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  1. erehwesle

    Scents for late summer into autumn

    Everyone is ignoring Scarecrow! One of my favorite Autumn scents, and even a good late summer one... On me it doesn't smell as burnt as in the bottle and a lot of the florals come through, but in a mellow sweet way. Dries down nice too.
  2. OK, first of all, I'm a guy. Different body chemistry, Your Mileage May Vary, all the disclaimers, etc... These are scents I like, that I've liked on girlfriends, or want to try on someone! Belladonna This is a strong scent, good throw, and one of my favorites. It is floral and deeply vegitative (complexly floral), with a hint of lavender and earth. Try this it is very floral and it seems to, in my limited field trials and the reviews, come with a bit of candy on women. Do read the reviews on this one. I higlhy recommend it. Also belladonna was one of the main ingredients of witches ungents, should tickle if not your ancient religion fancies, your old religion ones if you have them ... Severin This is is a real guy scent, but I've also heard a lot of women like it. Leather and citrus. Black Forest Another heavy floral scent with some dark notes, particularly moss. This smells dark, floral, and candy all at once on a woman. Think Black Forest Cake. very good, and good staying power and throw. Try it. Those three are my small suggestions, and they may be a little unusual but they are good, trust me! Do look at the reviews, always great. Oh, and welcome to the madness. Are you really aware of what you are getting into? These folks are the bestest people ever. Trust them. Welcome again, Todd
  3. erehwesle

    Shortcut to Exotic Places - Wanderlust Recs

    Whitechapel rocks. If you have a guy in your life, run don't walk, and get Neo-Tokyo. It is one of my favorite scents, right up there with cathode in the sort of modern smelling electric type scent stuff scene (that so made sense in my head I swear). Minty electric goodness with a hint of musk. It is a fantastic guy scent.
  4. No votes for Havisham? That is totally drool-worthy. And my #1 is embalming fluid. Man, my last girlfriend started wearing that at my 'suggestion' (i.e. I slathered her with it every time I could get her to sit still) and man, that rocks. It also is a fine daytime scent.
  5. erehwesle

    Jolly Roger

    Jolly roger was one of those scents that I had such high expectations for that it could have smelled like unicorn sweat and happy roses, and I wouldn't have been pleased. On a sniff, I got a lot of sweet notes, and a cologne like smell (sorry that isn't descriptive is it? but the every cologne in the world note, I guess I think of it like, and I mean the store-bought cologne not BPAL) It is a masculine scent, but a bit bland First on, however is very different. Spicy with the rum and wood notes everyone talked about. There is also a hint of mint, kind of like Cathode, another fav, that creeps in. On wear it is very aquatic. After the initial spicyness dies down a bit (never goes away) the sea notes sneak through and it smells a little maritime and salty It is on the die down that the leather starts to come through for me, and is my favorite time with this scent. Well, despite what I said, I am pleased, it just took me a bit to get used to the quirks of this one.
  6. erehwesle


    Ahh Dorian, young Dorian, what can I say? I wanted to love you, that I did. I was excited to try this scent, and bought a 5ml due to the buzz, and the reviews. It seemed like a 'have to' have scent for me. Now, I'm not yet sure it isn't. But I have waited to review until I'd used it a couple of times, here's the scoop: Preconcieved notions: A refinement of Saint-Germain, but with a citrus note, and more tea. In the bottle: a bit muddled, but with heavy lavender and tea smell, a bit of vanilla First on: beautiful, complex citrus bite, musk with touch a tea and vanilla undertone. great throw as well. first fade: I would have loved the scent if the musk and tea had stayed, but my body chemistry seems to eat that up quite quick, suddenly the lavender along with vanilla comes to the fore. after a while: the lemon fades out, leaving lavender and vanilla, which together get rather powdery. I would love this if the citrius, musk, and tea stayed. I'm going to leave it a month, since I have a 5 ml, and see if it mellows in, believe it or not, this made belladonna a very different scent for me, and given the popluarity of the scent I imagine it is fresh as new mown grass. I still have high hopes for this scent, it is sooo good when first on, and then dies a bit on me, sooo quickly. *sigh* if I could just re-apply every 30 minutes... Until then, my poor Dorian, you just seem to be Saint-Germain's awkward younger brother.
  7. erehwesle


    Well, this is another in the series of 'I have a 5 ml of, and am finally writing a review'. Anyway, I always lose the mint or, I guess, the three mints, in this scent. For me I always smell the ambregis and cloves, and this is my good 'clearing scent' not that I ever layer it, but it is a clean scent after a shower if I've been too much in the past using bpal. Mayhaps I don't smell mints? Cathode always is lime, ambegis, a bit of clove, but is, well, I do see, what people were saying about a 'negative scent' Anyway, Cathode is a neutral scent for me, but always has a bit of edge about it, I think cathode is what I think about when I think of bpal, spicy about the edges. selah. T-F *edited to add review to my opinion*
  8. erehwesle


    I have a 5 mil of this, that I bought becuase I liked the imp enough. And I am strange. Scarecrow starts out as burnt cinamon scent, and ends up smelling on me, like wet straw. but with a hint of cloves, and charcoal. I will say it smells sweeter in a 5ml than in an imp, for some reason, but can be almost cloying. Scarecrow always to me smells a bit burnt and charred, and that works, with the strange sweet smell it has, sometimes I do want to smell, well, a bit fieldish or fiendish. I don't want to overemphasize the charred and burnt. It is subtule. Scarecrow is a hard scent to describe, and is why I like it. This is a scent I'd actually, if you even can tolerate an imp, I'd suggest a 5ml of it, as it is hard to understand in an imp. Well, I wear it when I feel very, very, ambivelent. OK, this review is done. turn off the cameras. stop taking notes.... *oh tons of changes*
  9. erehwesle

    Ordering Imps

    Thinking, and really thinking about my past, I don't think i've ever ordered imps.. a little free,leave a bit open at the moment, I may have rounded upwith a good money order, and ended up with some expreimental imps. Thinking of something that SHINES... Given the tone of this, what do you want form imps. glorious new soariend scents? we trade imps but they are gifts. Heck, I usually give out 5mils, and I give them out like imps, even if they weren't my best, I send them out with one condition two words, suprise me. I've never been dissapointed. Its kind of a bet, that the folks around here are at least as interesting as I am. Enough stroking my already swolen ego. I'd look towards 5mls, and well, ask for what you want.
  10. erehwesle

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    I use 'the lab' too for most mental correspondence Also Saint-germain is 'the saint' and fennris wolf, is 'wolf' belladonna, is, always, the green lady. here ends the shorthand lesson
  11. erehwesle

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Yeah, the 10 has a slightly larger diameter than the 5. Proof to this? I have both, and a 10 ml cap will screw onto a 5ml body, but the reverse doesn't work. A 5 ml cap doesn't want to screw into a 10 ml body. Definately different. And now my Severin smells vaguely like Fennris wolf, and vice versa. Hmnn. I just said screw a lot. Anyhow. Anyone ever use a fancy bottle? I like the one below, as a guy, though, well probably shouldn't have elaborate perfume oil bottles about. Enough that I have my box of BPAL. I didn't get the fourmula fifty-iforget-the-number. But look at below, isn't it pretty? Doesn't say, though, how big it is... Lord to get a gallon of DeSade? I'd have to wait for years. Someday, if I get a girlfriend, and can determine a BPAL she loves, I'll work a year in advance, and deliver a known scent in a pretty bottle, and won't that be nice? I imagine if I ask them nicely the lab would fill a arty bottle. http://www.mesart.com/artwork.jsp.que.artwork.eq.3513.shtml
  12. I'm sleepless tonight, so I thougt I would ask, because I still reek of Belladonna. What scents for you have 'throw', and by throw I mean both staying power, and effect at a distance. we all know there are some scents here that are best appreciated by a lover, or another intimate friend, and some, that, well, everyone who would share an elevator with you can enjoy. for me, the heavies: belladonna fenris wolf mabon De sade Severin and the mediums saint-germain cathode *fill in the blank* moon neo-tokyo shattered lightning overall, what do you think? do you want a scent with striking distance, or somthing subtle for someone who gets rather close to you... I think I'm both. anyone else making these categories? and scents that are in the first list, what do you recommend? Let's have a list of scents with 'throw' that strike at a distance
  13. notation to self, lust engendered by blood rose, while fun, may be problematic. end note. I have a whole story on why DeSade is unfair to wear to a wedding, but, the moral is, we have to use BPAL's powers for good! Glad it worked for you and your boyfriend, have you considerded scenting, well... lets say there are a lot of places to put blood rose, and men are creatures of habit, OK? T-F
  14. erehwesle

    Recs for those who can't do sweet perfumes?

    It is rather new, but I can't help but suggest Saint-Germain It's a favorite of mine, a good male scent, but not overwhelming. Do try. If you need an imp I'll decant. PM me.
  15. erehwesle


    Splendid Molerat, have we met? Am I your boyfriend? If I was, you'd tell me right? Or mayhaps I'd never know, are you the type to show up on occasion, cook a dinner and let me cook for you, and before I know you'd just be there, a drawer somewhere would be filled with silken things that smell of lavender, fresh flowers in the dining room, a new kind of soap in the shower, and I never do see any of it coming. I should warn your husband, but heck, he likely knows if he carries a handkercheif. In truth I prefer wisteria on my handkerchiefs, or lavender. It sooths my nose, though I often put De Sade on the second one, you know the clean hankercheif I carry in case of woman's need. Well onto Saint-Germain. I've been excited about this scent since it was announced, and receiving it, am blown away. Citrus, Moss, and spice in the bottle, but this is a scent that immediately works well with my body chemistry. Strangely, after playing with imps, a sect of scents that really, and I wouldn't have imagined, work for me, are the electric scents, Cathode, Lightning, etc... This seems on me initially to have the good parts of those (a 'bite' to them) and the benefits of the 'leather' scents like De Sade. on, it immediately gives me a citrus bite and distinct Amber and ambregis. As it mellows, it gets complex with subdued mossy and green notes. Excellent persistance and throw as well. This is a scent people comment on with me, and always to the positive. It fits my usual mood though, the one who lives in corners and shadows. Our splendid mole is right, it is an offputting scent to a degree. Wearing De Sade I have had many, well *interesting* introductions and encounters. With Saint-Germain, well, let's just say it reinforces complexity and leave it at there. The Compte de Saint-Germain is one of my heroes, I'm glad I love the scent, and I'll be ordering it in 10 mls. I did meet him once, in Russia, the far east in 1991, but that is another story. I think he would approve. ADDED Jan. 4: See! thank you JJ_J. All of you do this is a near-perfect guy-scent. As a actual real guy I promise. Heck, I thought De Sade was good....