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  1. VagueInnuendo

    Shadows of What May Be

    Goddamn, this is artistry. Not the pretty commercial kind of art, either; but truly evocative, discomfiting art. It smells like standing over a freshly dug grave on a barren, icy winter's day. I had to wash it off because it was making me feel cold and deeply sad, even on this stinking hot weekend afternoon. 10/10 for capturing the theme. 0/10 for being something I actually want to smell like. But if you're into loam and sadness, you need this in your life.
  2. VagueInnuendo

    The Peacock Queen

    Bottle: Wow. Velvety rose petals in full bloom. A very true rose accord, without any of the youth or greenery of Rose Red. Wet: Much the same, just a touch sweeter on my skin. I smell like I've been rolling in rose petals. On the dry down: Oh no no no what is this? Stale buttered popcorn. I'm so sad, this is still lovely rose a few centimetres from my wrist, but it's throwing something altogether different. Dammit.
  3. VagueInnuendo

    Dana O'Shee

    In the bottle: Straight up sweet almond essence. Wet: Straight up sweet almond essence with a powdery amber undertone. On the dry down: Sweet almond, warm powdery amber, and a general aura of soft creamy cuddly deliciousness. It's my go-to perfume when I'm feeling like snuggling up in bed or staying indoors on a rainy day, and one of the few scents I occasionally crave and just have to slather myself in. It's a bit too sweet and innocent to become my everyday go-to, though. 5/5
  4. VagueInnuendo


    In the bottle: Very sweet cardamom. Not at all as much warmth or complexity as I was expecting from the notes listed. Wet: Ok, it's still sweet cardamom, but there's the warm spicy undertone I was expecting. It's surprisingly light and almost juvenile smelling, but pleasant. Not a lot of throw. On the dry down: I found it. A vanilla that turns plastic-y on me. Such a shame, too, because the cardamom's calmed down to a lovely, foody, sweet warmth. I might have liked this otherwise. It still has very little throw. 2.5 / 5
  5. VagueInnuendo

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    If you like the sweet milky quality in Dana O'Shee, you might very well like both Go to Sleep, Darlings and Reflected Vulva, which is heaviet on the floral aspects, but still retains the creamy softness. Oooh, I stopped paying attention to the L.E updates a few years ago, and both of those sound like lovely scents for when I'm in the mood for something soft and light. Thanks for the recs.
  6. VagueInnuendo

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Alrighty, this should be interesting. My enduring top five would have to be: - Paduan Killer Swarm - Golden Priapus - Whoso List To Hunt - Brown Jenkin - Dana O' Shee