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  1. WickedSage

    Caramel Apple Cookie

    In bottle: caramel green apple with a hint of brown sugar in the background On skin: smells exactly like in the bottle. Once it drys down the apple fades and your left with an apple crisp scent. The caramel and brow sugar come out and the apple stays in the background.
  2. WickedSage

    French Vanilla

    This is a lovely soft yet strong vanilla. Will work beautiful for layering or simply using by itself. It reminds me of these cupcake dolls that were scented that i had when i was little. Smells incredible when layered with Creepy! Highly recommend for all vanilla lovers and those who love layering scents!
  3. WickedSage

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcake

    The cheesecake part is noticeable as well as the cupcake sweetness. As for the pumpkin it comes across as pumpkin spice and it calls to the foodie lovers. Also Anyone who enjoyed Beaver Versary this is a less sweet pumpkin spice fall version of the cheesecake cupcake goodness. I received many compliments while wearing this and it last a long time on the skin.
  4. WickedSage

    First Time BPAL-er looking for recs!

    Coconut: Black Pearl, Elegba, and Shango Honey: Cockaigne Vanilla: Lyonesse and Snake oil thats aged Booze: Elegba and Grog (rum ones)
  5. WickedSage

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    First bottle smells like mint chocolate its milk chocolate with spearmint and peppermint i really like it. Second bottle is confusing in the bottle i smell coffee like miskatonic university and rum but once on pulls floral which is odd for it being gourmand.
  6. WickedSage


    My very first Full size BPAL bottle was lightning. This a sharp, fresh, and clean sent. At first it smells like a flower garden after a heavy rain storm. Definitely has a ozone rain smell with some florals. Then after awhile it morphs into an storm charged ocean breeze scent that is amazing if your a fan of the ocean.
  7. WickedSage

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Reminds me of Rootbeer floats, Rootbeer barrel candies, as well as Birch beer. If your thinking you like these things but dont want to smell like that it will surprise you because this blend works on the skin. Definitely worthy of an imp to test this one out for yourself.
  8. WickedSage

    Poisoned Apple

    Perfect bright juicy apple (cross between green and red but i would say red) as it drys it start to morph between apple and the poisons with the opium, oleander, and hemlock. Perfect apple scent with a dark twist.
  9. WickedSage


    Very sweet but light scent. Apple comes out first then the apple blossom and birch come out to play. Different apple compared to poisoned apple but still would recomend you try it out if apple scents are your cup of tea.
  10. WickedSage

    Mare Nectaris

    Right off you pick up peach schnapps and papaya musk. The green ti doesnt even come to mind as the other notes dominate this one. Its a heavy fruit musk blend that doesnt come off too boozy. Will be perfect for the summer.
  11. WickedSage

    Penny Dreadful

    Wet: A spicy dirt scent (like dirty gingerbread) Dry: The dirt note fades but is still in the background and your left with a warm creamy sandalwood spice scent.
  12. WickedSage


    Wet: Strong cinnamon that reminds me of red hots Dry: smells like cinnamon candied almonds. Almond note comes through in the dry down but it is still a stong cinnamon scent. For those looking for a strong cinnamon dominate scent this is the oil for you.
  13. WickedSage

    Suck It (2014)

    Suck it 2014: Bottle: strong black cherry with a hint of the cough syrup smell Wet: Yummy black cherry lollipop scent with no hint of cough syrup in sight Dry: cherry with a hint of wine in the background All in all i think i will have to get a back up bottle of this one. If you like cherry/sweet/candy like scents this is definitely one you should try before its gone.
  14. WickedSage

    Chaos Theory Hair Gloss

    Bottle: xxvIII This one is Honey scented and it really reminds me of Cockaigne. It was the first time i got to try out a hair gloss let alone the chaos theory. Thankfully i got one that i really like but the gamble is part of the charm in chaos.
  15. WickedSage

    Visions of Autumn III

    Bottle: patchouli and bourbon vanilla Wet: bourbon vanilla, patchouli, and a hint of honey Dry: cinnamon patchouli with bouron vanilla and honey This is perfect for fall and even winter. I agree that it is a very cozy/snuggle/cuddle me scent. I amp the honey and vanilla the most when wearing this. The cinnamon and patchouli stick in the background. This one also stays close to the skin.