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  1. Kanashisa

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Funny I just bought a bottle of Light Blue. It's kind of lightly citrusy and clean, right? I'd recommend Nuclear Winter 2014, which is very clean, minty and fun. Reminiscent of lemon soda except the citrus is toned down, with a dash of musky ozone, which makes it more unisex. I'm really picky but I'd really recommend it especially because it's limited edition. Kumiho isn't an exact match (not citrusy, the ginger drydown is amazing and unexpected) but it has the same clean vibe, so I'll second it. It's also my favorite BPAL of all time. It's kind of more feminine, but not floral, and it's nice. The Apple of Sodom smells just like very crisp green apple, kind of sour. I liked it okay. Might be good mixed with something or if you really like the smell of apples.
  2. Kanashisa

    Rose Red

    2014 A very fresh, green rose. Like rose mixed in with a crisp, green sour apple. If you like fresh, fruity scents that are not very sweet, this is great. I've always thought roses and apples smelled similar so I think this combination is great. The bite fades a bit as it dries.
  3. Kanashisa

    Snow White

    2014 Out of Snow White, Rose Red, and Nuclear Winter, I think Snow White ranks last for me. It's musty on me and the almond goes bittersweet. It's the same with Snake Oil, which seems to work for everyone else. I couldn't wear it as a perfume because of the bitterness. I will wait a while and update this again.
  4. Kanashisa

    Nuclear Winter

    2014 Really nice! I bought Snow White, Rose Red, and Nuclear Winter and I like Nuclear Winter best because it is coldest, freshest, and cleanest. In the bottle, it strikes me of fizzy minty lemon soda, which I think is really fun. On skin, it's a little sweet than it appears and more ozone, but gosh it's electrically chilly. Still sweet though. The throw is excellent. 9/10
  5. Kanashisa


    Note: My nose is uncultured. Anyway, I was scared to try it because in the bottle it smells of synthetic bananas mixed in with crushed juicy flower petals, very sweet and punchy. On my skin though, gentler, just a very straightforward sweet scent. I don't get any pineapple or any particular fruit, just a creamy floral sweetness. It's reminiscent of suntan lotion because of the creaminess, but not something that'd make you immediately say, "suntan lotion!" which is great. There is a tiny tang of that odd cloyingly note also found in Blood Popsicle; reminiscent of salt or clove. Kind of musky and green. (Note: most things go musky on me.) Otherwise, it's a happy, girly scent that'd be nice for a sunny day on the beach. Rating: 6/10. Might wear it again in the summer, but might not because very sweet.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vco3k8tcwXAe5JzGsQGfZBaTrSTTAPPtFozChjwRso8/edit?usp=sharing I prefer feminine, sweet, fresh scents. Especially fruits (though less so citrus, iffy about lemon), candy, and light florals. I do not like buttery foodie scents. I amp bitterness, smokiness, and musk so those don't work. Last updated: 1/5/15 I should still own all listed so if you want a comparison between scents, let me know! *** Overall thoughts on BPAL: Great concept. The vast majority of these do not work for me--too powdery or musky--they usually smell more strange than good. I also wish there were some definitive breakdown of what chemicals are in the oils. What keeps me coming back are the few unique scents that are absolutely amazing: Currently: Kumiho, Nuclear Winter Other pluses: Fast and safe shipping, getting random imps, the new postcards, and the scents that, though not something I'd wear, are spot-on (e.g. Blood Popsicle, Zombi).
  7. Kanashisa

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I haven't tried very many, but so far, in order: 1. Sin 2. RPG Mage 3. Kumiho 4. The Apple of Sodom 5. Cairo especially looking for something like Kumiho minus the ginger or The Apple of Sodom so please let me know if you know anything!
  8. Kanashisa


    Honey and lemon. In the bottle, more like honey; on my skin, more like lemon. A thick, sweet, syrupy lemon. I quite like it. 8/10
  9. Kanashisa

    Blood Popsicle

    To me, Blood Popsicle smells like a mix of fermented fruit, maybe berries. It's not sweet as much as it is strongly intoxicating, alcoholic. It does not smell conventionally of blood, but there's an idea of it, a faint hint of something metallic and cold and tart, maybe even sour when wet. I was almost turned off by the initial bitterness when wet, but that fades as it dries. (The strength of the bitterness might be a personal problem, because a lot of the lab's perfumes are very bitter on my skin, though they smell great in the bottle and to other people (e.g. snake oil).) There is a lingering smokiness. I can't think of when I would wear this. It would suit a dark lipstick mood, perhaps when traveling alone in a cold country. I wouldn't order another bottle, but I will keep the one I have because it's unique and definitely very evocative of its name. I do feel slathered in blood and I don't know how I feel about it. ^^ It's not a sweet, friendly smell. It is solidly unisex. 6/10. It is, not surprisingly, similar to Blood. The fruit scent is almost identical, but Blood is much stronger, sweeter, less alcoholic, and muskier (kind of an animal muskiness). Between the two, I prefer Blood Popsicle, which is more distant and refined, and because I really don't like the animal smell in Blood (from the clove, I think). (Smelling Blood is like finding a finger in a lovely bouquet. Initially it's very sweet and strong, but if I breathe deeply, the metallic, animal tang emerges and makes me recoil. I would almost never wear Blood.)
  10. Kanashisa


    Light, sweet, and clean. Gently citrusy with a hint of tea. Yes, very similar to Embalming Fluid, but brighter, leaves a little more impact, so I like it more. Not in the least bit harsh or cloying. 10/10 I absolutely need a bottle!
  11. Kanashisa

    Snake Oil

    On me, it just goes bitter with no sweetness at all. I've tried four times over the past month to no avail. I wonder where the bitterness is coming from.
  12. Kanashisa


    Personal Rating: 10/10 Wet: Fresh, minty pine and something warm, sweet and fruity--vaguely like dried longan fruit (which, when translated from the Chinese, means "dragon eye" and smells/tastes sweet and spicy and kind of juicy even though it's dry). Herbal. Dry: The pine fades. The sweet, vaguely fruity, herbal smell comes to the forefront. A man at the hospital I was working at said, "Do you burn incense at home?" I agree with Heaven_Star that it is smoky and not what normally comes to mind when one thinks of incense...perhaps because it's so much more playful. Cedar. Hmm, it reminds me of prunes, which unfortunately is not a romantic word so doesn't do this scent justice, but it makes me think of that half-dried, sweet plum smell. I love RPG Mage, so even though everyone before me has written basically all there is to say about it, I felt like I had to add my review. It's one of those "Only BPAL" unusual scents, and very lovely. It does elicit the idea of a clean mage in a green, lush forest, surrounded by exotic herbs and spices, definitely smiling and quietly friendly in the sunshine.
  13. Kanashisa


    Personal Rating: 6/10 In Bottle: Sweet vanilla lemon. Wet: Lemon is a little stronger on skin than in bottle. Dry: My plebeian nose declares, "Powdery sweet (not as much vanilla) with a hint of lemon, and perhaps a kind of muskiness that makes the sweet less straightforward." It would be unusual, I think, if a man wore it because it's quite sweet and even a little sharp in its sweetness. I wanted to love this perfume, and for the first time I wore it, I really did. Perhaps because of the lemon going odd on my skin all the times afterward, it makes me think of baby powder so it doesn't work for me, unfortunately.
  14. Kanashisa


    Personal Rating: 3/10 --Very impressive though! In bottle: Sharp, smoky--but not warm at all, makes me think of a cold, yellow fire. At best a cologne, acrid, not a hint of sweetness. Maybe I'm imagining a hint of sulfur because of it's name... I'm scared to put it on. Wet: I put it on my knee (teehee). A weird mix of pepper and something maybe anise-y (?) but not quite. Very hard to describe, but it definitely elicits the idea of yellow, sulfurous brimstone. Not pleasant, but not repulsive, just very strange. Definitely a smell that will clear your nose! Dry: Sharp, peppery and vaguely, vaguely like licorice, with a dash of something that kind of makes me think of something burning and barbecue sauce (?). Pretty strong too. I once accidentally got it on a t-shirt and I could smell it for half the day. Scents like Brimstone explain why BPAL is an exceptional company. Who else could come up with a perfume that fits the concept so perfectly? Although I would never wear Brimstone, I love the idea of it, and I keep it to impress my friends and perhaps to put me in the mood when writing about traipsing through the netherworld or demon dragon battles or gunfights in abandoned subway tunnels or any moment of profound bitterness. It's beautiful, in it's way.
  15. Kanashisa


    Personal Rating: 10/10 In bottle: Hot, spicy cinnamon that makes your nose tingle a little. It's mixed with something sweeter, almost vanilla-y. I recall a review that says this smells like cinnamon candy. It kind of does, but it isn't sticky-sweet, it's some kind of vanilla-sweet, and only slightly. Wet: Strong, tingly cinnamon. Exciting, lively. Unlike, say, Miskatonic University, which has a buttery sweetness that could possibly make someone nauseous in a car, Sin is not cloyingly sweet. I put it on my bags when I'm traveling. Dry: The cinnamon fades and softens and my sister says it smells like chocolate. Perhaps a sweet, milk chocolate. My favorite from the "Most Beloved" imp pack, Sin is a unique scent, spicy and sweet and versatile. I joked that "Sin" is short for Sin-namon (ha ha...ha). It's the first scent I bought a full-sized bottle of and I love it.