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  1. lilfaerywingz

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    oh! If you like sweet, fun scents this is for you!! It really did make me want to jump around and smile a lot When it is on my skin it's strawberry galor. I am holding onto this one because I can't bear to give it away, but when it dried it was kind of plasticy smelling (like strawberry shortcake dolls)
  2. lilfaerywingz


    in the imp: VERY SWEET coconut. on wet: still a strong coconut and even almost like a sharp blade. on dry: it melted into a strong strong suntan oil -kind of too sweet. I was sad
  3. lilfaerywingz


    Kali could be a beautiful scent, but my skin turned it into sludge. It's definitly a powerful woman scent. When it dried down I could mostly only smell tobacco and very bitter chocolate, also a bit of a dry merlot. deep throw, staying power lasted
  4. lilfaerywingz


    I think this would have been a lovely combination, but all I got was gardenia hell (sorry, but it was so so strong). TONS of throw and staying power. I did finally smell the vanilla a couple hours later.
  5. lilfaerywingz

    Blood Lotus

    oooh I really like this. I love lotus and it smells very much like lotus, but with a velvety dark scent. Kind of reminded me of a light incense also. head shop almost?
  6. lilfaerywingz


    This was a toss-up for me. It was the first green smell that I have liked. Bright, and spring like, but also like a freshly cut lawn. So if you are into the grassy smells, you will LOVE this. Perfect amount of throw too.
  7. lilfaerywingz


    This is another of my favorite scents. It is soooo lovely. It's a sweet floral (crocus?). It's springy, but not overpowering. It reminds me of a field of crocus in the snow (although not minty or anything you might associate with snow). It really gets my spirits up!
  8. lilfaerywingz


    This one was a little too metallicy for me. I really love the cherry blossoms in it, but it was very strong and too spicy on my skin. It has a bit of throw and lasts a long time. Just too heady for me.
  9. lilfaerywingz

    March Hare

    Hooray for this scent! It's sweet, but not too sweet. The peaches (apricots or whatever) were light and the cloves mixed perfect. It is one of my favorite scents to wear in autumn and for day time at work! Not too much throw, but it lasted several hours on me
  10. lilfaerywingz

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Ok, this sounds strange, but it is absolutely delicious cloverplumcinnamon? Not sure how else to describe it, but I love it. The only problem is there isn't much throw once it was on my skin and it only lasted a couple hours
  11. lilfaerywingz

    Bon Vivant

    This is VERY ripe juicy SWEET strawberries. I didn't smell the champagne until dry down, but it was pretty subtle - just enough bubbly
  12. lilfaerywingz


    This reminds me of pluto for some reason (NOT the bpal scent). The violet is lovely, but there is a shiny slice of floral mint (not a regular mint). Kind of cold, so it's great on a summer night. When I wore it, it smelled like this but every once in awhile I would catch a light eucaplytus smell.
  13. lilfaerywingz


    Beautiful scent! It is beautifully floral and lightly peachy, just enough to balance each other out. It also was quite good on my skin too and lasted almost all day. Good throw to it, but not overwhelming.
  14. lilfaerywingz

    Dana O'Shee

    Amazingly this was too strong for me. I absolutely loved the combination of scents (or the description of it anyways). It smelled divine in the bottle, even bright! It immediately turned to a plastic smell on my skin though
  15. lilfaerywingz

    The Hesperides

    WOAH If you like the smell of VERY crisp yellow apples, you will LOVE this scent. I like the smell of apples, but this was so so strong and stayed strong on me.