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    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    I love this. On my skin I get a soft, musky, cozy scent sweetened by the red currant. I can smell the autumn leaves note in the bottle, but not on my skin. Decent throw and wear time, I kept catching whiffs throughout the day, and it was faded, but still present ~8 hours later. Doesn't morph on me at all.
  2. Riezky

    Cold weather suggestions?

    Saw-Scaled Viper is probably my go-to for cold snowy days, maybe Gingerbread Poppet too.
  3. Riezky

    (Not So) Penitent (Mini) Magdalene

    In the bottle and wet, I mostly get the "vanilla ice cream" part of it. As it dries, the candle wax comes forward with a bit of smoke, and the vanilla sticks around alongside it. It stays this way for several hours, just getting lighter throughout the day. Overall, this is a light, creamy, comforting scent. It stays close to the skin, great for when you want something subtle and a bit sweet. Really liking this one.
  4. Riezky

    Devil's Night

    Devil's Night '09 is all thick, sweet, smoky, cinnamony goodness. My favorite year. Devil's Night '11 somehow reminds me of Harvest Moon. I don't get much smoke from this, no cinnamon, just a sweet boozy scent. Devil's Night '14 just made made me go . In the bottle, it makes me think "Jolly Ranchers". Some sort of sweet fruity hard candy. On me, it's jolly ranchers + smoke. Not very strong, doesn't smell bad by any means, just very confusing.
  5. Riezky


    I'm also getting beautiful sweet red apple at the forefront, with a bit of earthiness, pine and spice lingering beneath it. Perfect for the season.
  6. Riezky

    Traveling with BPAL

    I don't have experience with bpal specifically, but I have definitely had trouble with anything remotely liquid-like that wasn't contained in the standard quart size ziploc. Based on my experience, I can't imagine they would let you take ammo boxes full of imps in a carry-on. I would check the baggage, and not take anything that's difficult to replace.
  7. Riezky

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    One of the reviews for Eldritch Drunken Constellations says that it is very similar to Kumiho, no ginger in that blend.
  8. Riezky

    Changing the Shadows

    Wet: All I can smell on my skin is somewhat chemically orange blossom. Dry: It mellows a bit and I smell mostly sandalwood and orange blossom, possibly the mate too. The cleaning solution vibe I was getting before has died down a bit, but still present. It's mostly a woodsy orange scent though. I'm a little torn on this. There's aspects of it that I really like, but not sure if they make up for whatever is disagreeing with my skin. Will probably hang on to the bottle for a while and try it again.
  9. Riezky


    This starts out smelling like sweet cardamom tea on me. As it dries, it becomes more of a simple vanilla-sugared cardamom spice, complete with a slight edge of raw spice bitterness. Nice either way, a sweet inoffensive scent that I like to wear winding down before bed, although I wish it retained the tea quality that it has initially.
  10. Riezky

    Sweet, manly woodsmoke scent

    Rogue might be a good option if you can find it, or one of the other RPG scents. Antikythera Mechanism doesn't quite fit, but might be something to try? Or maybe Dragon's Hide or Crowley.