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  1. lixolux


    well, im one of those people upon whom amber goes funky.
  2. lixolux


    Hetairae for me is O without the funk. i dont know what it lacks from O but it smells identical wet upon application and where O goes - oh no!! funkytown - Hetairae seems to make a quick detour thru craft store and then back to a delightful honeyed musk for me.
  3. lixolux

    Miskatonic University

    out of the bottle and wet its coffee rio candies! irish creme! kaluha - you get the picture! its so buttery cremey insanely sweet coffee that i want to go to the magical cafe where they serve this drink, iced! upon drydown, Miskatonic U becomes a very dry dusty grog, which i love - but its not going to get much action this summer because its such a perfect FALL scent that ill save it for then!
  4. lixolux

    Milk Moon 2005

    i recieved Milk Moon today - the same day my best friend gave birth to a beautiful little girl! its everything everyone has described and i totally agree with the "fertile, biological"-ness of the dairy scent - its not quite fermented to me, but it is alive as opposed to a baked good, soft, but not really foody to me - the aliveness and biologicalness of the scent stands out to me. im going to bring some to my lovely lady right now! edited to add: dry down hours later is soft delicious cocoa powder!
  5. lixolux

    Juke Joint

    i have no mint! none at any stage at all! i have a heavy cedar sugar scent that is making my teeth hurt really bad. powdery in a not good for me way i was so hoping juke joint was going to be my summer scent - something refreshing and light. my imp is so dark and powdery it hurts...
  6. lixolux

    Graveyard Dirt

    i thought i reviewed this already - i had first tested Graveyard Dirt at Black Broom - im pretty sure it was the magickal variety - and all i know is that it put me right into the earth, enveloped, soft warm and moist earth. i fell in love but then found out that they had none at the store and would probably not get any more..... then i freaked out and got myself a bottle when it came out as a LE - i have to say that out of the bottle its not as deep as i remember the sample at Black Broom, but still its soft fresh tilled earth. upon wearing it lightens up and softens even more - it actually reminds me alot alot of lush's spice mountain soap, with more clove and root beer and dirt thrown in. yum my!
  7. lixolux

    Black Forest

    my nose is attached to my wrist in insane sniffing - Black Forest is the deepest softest forest with a mulch of pine needles and soft earth with the slightist marine tinge - its a bit stronger but the exact smell of the peppermint sweetness of the air in the Santa Cruz mountains - when i would come home on a foggy day and step off the bus into the forest this is the sweet deliciousness i would take lungfulls of. i think diluted in jojoba this will be exact.
  8. lixolux


    Kether is the smell of my baby nephews head. almond, honey, barest of floral, sweet and light. edited to add: 5 hours later the spicyness comes out - still sweet but a little spicy like ginger.
  9. lixolux


    out of the vial wet Moxie smells like an insane screaming creamsicle with a layer or darker spices behind it. upon wearing *everything* intensified, the orange became syrupy sweet in the most delicious way possible , the spices turned into...uh oh. its the same wet, deep pepper undercurrent that made alecto smell like bologna to me. i will never wear this scent again (if i can wash it off, that pepper note is stuck on my skin), but as a quick pick me up out of the vial only, whew! its a pants kicker!
  10. lixolux

    Belle Époque

    im very surpised by how much i have fallen in love with Belle Epoque in the last 15 minutes. at first swipe, it smelled to me very much like a sweet heady jasmine which is not my favorite (i think this was the overall sweet mix of the elements, nothing sticking out) and upon wearing its expanded to a vanilla/sandlewood base and sharp opium/soft lily-of-the-valley mid-top notes - this is what my brain thinks it looks like. when i sniff my wrists i realize im playing "find the lily-of-the-valley" and then i find it and its very satisfying. its so delightfully old fashioned, exciting, sharp, frilly, coy- :D
  11. lixolux

    Snow White

    i can't believe that i havent written a review of Snow White yet! I love love love snow white but every time i wore it it reminded me of *someone* else. i dont know who, but it just never gelled with my skin to feel like it was something that i was wearing. soft and sweet, with a little coconut behind it, but like someone i know, something i know...so i never ever wore it, just sniffed from time to time..... today i decided to wear it as i was baking anise lemon honey biscotti and oh geez, with this context i am suddenly *wearing* it! i dont know if its the ingredients or what but its such a perfect complement to the spicy cookies i made! i also dont get the cold sense from Snow White - on me is a warm dry coconut rum laced macaroon with a dry scent of wind along a sunny beach - baking cookies on the beach with enough something floral to keep it not foody. yay! im so glad i kept this bottle!!!!!
  12. lixolux


    Dorian dries and lasts for hours as Honey Lemon Iced Tea. This is going to be my summertime 2005 scent!!!!!
  13. lixolux

    White Rabbit

    White Rabbit for me is a lighter, more wearable Baobhan Sith for me. I loved loved Baobhan Sith but there is an element in it that really irritated my sinuses - and White Rabbit seems to have the same sort of gingery/floral scent but without the high citrus tang that made my eyes water so sadly!!!!! out of the vial it has that lemony tea scent - and upon application it becomes a rose scent that reminds me of Alice without the spicy carnation - and then the honey and vanilla take over and its so delectable! I dont ever get the warm milk part but it does evolve into a soft beautiful non-powdery ginger tinged floral tea - and then the floral part fades a bit and it stays on for hours as the scent of light creamy milk chocolate tinged with ginger.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. lixolux

    Centzon Totochtin

    red wine red wine red wine heady rich back of the mouth taste of red wine. it started out a lot like honey+coffee+amber+chocolate but then quickly turned to red wine and has stayed as wine for over an hour now! Its making me salivate! I dont know if it is something i would wear often but, hmmm, its so exactly red wine its amazing!
  15. lixolux

    Black Annis

    everything clover said plus i think i detect some eucalyptus too - its very light and cave like but dark and sinister - im one of those folks who adores what the civet does in a scent on my skin so its realy sexy and deep too - dont be scared of black annis its really really lovely if you love licorice!!!