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  1. Hattress


    I agree with the previous review: this blend is dry and more "perfumey" than the description lets on. In the bottle: Strong. I think I'm mostly getting the white tobacco and cognac notes. It almost put me off, since tobacco notes don't usually play well with my skin chemistry (neither do boozy notes, really...so honestly the fact that I even bought this one is a little unwise of me, but what can you do?). I really almost didn't test it. There's some sweetness there, though, too, and I like it. Wet: Really strong. I couldn't even really differentiate the notes at first, because honestly it was all just THERE. Dry: For most of its wear, the scent isn't as delicate as I imagined it might be. It took almost a full 2 hours before the scent calmed down and then the vanilla started to come out more and added a sweeter edge. I applied this a full 12 hours ago on one wrist (I was testing another scent on the other wrist), and I still get whiffs of it when I move around. The scent settled closer to the skin eventually (a few hours into wear), but still hasn't completely faded away. Overall, I like it more than I thought I would when I first applied it.
  2. Hattress

    Single Note: Cheesecloth Ghosts

    [No additional description given.] What on earth is on my wrist???? This is definitely a case of "I didn't know what I was expecting, and I'm not exactly sure what I got". What do cheesecloth ghosts smell like, you ask? I have no idea. But I can tell you they do not smell like the linen note in Boo. This scent reminds me of something I've tested before, and I remember enough to know it was a frimp from a Lab order, but I have no idea what it was. And I'm not good enough at defining scent notes to know what this smells like. I'm thinking white musk, though? Maybe? I'm sure someone else will come along with a much more experienced nose and give some more accurate impressions. The scent is a little harsh in the bottle and when wet, but mellows out into something smoother as it dries. It sticks close to the skin, very little throw. I'll admit that it does smell a little like that one section of a Halloween store where they keep all of the hanging skeletons and ghouls and ghosts, that all have the same gauze-y (cheesecloth-y) cloaks and rags covering them. And it reminds me a little of my time working in a haunted house--like the way all of the props somehow smelled. We never knew why they all smelled that way, but they did. I'm not sure I'd make any such Halloween-ish connections if I wasn't fully aware this was a Weenie scent and my mind wasn't scrambling to figure out what the heck I was smelling. I'm really interested in seeing what other people think this one is like, because...well. I clearly don't really know.
  3. Hattress

    Her Strong Enchantments Failing

    Her strong enchantments failing, Her towers of fear in wreck, Her limbecks dried of poisons And the knife at her neck, The Queen of air and darkness Begins to shrill and cry, "O young man, O my slayer, To-morrow you shall die." O Queen of air and darkness, I think 'tis truth you say, And I shall die tomorrow; But you will die to-day. - AE Houseman A final confrontation, alight with black fire and poisonous smoke: incense and bruise-purple toxins, a tangle of thorny blackberries, and pale rage. I'm still not great at describing scents, so bear with me on this. In the bottle: My first thought was that this smells an awful lot like Lamia to me, but chillier and lighter. I don't for the life of me know why, though. maybe the 'pale rage' is Lamia's 'pale orchid' note or something, because I do get a vaguely floral sense from this blend (but maybe that's just the way the blackberries are playing in this one). Wet: Same as in the bottle. The only thing my brain can say is "this reminds me of Lamia, but it's not as dark". Dry down: I think I'm getting a hint of the blackberries, creeping around the edges of things. Overall, it's striking me as a light incense (and I mean light--most incense notes I've run into with BPAL make me feel ill, but this one doesn't) with a shade of sweet/floral. There's...something else there, too--whatever the "bruise-purple toxins" are, maybe? It's a little like A Brilliant and Ruby Colored Fluid in that I can tell there's something, but I really can't pinpoint what it is. For anyone who's like me and is wary of this scent because of the mention of "black fire and poisonous smoke", don't worry. I don't get anything smoke or burnt-smelling out of this blend. Overall, I feel like this blend really matches its name. This is the Evil Queen at her weakest moment--there are shades of what she used to be, the danger she used to pose, but they're fading. The incense doesn't knock you down, because she's the one who's falling. And she's pissed about it, but she's past the point where she can really do anything about it. EDIT: Oh, and since I forgot to mention: there's pretty good throw with this one; I get a strong whiff of the scent every time I move my arm. And so far I've been wearing it for about 2.5 hours, and it's not showing any sign of fading. This is probably a scent that I'll have to be careful with (again, oddly similar to Lamia this way), because a drop too much might be enough to push this over the edge and into "all of my coworkers can smell me coming down the hall" territory)
  4. Hattress


    Berry-flavored gummies. That's what Yipe! smells like in the bottle and wet. The first word that came to mind when I sniffed it was "gooey"--it's not like Suck It, which has always veered more in the "hard cherry candy" realm for me. This is Suck It's creamy cousin. I get a lot of the black cherry at first, but it takes a backseat as it dries down. I'd say the black cherry is still dominant, between it and the blackberry, but I can detect the blackberry, so it's not totally in hiding. The scent ends up sticking close to the skin--after about an hour I had to press my wrist against my nose to get a good whiff of it.
  5. Honey cake hair gloss. So. Sharing of the Cake between the Lion and the Unicorn. When I first sprayed it, all I could think was that this smelled like the White Bees Swarming HG. I'd say it's the same honey note, and just like with White Bees Swarming, it's potent. I got a whiff before the mist of spray settled and was almost knocked over by how strong the honey is. After a minute, though, the cake came out and it turned into a nice, sweet blend that doesn't tip over into more cloying, headache-y territory. The honey stays prominent. Oh, and this does not smell like Eat Me's cake note. Sharing of the Cake isn't as much of an in-your-face "THIS IS CAKE" kind of scent. Coworkers and friends aren't going to wonder if you smashed up a cupcake in your hair or anything, and I really like that. It's a gentle, wearable scent. I'd say medium throw; it sticks pretty close to my hair, but every now and then I get a whiff of it after turning my head.
  6. Hattress


    2016 Version Sugared violet with an emphasis on the sugared. It's very sweet, but it's not so sweet that it's cloying. After it dries down, there's a little more of a warmth that comes out, tempering some of the sweetness. It has pretty good throw on me, enough that some other people I was around could get a whiff of it, but it doesn't last as long as I'd like. After about five hours, tops, it's usually gone.
  7. Hattress


    2016 Version Pink Snowballs. Hope is almost identical to my 2011 Pink Snowballs. It might be a little stronger, but not by much, and it fades within about 4 hours or so.
  8. Hattress


    Stekkjarstaur is mostly a sweet, soft vanilla for me. I'm also getting the same "wooly" note I got from Queen Alice, and something a little more "perfume-y". This also isn't a particularly foody vanilla for me; there's a little bit of the marshmallow vibe that others have mentioned, but it's more toned down on me. For comparison, I tested Stekk alongside another marshmallowy scent I like: NAVA Spooktacular. Stekk isn't as in-your-face OMG MARSHMALLOW as Spooktacular, and the throw is much lighter than Spooktacular. Stekk is a little more "wearable" that way; it smells lovely and there's a suggestion of sugary marshmallows, but it's not so obviously foody and overwhelming. The sad thing is, Stekk fades pretty fast for me. I think it stuck around for maybe three hours, if I'm being generous. This might be one for the scent lockets!
  9. Hattress

    Pecan Pie Hair Gloss

    This is the second Pie HG I got in my recent order (the other was Marshmallow Cookie Pie). In the bottle, this smells exactly like pecan pie. Somehow, Puddin' and the goblins managed to pin down the scent absolutely perfectly. My dad walked into the house when I had the bottle open, and caught a whiff of it. He thought I'd actually made some pie, and was really disappointed to realize that there was no edible form of pie in the house. When I spray it, I notice that there's a spiced element to the gloss that reminds me a lot of Pumpkin Spice Everything, but really. I don't even know what else to say about this one. My hair literally smells like pecan pie right now and I am so happy.
  10. Hattress

    Marshmallow Cookie Pie Hair Gloss

    Okay! I guess I'm first! So I had no idea that marshmallow cookie pies were even a thing. I had never heard of such a pie, so I didn't really know what to expect. But marshmallow! And cookies! And pie! Chocolate is the dominant note in this, for me. It took me a minute to identify it, because for some reason, I'm just not very good at sensing artificial chocolate notes-in perfumes, body washes, etc. In the bottle, I got a strong whiff of that chocolate note, and then it started to smell a bit like chocolate chip cookies. Which makes sense--take chocolate and add any kind of pastry note, and "chocolate chip cookie" doesn't sound like too much of a stretch. I wouldn't say that the chocolate is overbearing; if it were, I probably wouldn't like it. But it's definitely present. I don't get much marshmallow, if any, and a little bit of this gloss goes a long way. It's pretty strong, and the throw is good. I was in a swirling cloud of chocolate-y dessert for a while, and had to put my hair up because it was giving me a bit of a headache*. Overall, I really like this one. What I might need to do, though, is only apply it when my hair is damp. When I put gloss on dry hair, the scent can be super strong; since this scent is pretty strong on its own, it should turn into a nice, settled scent if I put it on damp hair. *that's no fault of the hair gloss; I can be a little sensitive to scents, so too much of any and I risk a nasty headache ETA: After sniffing the gloss again, I wanted to add this. Since I've never actually had or heard of marshmallow cookie pie, I think this is the most appropriate image of what this smells like: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2155/2420100292_d94ed6d8e0.jpg . Minus the scoop of ice cream on top.
  11. Hattress

    The Waltz

    Wet: Oh hi, white rose. This is allllll really strong floral. It's heady and I'm really loving it, so I was hoping that it would calm down. Dry: Ah, yes. The vanilla amber comes out more, and I guess I'm getting the champagne musk? I don't really know what the champagne musk smells like, honestly, since I think this is the first scent I've tried that has any kind of champagne note. Overall, this ends up being a soft, warm vanilla with a hint of rose. Definitely perfect for the delicate, smooth waltz in question.
  12. Hattress

    The Unquiet Grave

    Well, I've got to preface this by saying that I bought this perfume purely because I love Penny Dreadful, and they featured the song, "The Unquiet Grave" a couple of times in the second season. I love the song, love the show, and decided I really needed to have the perfume to match. This definitely delivers on the "cold" part. Wet, the white gardenia is strongest (which scared me; I don't love gardenia and I was hoping it wouldn't overwhelm the other notes), but I'm also getting the frozen white roses. After a little while, the gardenia settles down and makes room for the other notes. It stays chilly floral, with the sandalwood just barely warming it up a little bit and keeping it grounded. There's also some serious staying power with this scent. For the first few hours, it had pretty fair throw--I smelled it almost every time I moved. Eventually--after maybe five hours--the throw got a lot lighter, and I could only smell it if I brought my wrist a little closer to my nose. But I could smell it, at least a little bit, even when I woke up in the middle of the night. So that'd be...seventeen hours? Overall, it's such a gorgeous blend. I got two decants of it, but it definitely might have to be a bottle.
  13. Hattress

    Frosted Pumpkin Spice Cookie

    Wet, I get a lot of the frosting note. And a pretty big dose of spices that remind me more of gingerbread than any pumpkin cookie I've ever smelled. Drydown: The spice settles, and a more distinctly "cookie" smell comes out, but I don't get much pumpkin, if any. It's more like a frosted molasses cookie. Warm and spicy and definitely foodie.
  14. Hattress

    Single Note: Clown White

    Whoa. When I first applied this, I got a lot of almond. It was so sweet and almond-y, I started to wonder if I'd somehow gotten a mislabeled decant. After a minute or two, I started to get the vanilla Play-Doh feel that VioletChaos described. After a little while, it settled into a sweet vanilla-ish scent with very little throw. There was a little bit of a cosmetic-y smell to it, just hovering at the edges, but it was never in-your-face GREASE PAINT, which I was kind of glad about, because I got enough of that in theater to put me off the smell entirely. Sadly, the scent doesn't last very long; it was gone after about half an hour. I mean, it lingered a little--every now and then I'd still think I got a whiff of it--but it was almost impossible to know for sure if I was imagining it.
  15. Hattress

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    So far, I've only sniffed this from the decant (I can't skin test any new scents today; my head is killing me and being stuck with a perfume wafting around me all day is a no-go), but it smells an awful lot like Necco wafers. Which is to say that there's something vaguely sweet, and I think the florals are combining to give the almost chalky wafer smell somehow. Not the most useful review, but really. In the decant, it smells like Necco wafers.