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  1. Well thanks, celestia! I will look into those suggestions! I HATE when I fall in love with the unattainable
  2. Ugh! I have spent WAAAAAAAAY too much time trying to find this; Osiris v4. I am totally in LOVE with it, but my imp is almost empty :'( I know it is a long shot...but does anyone know of a GC scent that compares? The reviews section has a lot of comparisons between Osiris and LE scents that can not be found anywhere, either!!
  3. Lunabelle


    Huh. This one is odd to me, first try. I'm not a reviewer, but I thought I'd add my two cents. Dry, on me, this is totally a lily scent. I don't get any snake oil. It reminds me of Easter lilies that are about to be spent...at their most potent state. It is very spring-like to me. Lots of throw and long-lasting on me. On wet, it did give me a grandma-perfume vibe, but it settled into a nice floral after a bit. Not a bad scent at all...but not a snake oil scent, IMO. I like it enough that I'll keep the bottle.
  4. Lunabelle

    Oh, the strawberries, the strawberries!

    Crap. I am so TOTALLY in love with Enveloped in Silk. I just added several more bottles to my cart because, apparently, I am a HOARDER. Someone talk me down before I check out!
  5. I know it's a long shot. I am terrible at distinguishing the notes in scents. For a few years now, I have been using Ouidad products on my hair, and am IN LOVE with the scent from their PlayCurl formulas. I would love to smell like that all the time, but have no clue where to start to look for something with similar notes. ETA: Honey. I definitely get honey. Dang, I'm bad at this!
  6. Lunabelle

    Single Note: Pile Of Fallen Leaves

    MUST.GET.BACK-UP. As Leopard403 said, I don't know how they do it! This does, indeed, smell like the best pile of leaves you could imagine. I get a lot of "green" leaf scents, but it also has an older, wet, almost dirty leaf smell to it as well. It is really complex. It's dry down is very fresh. Outdoorsy. Cozy. Maybe a little bit of pine at the end? It is amazing! I could definitely wear this by itself...A LOT. I also think it will make a great layering scent! One of my all-time favorites! Edited to add: I think this is a gender-neutral scent, too. :-)
  7. Soilentgringa, it is hard to wait, isn't it? I feel your pain I ordered on the 22nd, and this is right about the time I start getting antsy, too. I've certainly waited longer for more important things...but I feel the need to pace, nonetheless It's not OUR fault these smellies are so addicting! We're just wanting our next "fix"
  8. I always wonder how long is long? I have a BPTP order that has been "Pending" since July 30th. To me, that is long, but in the grand scheme of things, I guess it really isn't!