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  1. binkyboots

    La Fée Verte

    ooh, this is fabulous! sharp/sweet/herbal/musky and clean all at the same time.... it's as though dorian took you out and rolled you in the herb garden
  2. binkyboots


    lavender, dude, and lots of it! then this kind of green/lushness underneath, I dont get the eucalyptus though.... or anise. mike and I both tried this last night, I slept, like a baby for once, except for a very disturbing house fire dream mike is still sleeping now! but I'm thinking his regular medication has more to do with that, lol. scent wise, it's very relaxing, soothing, smells clean and comforting. didn't last very long, mostly I can still smell whatever perfume I put on before bed the next morning, but nothing, like a dream scent!
  3. binkyboots

    Golden Priapus

    raar! this is gorgeous, quite possibly my favourite bpal so far... I love that medicinal juniper/pine scent, it's one of my favourite notes, so mix that up with sweet golden vanilla, god yes! I can see the amped up snake oil comparisons, but this is way better. it (strangely) reminds me of carmex lipbalm, not a bad thing, just odd! lasted for ages and transferred to my scarf, yum
  4. binkyboots

    Antique Lace

    oh my... I've been so looking forward to trying this, and I'm not dissapointed! it's delicious, creamy, sweet and musky, with a pretty strong throw (this isn't a fragile little thing!) It doesn't change much on me, but that's a good thing. another "cold dead hands" bottle (pry it from them!) I wonder if it changes as it ages....
  5. binkyboots

    Pink Phoenix

    ooh.. post shower scent review! pink phoenix, man is it ever pink! I like it, I'm just not sure it's me, I get a lot of vanilla and honey (good!!) but there's the strawberry poking it's head in. The strawbery takes over a bit for a while, but the vanilla is still there. I think it might be too girlie on me but I'm going to try a few more times as I adore the honey/vanilla/mild fruitiness I get at first.
  6. binkyboots

    Dove's Heart

    ok... my hormones are out of whack at the moment, but here goes... I cant pick out the notes, it's soft and sweet, florals, I thought I was smelling rose and herbs but ymmv, like a blanket wrapped around my shoulders, utterly comforting. I think this will go in my next order.
  7. binkyboots

    Snow Moon

    I ought to just learn, cold, snowy notes and I are bad, very bad. it starts out piney, but then turns sour piney... I dont mind the initial few minutes, it's just this sour smell I get that causes me to run screaming for some soap. on my sister it goes entirely the opposite way, pine turning to musky sweet florals with a forest lurking in the backgroud.
  8. binkyboots

    Dana O'Shee

    in the bottle, this smells like heaven, it's almonds, cream and honey, like porridge (lol, I'm a scot, forgive me!) with double cream and honey melting on top of it. on me, hey! where did it go? I smell, nothing, dang. later (post gym workout) woah, who's got the marzipan, hand it over... oh, it's me. wierd, I really would love to wear thing but I think I might use up my imp in a shower scrub.
  9. binkyboots


    avast! smells like buttered rum lifesavers, only with a shot of malibu on the side, this you must understand is not a bad thing. I was a little worried, boozy scents normally dont like me, but this is beyond gorgeous. it's really lovely and has a good throw...
  10. binkyboots


    A sweet reward for a worthy deed: caramelized sugar and sweet cream. I'm not at all sure about this one, it's sweet buttery caramel goodness, but maybe too much? it almost smells burnt to me, but I'll give it another go just in case, I'd like to love it, buttery, caramel type scents and I are usually
  11. binkyboots


    it's like mint buttercream on vanilla cake!! I adore snowblind, it's not very strong on me, but I swear you'll have to pry this bottle from my cold dead hands! it's just, buttermint, that's all I get, the best, most wonderful minty bpal ever.
  12. binkyboots


    I've put off and put off trying dorian, tea is (unless I have a head cold) not my thing, the idea of smelling like vanilla tea, bleh. but hey, it was sitting there in my imp stash.... oh man, I need this stuff, I'll bath in it, wear it, knit a scarf inspired by it.... I get vanilla, sugared lemons, tea, a little spice (but understated) and musk, full on glorious musk. this is so going in my next order.
  13. binkyboots


    it's cinnamon, lots of it, and honey? it's got a really sweet slightly creamy drydown on me and lasts, a few hours, not bad
  14. binkyboots


    I was so excited to get a chance to try this, I'm a taurean and quite typical of the sign I think at any rate... first sniff, I get, turmeric? definately curry, how odd. on trying it the curry faded (thankfully) and it turned deeper, like mossy loam, wet and maybe a little rotten (but not in a bad way!) I like the dirty smell I'm getting, it's strong too. no eucalyptus here, but that's ok, like a previous poster said it warms up to a sweet earthy scent, nice for layering with lush's rasoul mud (previously middle earth)