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  1. khemistry

    Unmasking the Sambasô Dancer

    I very much like this citrusy blend. Imp: Oh hello ORANGE Wet: Lovely mandarin, with a little warm kick (amber? Is that you?) Dry: The fruit fades into the background (although I'm happy to say never entirely leaves!) and the light floral/amber hangs out nicely. Overall: As with most bpal, I will try alternate application to hang onto the gorgeous top notes longer (hair usually works best for me). I may need a bottle of this one..
  2. khemistry

    Tweedledum Bonbon

    Ommm nom nom nom. In the imp: white creamy chocolate mmmmm Wet: Spice comes up and has sex with the chocolate Dry: The offspring of the spice and chocolate are mango and fig children. Everyone dances together in harmony. I don't get much patchouli, but I'm going to assume he's the creepy uncle that doesn't show up until later. Not much green tea, but if I sniff really hard it might be there. I consider this the best of the best in foodie scents: not overly sweet, definitely not the plastic snow-sugar of the late yules, and no nasty ass flowers coming to play. Just delicious with enough spice and fruit to give it complexity. Not a one-note sugar-fest, but a feast of awesome one hour later: Alas, gone the way of 95% of bpal on my skin to turn into a vague incense/hippie/amber. I'll have to experiment with scent lockets or hair application. The fresh scent is to die for, but the long term wear turns into every other bpal. Edit/Update: I've decided the long lasting base note that I refer to above must be patchouli. Since it is in so many BPAL blends, it's no wonder they all smell the same (and not great) after long term wear to me. Henceforth, I will refer to it as the "creepy uncle" of base notes. Bleh
  3. khemistry

    Arise, Lift Up Thine Eyes and See

    Yep, dryer sheets! I mean, I don't find dryer sheets to smell bad... but not what I'm looking for in a perfume! I will say that I'm a floral hater, so this was a risky one for me. I was hoping for more vanilla and nutmeg. Alas, the stinky dry sheet flower comes in a stomps on my dreams.
  4. khemistry

    Bog water etc.

    If you want a dead and drowned flowers kind of bog, Siren smells very much like flowers + bog water to me...
  5. khemistry

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Morocco - feminine, but with a little spice. International
  6. khemistry

    Leather and Pepper

    Spanked was available as a linen/room spray for the Yules. I cheat and spray it on my hair (but never on my skin, burning terror). I have three bottles of it, you might be able to talk me out of one
  7. khemistry

    Worm Moon 2014

    This is a melding of Victorian Grotesquery and springtime fecundity: mold-crusted dirt, decomposing organic matter, coffin wood, drooping funeral flowers, grave bricks, congealed blood, wreaths of laurel and boxwood, gloomy lunar oils, and cuckoo flower with something moist lurking underneath. *Gag* Decaying soil, mold, eck eck, ewwww. I'm sure someone will love this, but it's completely WRONG to me. I did only sniff it wet, can't handle putting this on my body.
  8. khemistry


    This imp smells just like the Macy's perfume counter. I dislike traditional perfume, so this is a capital N No for me. I think it's the freesia that makes this go so wrong for me. I did a dry test, but it was just more misery.
  9. khemistry

    Spanked Atmosphere Spray

    I've recklessly disregarded its use as a room spray... I've tipped it (1 Tablespoon) into my bath, sprayed it on my hair, pretty much would have sex with it if I thought I could* I spray my clothes down with it before going out in the evening. LOVE I adore this oh so much. It's gotten the most compliments of any BPAL/BPTP yet. *Direct skin contact is a no no. It burned like crazy when I tried spraying it like a perfume. I still refused to wash it off. That's how good this is.
  10. If you like the idea of a creamsicle (orange + vanilla ice cream), I highly recommend Gobo. It fades on skin, but stays lovely when applied to fabric or (lightly) to hair.
  11. khemistry


    Pinesol chemical sludge when wet. Dries down to pine and floral (berry?). Still smells like a cross between floor cleaner and a bad x-mas candle. I was really interested to try this since it was so well-rated. Alas, this will not be a bottle purchase.
  12. khemistry

    Eldritch Dark

    I really wanted to like this - the bottle is so cute. I like leather, but the combination with the musks, etc just didn't smell good on me (wet or dry). I would like to try this on someone else (especially a guy I can get close enough to sniff).
  13. khemistry

    Rose Red

    My favorite rose! Fresh cut rose buds with the understated rose and a green note. Pretty amazing wet and dry. I didn't think I liked rose scents (or florals at all)!
  14. khemistry

    Black Snowballs

    Of all the snowballs smelled wet, this one interested me most with its alluring top notes for a test: Wet: This is what I would imagine purple snowballs would smell like, so I thought I grabbed the wrong bottle. Nope, black. Purple is much lighter when smelled next to it. Black snowballs is fruitier than I imagined for something that is supposed to be goth (I suppose this is tongue-in-cheek goth). This is more hot-topic & black eyeliner. The fruit is nice, but has an immature and slight falseness to it wet. Sort of grape-juice. Dry: lighter fruit comes off and reveals a more mature fruit scent. Licorice comes up stronger along with a floral that I can't identity. The floral definitely takes this from hot-topic goth into something much more deep and complex. Overall: if you can live with the grape-juice fast dry down, really very nice. Would probably layer very well with other scents like leather, vanilla, etc. Retains a fruit-forward note when dry unlike most fruity scents. Update: Layered with Brusque Violet = fabulous
  15. khemistry

    Go to Sleep, Darlings

    Wet: Better get my nose closer, I don't really smell anything. Maybe something mint or sweet? Too faint to tell Dry: I can't remember which arm I put this on, because it is completely gone. I tested this with several other scents and it was almost completely lost. Extremely light and sweet, hardly any throw or staying power. I'm going to get an imp from a decant circle and retest in much larger quantities. Overall: too faint to tell, retest with more slathering is required.