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  1. Adikia

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Antikythera Mechanism and Rogue sound like they might work for you.
  2. Adikia

    Pumpkin Lace

    I will probably come back and edit this since I tried it right out of the mailbox but first impression: Real, creamy pumpkin mixed with Pinched with Four Aces. It has the same spiced/tobacco/boozy notes with a light touch of the creamy pumpkin. Not too sweet, not too buttery. Just perfect and I'm glad I got two bottles.
  3. Adikia

    Eastern Comma

    This is too real and too fantastic. The other metas had orange blossom which I've determined smells like cleaner on me :/ but this. THIS. This is true, sweet, juice running down your chin after a bite of a warm orange right from the sun filled grove. I am not a citrus girl in general but hay and tobacco are two of my favorites and here they play so well together with this realistic orange. As it goes throughout the day it smells a little like when my mom and I made clove oranges. Pushing little clove stems into the fresh peel. I still get the juicy sweet orange with just a hint of spice which I'm assuming is the hay and tobacco combo taking over. I think I'm going to need multiple bottles of this.
  4. Adikia

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I have two bottles of Braving the Ice. One resembles my decant and one is an extra two doses of pomegranate. I don't mind...it's definitely the same scent. However I prefer the one with a softer amount of pom and I don't put this to aging as it was only Yuletime.
  5. Adikia

    Braving the Ice

    This is an amazing foody scent that I never imagined I would like...let alone LOVE...considering I didn't think I liked pomegranate and I don't like smelling of mint. However the mint is very, very soft only coming out on me after a couple hours of wear. It mostly smells like chocolate butter cookies with a very soft pomegranate cream drizzled over top when the cookies are hot out of the oven. Simply amazing. My decant of this has mellowed the sharpness of the pomegranate so I imagine my full bottle is only going to get smoother and better as time goes on.
  6. I've read through this whole thing and filled out a whole sheet of notes on stuff to try. However one I'm missing that is my to die for scent is Christmas Eve. The only one I saw in here was Eos...are there any others that come close?