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  1. dangerbunnygirl

    The Wet Nurse and the Old Monk

    In the bottle: Fruity tea, very yummy and fresh. On my skin: starts off smelling nice but ends up smelling like dryer sheets on me, and lasts for ages! I have made a solemn vow to my loved ones to never wear it again.
  2. dangerbunnygirl

    Ivory Vulva

    Wet: mmmm... creamy, sweet, nutty and warm. Makes me hungry. Dry on skin: Went kinda powdery (maybe the Amber?) still nutty but with a little popcorn mixed in. Overall yummy but I'm going to try it a couple more times before I decide on it.
  3. dangerbunnygirl

    Snow White

    2014 version wet: this smells slightly floral and cold Dry: very cold coconut with a touch of almond and light flowers. Like a very feminine Pina Colada. Pretty but not something I think I would reach for a lot.
  4. dangerbunnygirl

    Lick It With Consent (2014)

    This one is different than I expected, I thought it would be more candy cane like. In the bottle: Minty! on skin: Very minty but a strong, fresh mint smell, like herby and green. Small whiffs of sweet vanilla. later: Still very green minty, a sweet vanilla note comes out later reminding me a little of Dorian. I like it!
  5. dangerbunnygirl

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    Dark, woodsy and sexy. I loved it. Unfortunately, my husband came home and immediately started complaining about the weird smell in the bedroom. Good staying power with this one , as I sprayed it twice and he complained for two days.
  6. dangerbunnygirl


    2014 decant In the imp: CHOCOLATE! Wet: still chocolatey but with a sharp, almost pine note. As it dries down it still is very chocolatey but it is a dry kind of chocolate, makes me think of cocoa rather then chocolate, still a sharp middle note and finishing with a warm amber. The amber smells sharper on me, different from the amber in The Lion. Dry: still a cocoa scent with a strong amber note, very unique.
  7. dangerbunnygirl

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    It definitely smelled like rootbeer at first, yum yum. Then as it dried went slightly like Dorian(?) Now is slightly medicinal and sweet. Wish it would have stayed more in the rootbeer stage.
  8. dangerbunnygirl

    Coffee notes?

    Morning in New Orleans didn't work at all on me. neither did Misk U.
  9. dangerbunnygirl

    Trying to branch out!

    My suggestion for you is to try as many as you can, there have been a couple I thought would work great and didn't at all and some that were wonderful even though the notes listed didn't seem like they would work. Have you tried any from the beloved favorites category? Which ones have worked for you and which ones haven't?
  10. dangerbunnygirl

    Cold weather suggestions?

    First snow today, brrrrr.... what are your favorite cold weather BPALs?
  11. dangerbunnygirl

    The Little Wooden Doll

    In the imp: warm, woody rose On skin: ROSE ROSE ROSE!!!!!!! I think I amp rose, it is however, an awesome rose.
  12. dangerbunnygirl

    Dragon's Milk

    In the imp: sweet, sharp and resiny On my skin: not bad when wet but quickly turns to artificial cherry smells like red food dye #40 tastes. I'm going to try aging this one.
  13. dangerbunnygirl

    Miskatonic University

    I really wanted to love this one. It didn't love me back. In the imp: kinda like wood and sweet popcorn, not what I was expecting. On skin: Almost smelled woody good and then dried down to a weird chemically vanilla. It made me remember this toy I got when I was 6, it was a little plastic doll that turned in a cupcake if you bent her skirt over and was "vanilla scented". Bummer.
  14. dangerbunnygirl

    Eat Me

    My new fav! and my husband said it "doesn't smell to bad" which is amazing praise. In the Imp: like sweet cake with a touch of berries, yummy! On skin: It smells like sexy cake! After it dries the vanilla comes out more and the currant keeps it from being too edible. This one lasts ages on me and makes me smell like cake you want to do dirty things to.
  15. dangerbunnygirl

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Thanks Balame, those sound lovely!