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    a little too imp-ulsive
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    Bay Area, CA
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    Follow Me Boy
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    Follow Me Boy is, hands down, my favorite BPAL. I'm also a sucker for anything foody--Jack and Dragon's Milk are scents I return to again and again.

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    religion, symbolism, interior design, unitarian universalism, paganism, christianity, returning to school, throwing dinner parties, hospitality, movies, bpal (naturally!), FlyLady, housekeeping, playing the piano, singing, choirs, and bumming around downtown.
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    I'm a Leo, but I'm right on the Cancer/Leo cusp. I'm cuspy like whoa.
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  1. bettybaker

    Follow Me Boy

    Skin musk, shortbread, and roses; this is my favorite BPAL, and I have, um, a lot. Jack has been supplanted; Follow Me Boy's my signature scent from here on out. It's long lasting and a wee bit strong, but ummmph. The psychological effects are awesome, and the smell is gorgeous, pretty durned.
  2. bettybaker


    PLUNDER The scent of a pirate's bumboat, overflowing with stolen wares: tea leaf, cassia, cinnamon bark, clove, allspice, sandalwood, tobacco, peppercorn, and nutmeg. I say: Plunder is sweet cinnamon tea. It's a wee bit strong, and it lasts and lasts. I smell like holiday potpourri, like cinnamon toast and a cup of tea on a cold morning, but not at all buttery or foody.
  3. bettybaker

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    Okay. So. Take the buttery pumpkin of Jack, and the boozy chocolate July of 07's 13, and blend them together. This is a chocolatey, buttery, brown-sugary confection. I feel like raiding a bakery and eating all of their pumpkin-flavored coffee cake. It's warm, it's comforting, and there's a strong boozy note at first. I dig it. I smell like Christmasween.
  4. bettybaker

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    In the vial, this smells like Pumpkin Queen's twin. On my wrist, though, this is a lighter more tea-and-spice scent. It's like a cross between Bakeneko and Pumpkin Queen. I like it! I'm not getting one trace of the butter scent so often noted in Jack. This is very light and spicy on my arm, in a friendly, pumpkiny, autumnal sort of way.
  5. bettybaker

    Thirteen (13): July 2007

    In the bottle and on me, 13 smells like a rum-spiked chocolate truffle.
  6. bettybaker

    Pumpkin Queen

    In the bottle: peachy orange-y sugar. Wet on my skin: That peachy orange-y sugar is still there, but now it's rounded out with hints of butter cookie and cinnamon. Mr. Roommate says it smells like, "Scent. I dunno. Lavender? Really, it just smells like scent to me." Upon my description of the oil's name and dominant listed notes, he says "it does smell very pumpkin pie-ish." After a few minutes to let it dry: This smells like a milf on Halloween night. I loves it. Pumpkin Queen '06 is one of my favorite scents; it's right up there with Dragon's Milk and Jack. It makes me feel all confident and sophisticated when I wear it, so it's got psychological mojo voodoo magic going for it too.
  7. bettybaker

    Dragon's Milk

    Dragon's Milk smells like vanilla bubblegum. I smell like a pretty young thing who's learned a trick or two in the sack, and I like it! I may love it. *sniffs* Yes. It's true infatuation. Dragon's Milk is very long wearing. It sits smoothly on my skin and glows out its sweetness without being overpowering. I think I have to buy the rest of Ars Draconis now.
  8. bettybaker


    I associate mandrakes with Harry Potter and Pan's Labyrinth, and I gotta say, this smells more like hand-shoveling rich earth and pulling up weeds than it smells like screaming baby. It starts out smelling like a dark mossy patch of recently upturned earth. Not really my thing, but it feels all nice and mysterious and witchy and stuff. After several hours, it subsides into a very subtle, close-to-the-skin scent of cinnamon-honey root. Edited for spelling.
  9. bettybaker


    As I received this as a frimp from the lab (squee!) I decided to write down my impression of Whip before I read what the notes were. Here are the results: Whip smells like golden cologne spilled over a red fruit roll-up. Now, I'm highly suggestible, so once I read that Whip is supposed to smell like leather and roses, that's exactly what I smell. This is a nose-to-arm-gluer. I like it. =)
  10. bettybaker

    The Music of Erich Zahn

    It smells like cheap from the microwavable box curry + a leetle bit of asthma-inducing head shop. I'll wear this on a date I want to go wrong.
  11. bettybaker


    Bakeneko reminds me very much of Bengal, only slinkier and sultrier. It has only a medium throw on me and fades in a couple of hours. At first I was disappointed, thinking that I was getting nothing from Bakeneko that I couldn't get from Bengal, but then I realized that the musk was making me feel very prowly and mysterious. I love it! This is "date night" perfume.
  12. bettybaker


    Wearing Faith makes me feel like a pretty, pretty princess. It's a very girly scent. I experience it as a candied blue scent. Faith only has a medium throw, and it subsides quickly. My friend Kerowyn could still smell it after an hour, but I couldn't. Two hours later, I couldn't smell it anymore, and neither could she. Warning: Faith may bring skillful flirting and diabolically feminine cunning to the fore.
  13. bettybaker


    On me, Zombi has a wonderful, very pink and fleshy rose smell. Unfortunately, it also reeks of Windex. I don't think my skin likes the dirt. Alas- the rose keeps taunting me, because it smells so wonderful, but the Windex smell gives me a headache.
  14. bettybaker

    The Lady of Shalott

    Smells like honeyed bananas on me at first- which is nice, actually- it makes me feel very warm, confident, and graceful. Upon reading the notes, I think I'm responding mostly to the gardenia and the ginger. After about an hour, this settles into a cool, subtle gardenia scent, and I'm fine with that. I keep getting (haunting?!?) wafts of banana. I'll finish off the imp and consider a bottle. I think this'd make a great romantic scent to wear around my sweetie.
  15. bettybaker

    Blood Pearl

    So, this is a really unusual scent. It smells like spicy baby shampoo, but oilier. This is something a harem beauty would wear as part of a campaign to usurp the head wife; it's diabolical, sultry, and intriguing. I'm very interested in it- I keep putting my nose to my wrist. It makes me feel like wearing eye-liner and flirting in a mysterious, sophisticated way. Whoops. There goes flirtatious e-mail number one. Next I'll be calling someone and letting loose coquettish one liners. Soon I'll be oiling the shoulders of long-haired men and whispering schemes into their ears. Tantalizingly. I'd wash this off before I get myself in trouble, but I'm having too much fun. Make cookies, Betty. No Illicit phone calls.