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  1. rainbow


    This is a limey delight! It gives me a definite Avobath vibe. It's not a total dupe for Avobath, but I definitely get the vibe. The lime is much more prominent than the peppermint, but I do get some undercurrents of cooling mint. This is a fabulous summer scent. It's fresh, fruity, sweet, fun, and a bit cooling. I love it! It smells like lime candy in the best possible way.
  2. rainbow

    The Magpie

    This smells exactly like Lush's The Comforter bubble bar on me. I love that, as I love the Comforter. On me, this is an earthy, relaxing, non-sweet blackcurrant. I almost feel like I smell some lime in the background. While blackcurrant is the most prominent note, the scent has a distinctive, earthy background. Normally sandalwood is a no-go area for me, but in this scent it seems to work, and it smells like actual wood on me (not b.o., which is what it usually smells like). This is a delightfully complex and relaxing scent. I will be getting lots of wear out of it.
  3. rainbow

    This World's Joy

    Wynter wakeneth al my care, Nou this leves waxeth bare; Ofte I sike ant mourne sare When hit cometh in my thoht Of this worldes joie, hou hit goth al to noht. Nou hit is, and nou hit nys, Al so hit ner nere, ywys; That moni mon seith, soth hit ys: Al goth bote Godes wille: Alle we shule deye, thah us like ylle. Al that gren me graueth grene, Nou hit faleweth albydene: Jesu, help that hit be sene Ant shild us from helle! For y not whider y shal, ne hou longe her duelle. Winter roses, white frankincense, and sweet violet. This smells like cedar on me; it reminds me of sharpening pencils in elementary school. I have no idea how I'm getting cedar from the notes listed, but there you have it. I can tell that there are some background notes at work, though it's hard to tell exactly what they are. Reading the description again, I can see how one of them could be violet, but it is definitely not prominent, and it doesn't smell like an independent note, if that makes sense. This scent is pleasant enough on me, but rose and violet are two of my favorite notes, so I'd been hoping to smell more of them.
  4. rainbow

    Night Snow at Kambara

    Utagawa Hiroshige Cascading frozen cherry blossoms, iced lily, and wisteria. This is lovely. It's a bit understated, but it has lasting power. To me, this smells mostly like woods in the winter- a slightly damp deciduous forest (no pine), with maybe some moss and lichens growing on the trees. It's complemented by the cherry blossom, which sweetens up the wood, and works beautifully with it. I wasn't so sure about this one when I opened the bottle, but on me it is lovely. This is a classy scent. I could wear it pretty much anywhere.
  5. rainbow


    Fear of Happiness Gibbering chitters of laughter, gleaming grinning mouths peeling open like a knife-slash: high-pitched lemon peel and pink pepper, white orris, and garish tangerine. OMG. This smells like candied lemon peel and lemonheads. It is lemon, lemon, lemon, and it is divine. This is no weak and retiring lemon. The pink pepper and tangerine seem to give the lemon some background strength and staying power. Seriously. Lemonheads.
  6. rainbow

    Now That They Rise and Walk in the Cold

    This is a beautiful violet scent. If you love violet, you need this scent. This is a softer, more demure violet than some other BPAL violets I know and love (classics like The Raven and Le Serpent qui Danse.) This is a violet that whispers. It's a pale lavender violet, rather than a rich, deep purple violet. It is indeed a bit ghostly. I was quite concerned about the black cypress tar, but I don't smell any tar (though there may be a faint cypress note). This is just soft, beautiful, ghostly violet. It's a perfume that invokes longing. Absolutely beautiful.
  7. rainbow

    All Night Long

    This smells like all cinnamon and sandalwood to me. I like cinnamon, I don't care for sandalwood. Unfortunately, cinnamon doesn't like my skin and I tend to get red burning welts whenever I use a cinnamon blend. This one is no exception. I find that the cinnamon notes dissipate before the sandalwood. Overall, this oil is many layers of "no" for me. I didn't find this to be particularly sexy- to me it invoked sleep. That may be a matter of taste, however.
  8. A thin moon faints in the sky o'erhead, And dumb in the churchyard lie the dead. Walk we not, Sweet, by garden ways, Where the late rose hangs and the phlox delays, But forth of the gate and down the road, Past the church and the yews, to their dim abode. For it's turn of the year and All Souls' night, When the dead can hear and the dead have sight. Twisted creepers of dying ivy, winter roses, shadow musk, and black moss. In the bottle this smelled like a generic slightly floral, slightly musky, sort of fresh scent- one with few discernible notes. Once it dries down, though, it becomes amazing on me. It also smells sort of like springtime. Reasonable, considering the ivy, rose, and moss notes. A bit odd, given that it's a Halloween scent. Whatever, I'm not complaining. I love what this dries down into. It's smooth, lightly fresh, a bit ethereal. I can see how it's sort of ghostly, but it's also still very springy and fresh air to me. It kind of reminds me of Poisson d'Avril. This is one of those scents where it's hard to pick out individual notes. I'm pretty sure I can smell some rose, but it's definitely wrapped and buried (heh!) in a variety of other smells. Pretty, fresh, and pleasant.
  9. rainbow

    The Fruit of Paradise

    This is a big, red ripe pomegranate. There are distinct juicy pomegranate notes. When wearing, this is also has a lovely deeper undertone- I'm not sure what it is, maybe amber? or some kind of musk? In any case, the undertone gives the scent depth and makes it more than just a fruity scent. I really like this one!
  10. rainbow

    Christmas Rose

    I am absolutely, positively, 100% adoring this blend. It smells very fresh, slightly floral, slightly woodsy, all mixed together in a beautiful soft blend that's decidely wintery. I can't really tell what any of the individual components are, but it's beautifully blended, soft and cold. I just looooooove it.
  11. rainbow


    Love this. Love, love, love. I'm so pleased I got a frimp of this- I'd never have ordered it on my own. The five ambers would have scared me right off. But this is so, so nice on me. It melds right into my skin. I can't wear most "skin" scents, as things like musk are usually horrible on me, but this smells so good- the ambers are soft and tempered by the carnation. So, what I end up with is a warm, skin-like carnation scent. It's just beautiful, and oh so sexy. This is definitely big-bottle territory.
  12. rainbow

    The Isles of Demons

    I agree with everyone else that I'm definitely getting the scent of some kind of jungle hothouse here, but mine seems to be a bit different than anyone else's. I don't get any kind of vegetation notes- no green, no tropical flowers. Instead, I'm getting a sort of hot, steamy environment- rocks, and I can smell the volcanic gasses too. It's not unpleasant, but definitely an unusual scent, and one that definitely evokes an environment. I probably won't be getting a big bottle of this, but the imp is fun to play with.
  13. rainbow

    Sleepy Moon

    This is the only 5ml bottle I've ever used up, so there's definitely something about this oil! The scent is a sweet but at the same time fresh floral-herbal. That's not an easy description to pin down, and indeed, this scent is not easy to pin down. It's well-blended, and hard to tell what the individual notes are. It's light, in no way overpowering, kind of like a breath of fresh air. I wore this to bed every night until I used up my bottle- very nice indeed.
  14. rainbow

    Pink Moon 2007

    This is a lovely scent, quickly becoming a favorite. It's a pink carnation scent to me, and as the description says, it's a sweet carnation. I'm not getting explicit sugar notes, as lots of other people seem to, but the carnation is definitely sweet. I thought Pink Moon I was sugarier, this is more subdued, less sugar cubes, more floral sweetness. I love both Pink Moons- I find the 2007 edition to be quite different from the earlier one, but just as beautiful.
  15. rainbow

    Rose Moon

    Oh, this is just perfect- I'm so happy with Rose Moon! This is one of my big winners this year. On me this is just the perfect rose scent- all I can smell is roses, the fresh blooms. Pink roses, definitely. It's not too faint, not too strong, a perfect floral while still being delicate. I love Rose Moon, and I adore wearing it.