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BPAL Madness!
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List of Scents and Brief Reviews for Comparison Purposes





I prefer feminine, sweet, fresh scents. Especially fruits (though less so citrus, iffy about lemon), candy, and light florals. I do not like buttery foodie scents. I amp bitterness, smokiness, and musk so those don't work.


Last updated: 1/5/15


I should still own all listed so if you want a comparison between scents, let me know!




Overall thoughts on BPAL:


Great concept. The vast majority of these do not work for me--too powdery or musky--they usually smell more strange than good.


I also wish there were some definitive breakdown of what chemicals are in the oils.


What keeps me coming back are the few unique scents that are absolutely amazing:

Currently: Kumiho, Nuclear Winter


Other pluses: Fast and safe shipping, getting random imps, the new postcards, and the scents that, though not something I'd wear, are spot-on (e.g. Blood Popsicle, Zombi).





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