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    Notes: vanilla, leather, pear, sweet pea, jasmine, tuberose, white musk, grapefruit, red currant, incense, cinnamon, sandalwood, violet, neroli, star gazer lily, lilies, amaretto, plum, cherry blossom, pine, lotus blossom, poppy, freesia Blends: GC: Tintagel, Undertow, Voodoo, Velvet, Dee, Jack LE: Pisces 2008, Under the Harvest Moon, Beanman and Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina, Cake Smash, In Winter In My Room


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  1. steelgossamer

    RPG Combos

    I'm trying out Neutral + Elf + Rogue today and it's a morpher. Now that they've all dried down, I have one wrist that smells more Elfy and one that smells more Roguey. The musky underlayer is there, along with some warm berries and leather. I'm really digging Rogue with pretty much everything. This one is pretty nice, but I think Halfling will blend better with these two than Elf did. Ah well, there's always tomorrow .
  2. steelgossamer


    In the imp: WOOD. Lots of wood here. Wet: Yup, more wood. This is a dry, warm, slightly peppery wood to me. It's very brown and a bit soft. Drydown: It gets more complex and soft as it dries. Dry: There's a slight sweetness coming through. It's woodsy, dry, peppery, a little smoky, and sweet. I really like this one. It reminds me a bit of Dee or Voodoo, and those are two of my all time favorites. This is less leathery than Dee and less MANLY!/spicy than Voodoo, which makes it different enough to hang onto.
  3. steelgossamer


    In the decant: Sweet frankincense, clean. Wet: This smells clean and a touch incensey and sweet. But mostly CLEAN. Like, freshly scrubbed with a bar of zesty soap clean. Which I find a little strange. Drydown: There's the musk! The musk comes through and really warms up the scent. I can also pick up just a tiny bit of vanilla as it dries, along with a touch of leather. Dry: Once dry, it's still a very clean scent with a little bit of leather, a bit of vanilla, and a lot of musk. I like it a lot, though. I think it'll layer nicely with Half-Elf and Neutral.
  4. steelgossamer


    In the decant: LEATHER and something a bit woodsy Wet: LEATHER Drydown: the hemp and rosin start to peek through the strong leather scent Dry: This is a really strong leather scent on me. It's dry, masculine, and a touch woodsy. I think it's going to layer marvelously. Sniffing it next to Halfling is already quite nice. I look forward to trying it with Elf. ETA: After about 10 minutes dry, this one smells AMAZING. Like, I want to have sex with my arm amazing.
  5. steelgossamer


    In the decant: Sweet, foodie, delicious Wet: Oatmeal cookies and spices! I want to eat my wrist. Drydown: There is a slightly plasticky element that comes through for me, which is not unusual for foodie blends like this one. Dry: There's a whiff of fruit with the oatmeal scent, and the plasticky note has almost disappeared. It sticks close to the skin, but I imagine it will smell delicious with Good . I think I'm happy that I only have an imp, though.
  6. steelgossamer


    In the decant: Sweet, foodie, and a bit musky. Wet: OMG NOM! Sweet berries, pine, and something a little warm and tart. Drydown: Berries berries berries! Warm, slightly sweet, slightly tart berries with just a touch of pine. Dry: The pine gets very subtle and this goes sweet fruity floral with a little warmth. I look forward to testing this one with Rogue and Paladin . I also wish that I had gotten a half bottle since it works so nicely with my skin chemistry. It's the only really heavily berry scent that hasn't disappeared in a matter of seconds.
  7. steelgossamer


    In the Bottle: Green, mossy, sandalwood, musk, and leafy stuff. This smells like the forest with a bit of masculine muskiness to it. Wet: It's a touch sharp, but with a sexy herbal/woodsy kick. It hits the back of my throat like mint does, but without being mentholated smelling at all. Drydown: Something really strange comes out in the drydown. I can't put my finger on it or adequately describe it. It just smells weird for a bit. Dry: It has almost disappeared now that it's dry. The herbal kick is mostly gone, replaced by something vaguely musky and a little woodsy with a bit of something soapy underneath. It's a little bit aftershavey. I have no idea how I feel about this one. I'll try it layered with other scents to see how it goes, but so far it's just a strange little scent that defies description.
  8. steelgossamer


    In the Bottle: Sweet, floral, and slightly medicinal to me. Wet: Light, sweet, and just a little floral. It's a touch soapy as well, but not in a bad way. Drydown: The honey starts to come through more, but that floral keeps ticking away. The vanilla shows up after a few minutes and softens the floral. Dry: Sweet, honeyed floral that reminds me of Mouse's Long and Sad Tale or Prague but with a bit less of a fruity sweetness and more of a warm sweetness. Again, this seems really nice for layering and I look forward to trying it out with Halfling.
  9. steelgossamer


    In the bottle: Clean, fresh, a touch sweet. Wet: Exactly the same as in the bottle. Drydown: it quickly gets a bit powdery, but also a little bit warm and spicy. It's soft and barely there, but it's there alright. Dry: Clean, fresh, powdery, and light. It's a bit warm, and definitely suited to layering. I can tell that this is the same musk as in Beanman and Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina, which is a good thing . I could see myself wearing this alone for days when I want a little something on, but nothing that screams PERFUME at passerby.
  10. steelgossamer

    Snow White

    Well, this was not what I expected at all from the description! 2010 version. In the decant: cool snow, something a bit sweet, something floral, definitely wintery. Wet: SOAP. I get clean, soapy, and slightly sweet. Not very floral at all. Drydown: There are two phases to the drydown for me. It gets plasticky at first, stays soapy, and gets a bit sweeter. Then, as it continues to dry down, the plastic goes away and the soapiness fades into a powdery scent. Dry: After a couple of hours, this smelled clean, musky, and creamy. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say I'm picking up vanilla, white musk, something clean-smelling, coconut milk, and maybe a bit of honey? It's a very creamy sweetness and not at all sharp, sugary, or buttery for me. Just clean, musky, warm, and creamy. It reminds me a bit of White Musk by The Body Shop after several hours or Lilith vs. The Giant Crab after several hours of wear. Maybe a little like Beanman and Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina as well, I feel like it shares the coconut milk note with that one.
  11. steelgossamer

    Gingerbread Poppet

    I have the 2010 version. Bottle: Gingerbread! Spices and sweetness ahoy! Wet: Spices and a touch of something sweet Drydown: This really just smells super spicy and gingery and delicious. It's a bit drier on me than on other people it seems, though. Dry: Straight up gingerbread, warm from the oven. No one note stands out in particular, this is just pure gingerbready goodness. Love love love this. So glad I bought a half bottle .
  12. steelgossamer


    Another really interesting one from my Yules pack! In the decant: It's a bit spicy and a little reminiscent of trees and reminds me a bit of Tintagel. Wet: Yep, a little like my beloved Tintagel! I get pinecone, spices, and something a little sweet. Drydown: The pinecone gets stronger, and something a little tart (maybe the cranberry) comes through a little. Mostly pinecone at this point, though. After a few minutes, this is ALL pinecone. It's like sticking a sprig of tree in my nose. Dry: After what felt like forever, the pinecone note starts to die down a bit and the spices come through again with some of the honey, the winter air note, and maybe just a little berry. This one is warm, very piney, with just a touch of spicy berry. The honey and amber don't come through very well on me, but the winter air definitely does. It smells a bit like a Christmas wreath to me. It doesn't have much throw, but I think it will stick around pretty well. This is another one that I'll have to keep sniffing to make a decision on.
  13. steelgossamer

    Harlequin and Columbine

    This is a really interesting blend In the decant: fruity, citrusy, and a little sweet Wet: Starts out very orange and fruity but gets very woodsy with a touch of lemon and sage almost immediately Drydown: The fruit starts to come out and play a bit- red currant, lemon, and mandarin are detectable. The woodsiness calms down some too. No vanilla yet. Dry: It's light, sweet in a fruity way (but not really juicy), with hints of wood and something more herbal. I can really smell the lemon, pomegranate, and rosewood in this one. The vanilla doesn't really stand out for me, but rather seems to blend into the background and make this a bit warmer and sweeter than it would otherwise be. The woods and sage start out very strong, but fade into the background over time, leaving this to become a rich, deep fruit scent. I think I like it, but I'll have to keep sniffing throughout the evening to be sure. Very different from other scents I have. ETA: After several more minutes, the vanilla did finally show itself, warming the overall scent and making it a bit sweeter and creamier. I like this a lot more with the vanilla peeking through. I think it's a keeper .
  14. steelgossamer


    In the imp: creamy vanilla sugar Wet: sweet, creamy, sugary Drydown: peeks of clean cotton coming through Dry: Pure sugar. Not even a little plasticky- just creamy, sweet, and surprisingly delicious. I wasn't sure about Boo. I skipped it on the last go-round because it didn't sound like it would work out. Then I heard everyone raving about it and figured I'd snag a decant this time. I'm glad I did. I can't stop huffing my wrist .
  15. steelgossamer


    Wet: Cherry lollipops and almond extract Drydown: coconut and saffron come in and soften this up Dry: barely there sweetness It's like my skin just eats the scent . I got from POW cherry candy and almond to a nice blend on the drydown, then a slight toasted coconut and sweet stuff smell, to... almost nothing. It's really nice before it disappears, so I'll give it another go before giving up.