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  1. BlueStarGirl

    Egg Nog

    When trying on forgotten Yule imps today (though this is the '11 version, I'm not THAT behind!), I wasn't expecting to find my perfect vanilla scent! Imped it's a very realistic egg nog scent, if maybe a little watery. It was the same on my skin. Then it dried and turned into a lovely rich vanilla custard on me. If I sniff very closely I can get a faint whiff of nutmeg and brandy, but mostly it's delicious, creamy, yellow vanilla custard. The stay is wonderful too, I've had this scent on the back of my hand for 9 hours now, and while it's a gentle scent, it is most definitely still there!
  2. BlueStarGirl

    Ginger Skulls

    I had such high hopes for Ginger Skulls, but mostly I get bath oil cloying fruits that induce a headache. And it lasts forever, including through a shower! I'm going to give it another couple of tries, but I think this is going in the swap pile
  3. BlueStarGirl

    April Fool

    At first April Fool reminded me a bit of Envy, Passionate Shepherd, and Oblation with the impression that it was a mainly herbal scent, I'm guessing that's the Fool's Parsley and maybe nicotiana. Then it started going fruity and, oh yes, I remember, there's huckleberry and tangerine and lemon blossom. Now it's gone largely rose on me, with a pleasant citrusy undertone. Not a bad scent, but not really what I was searching for either. I can't seem to stop sniffing at it though, so I guess it's not going *straight* into the swap pile.
  4. BlueStarGirl

    Screeching Parrot

    Not a scent I was expecting to love, curiosity got the best of me. Also I'm physically incapable of not buying things that list ginger and grapefruit in their scent notes. In the bottle: Fruit cocktail Wet: Fruity, fruity bubblegum Drydown: Grapefruit! Grapefruits! Delicious grapefruits! Maybe I will break down and buy a bottle. This may just be my fun summer scent!
  5. BlueStarGirl


    Oh, man, Opuhi, I really, really wanted to love you. But alas, you are far more vanilla-y than gingery, and weird custardy tapioca Black Opal vanilla at that. I think I'll keep the imp I have, but I was planning on buying a bottle. Maybe not so much after all.
  6. BlueStarGirl

    Te Po

    In the imp: Cherry Limeade, yes please! Wet: A combination of steak sauce and 21 Drydown: spice and 21 Dry: Indistinct not-unpleasant scent. I bought it for curiosity's sake, so I'm not devastated by my results. Mildly annoyed with my skin though, WHY does it take pretty things like almond, orange, black cherry, and mint and turn them into STEAK SAUCE?! I'm usually so good with almond scents, too.
  7. BlueStarGirl

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I'm just getting around to trying my Lupercalia scents, and "The Passionate Shepherd to his Love" reminds me a lot of Envy. "Shepherd" is a bit sweeter and more floral, but the herbals are definitely similar. And speaking of Envy, I also find it to be a decent replacement for "The Oblation". It doesn't have the fruitiness or quite the hit of lavender, but again, the herbals are similar. Oddly, I don't find "The Passionate Shepherd" and "Oblation" to have much in common at all. "Shepherd" is much more subtle and sweet in a floral way where "Oblation" is fruity and sharp.
  8. BlueStarGirl

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    In the bottle I get a creamy, buttery, slightly minty scent with maybe a hint of fruit. Odd since my memory of this scent was mostly ginger, pepper, and grapefruit. I'm guessing what I smell in the bottle is the clotted vanilla cream. Wet, the grapefruit comes creeping out of the cream. Hi there, grapefruit! Dry down, the grapefruit seems to be getting sweeter, but it's still the prevailing scent for me. Something reminds me of tea, I'm guessing the ginger is coming out to play. The ginger is eventually overtaking grapefruit as the predominant scent. There's definitely a cloying sweetness to this scent which I'm betting is the lily. I don't detect the pear, pepper, or lemon-scented candy floss, but the latter two could easily be part of the spice and citrus I attribute to ginger and grapefruit. For all of the "food" components, it doesn't strike me as a foody scent. Dry, it's not the strongest scent in the world, but it's a nice subtle citrusy ginger. I like it a lot, and I'm not feeling any desire to gnaw on human flesh, so, bonus! ETA: Put on Teenage Cannibal for a full wear and not just a test and I'm getting a little burning/redness. Not enough to wash it off. Just thought I'd make a note of it as an FYI for folks with sensitive skin (which I don't consider myself to be).
  9. BlueStarGirl

    The Fruit of Paradise

    Oh pomegranate note, I want to love you as much as I like pomegranates, but I just don't. Like Swank and Persephone this smells like fake fruit candy, bubblegum, and then baby powder on me. Alas, I shall have to pass my imp on to someone who can truly appreciate it.
  10. BlueStarGirl


    PINE! Pine, pine, pine, generic spice. Earlier in this thread someone described this scent as "the flagship Yankee Candle store". It doesn't have that waxy-candle scent I sometimes get from BPAL, but yes! I must say though, the pine reminds me a lot of Twenty-One, so if that's something that works well for you, you might give this a try. I'd have to wait so long for it to age to wearability that I think I'll toss my imp into my swap/sell pile.
  11. BlueStarGirl


    I really hope that this is an unreleased scent, I couldn't find it anywhere else on this site or at BPAL. I'm very sorry if I just missed it. In the bottle: Very ripe, almost rotten fruit that becomes bubble gum-y and then goes... cherry, maybe? Cherry is good. Initial wet: Cherries and... musk maybe? Musk doesn't like me. Initial dry: I'm also getting some sort of white flower (maybe jasmine or lily? Very sweet and baby oil-y, it's giving me a bit of a headache.) The scent has seemed to stabilize into a dirty baby powder scent. Throughout the Day: The scent stayed light and faintly powdery for awhile, but it isn't the longest lasting scent. It reminds me of the scent of an unlit stick of fruit-scented incense. Overall: I really enjoyed the sweet fruity maybe-cherry initial scent, but this fragrance is just too sweet for me. I don't hate it, but it's not a keeper for me. Oh well, it was very fun to try something brand new regardless of the results! According to Wikipedia, Oya is a wind goddess responsible for creation, war, and death. She is also known as "mother of nine". This fragrance could easily be made up of nine different scents, but beyond that I can't say that I find this an especially windy or chaotic scent.
  12. BlueStarGirl

    Aries 2007

    Huh, I smell like pepper and I kind of enjoy it. On me this is mostly pepper with a spicy ginger in the background that almost smells like cinnamon. I get little whiffs of floral eventually, but, as honeysuckle and I tend to violently not get along, I'm relieved that this is seeming to stay mellow. I'll wear this on my birthday and when I want to feel powerful (this scent definitely makes me feel I can take on anyone), but I think I'm content with just an imp of this.
  13. BlueStarGirl


    This one smelled fruity and maybe a little creamy in the bottle but it barely touched my skin before it turned to dirt. From dirt florals emerged, not my style, but not bad, and now it has turned salty and floral, reminding me strongly of bath salts. To the swap pile it goes, at least I have The Oblation to fill my spring-y needs.
  14. BlueStarGirl

    The Oblation

    Love! My first reaction to this scent was disappointment because I was mostly getting lavender and possibly dianthus, and much as I love Envy, I really don't need two of the same scent. But the fruitiness got stronger and stronger and what I originally noted as "something tropical?" now smells distinctly berry. I now smell like a mug of blackberry tea with cream and sugar on the same table as sprigs of lavender. I need more Oblation *now*!
  15. BlueStarGirl

    Loup Garou

    Initially this scent reminded me of Twenty One, which I enjoy. Wet Loup Garou gave me a strong sense memory of crawling around the hills at my grandfather's house as a kid, then went sort of cedar chest-ish and now it's extremely pine-y and maybe giving me a bit of a headache. It really is a lovely scent, just not so much as a perfume for me. If I was in a position to use room scents this might be excellent as one, but alas I am not, so this will have to be a trade.