very subtle, just provides some gentle sweetness in the background. I found it a bit too musty and medicinal smelling to enjoy at first, but that dissipated after an hour or so and I was left with a pretty mild lemon and herbs scent. Still, not really something I feel much desire to wear again- I think I actually would have preferred it more if the lemon came off a bit fresher smelling on my skin. As it is it's just too medicinal for me!
  10. h_yeti

    Lick It With Consent (2016)

    I adore mint and vanilla as a scent combo, so I've been wanting to try a Lick It for ages! In the bottle and wet on skin, this is a very realistic candy cane scent- lots of fresh peppermint and sweet, light vanilla. As it dries this kind of woody base comes out, grounding the scent. In the end it settles down into this sweet woody vanilla, with a hint of peppermint. I really enjoy all the phases of this one, use it a lot when I want something simple and non-floral.
  11. h_yeti

    Cheshire Cat

    Received Cheshire Cat as a frimp and would never have picked it from the notes, but I really love it! It's primarily a sweet grapefruit scent on me, with some soft herbs and musk hanging out in the background. I don't usually go for citrus scents because I find them a bit too sharp but the sweetness (maybe from the red currant?) really calms the grapefruit down. I can't really pick out the lavender, chamomile or delphinium on my skin, they just sort of form this cohesive, subtle herby-ness. Really nice, will probably pick up a big bottle for summer as I can see myself wearing this one a lot! Just realised the dark musk is reminding me of Bewitched slightly, but sadly the blackberry in that one made it feel too shampoo-like for me to enjoy.
  12. h_yeti


    Goes on very sweet peach and immediately the musk starts coming out- it smells like red musk to me which concerns me because red musk tends to completely take over on my skin. After 5 minutes or so though the musk starts calming down and the peach is slowly regaining it's footing. Dries down to a strong peach scent, very sweet and slightly boozy. Actually, smells exactly like peach wine Also, the musk stays firmly in the background, yay! ETA: OK, an hour later and yep all red musk. So sad
  13. h_yeti

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    Mmm Mouse's Long & Sad Tale is so soft and fuzzy! Lots of sweet pea, sandlewood and amber (I think that's what is giving the fuzz effect) and the tiniest wee dab of vanilla. The sweet pea doesn't really smell particularly floral to me, it's more just this light overlay of sugar, like fairy floss or something. I do really like this one but it is very very light so I usually end up slathering.
  14. h_yeti

    Dragon's Milk

    On me, Dragon's Milk is a very sweet, warm dragon's blood scent (smells sort of fruity and cherry-ish, but still resiny) mixed with strong vanilla. When wet it does have a slightly smoky vibe but that disappears after dry down. Love!
  15. h_yeti

    Sugar Plum Fairy v3

    In the bottle: The juiciest, gummiest, sweetest plum scent ever! Dried down: Sugary plums dusted with spices (cinnamon?). Stays a little bubblegum-esque. I can't imagine actually wearing this at Christmas since I live in Australia and this will be wayyy too sweet for me to handle in 40 degree heat, but will be a lovely warm sweet, spiced scent for winter!