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  1. AnnetteL

    Pink Moon 2005

    Anyone reading my reviews will note a very common theme - BPAL flowers + me = soap. So why did I buy this? Well, I'm not sure, but I am very glad! Yes, it's somewhat flowery, but somehow the soap is avoided. I think it might be the sweetening influence of the strawberry, which really is the dominant note in this for me. I do like the strawberry, but any more would be overkill as it is on the verge of being bubble-gummy. I notice some other people say cotton candy, but there's too much going on here for me to think that. Overall the blend reads as sugary and, well, pink I really like this - but, given how the strawberry is amplified and pushes through all the other notes I probably won't be ordering Strawberry Moon next week...
  2. AnnetteL

    Chaste Moon 2005

    Chaste Moon has been well covered, but I might as well add my voice to the pack! Initially I get the butterscotch/caramel note, sweet but somehow not overwhelmingly foody. This fades into a very light bouquet of... flowers? I question this because almost every floral BPAL blend turns into soap on me, but this miraculously does not. It's very gentle, and unfortunately not particularly long lasting - but I definitely like it, and will put up with re-application.
  3. AnnetteL

    Santo Domingo

    Every now and then I order an imp of something that I should have known wouldn't work for me, and yet I manage to skim over that in my excitement. Santo Domingo is one of those - "Caribbean blossoms" should have warned me instantly that this would probably turn to soap on me, and it does, almost as soon as it hits my skin, overwhelming the other notes (which I do like).
  4. AnnetteL

    Silk Road

    A panoply of cultural treasures, spanning the herbs, flowers, oils and balms of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Mediterranean, the Levant, Northern China, Eastern Europe, Iran, the Bulgar-Kypchak, Mesopotamia, the Crimean Peninsula, Anatolia, Antioch, and North Africa. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the spices / woods / tea / herbs / green notes mentioned in other reviews, nor did this resemble Snake Oil (which I like). Silk Road on me was overwhelmingly floral, and likemost of BPAL's florals it morphed into soap in very short order. To be fair, I really should have guessed this from the description, but the wonderful poetic language drew me in
  5. AnnetteL

    Juke Joint

    This one did some weird stuff on me. It was never really minty, more... well... kind of musty and boozy. I didn't think I had an aversion to alcohol-y scents (I like several blends with rum) but maybe bourbon is a different story. The drydown turned almost into sandalwood at one point (!) then finally ended up a little spicy as well as woody. Where those notes were coming from, I don't know. In any case, it didn't quite work for me overall, and wasn't at all what I was expecting.
  6. AnnetteL


    This happened to me, too - when it hit my skin there was a really strong, bitter green note that completely overshadowed the hints of honey I could smell in the vial. I toughed it out for two hours but the acrid part never faded. I am guessing it was the laurel reacting with me somehow. It sounds like other people are having good luck with this one, but it didn't work out on me at all.
  7. AnnetteL


    Goneril goes through three distinct stages on me within the first hour. First it is almost pure wood - cedar is there, but it seems more complex than just that, I'm pretty sure I smell sandalwood too. Then in the second stage it becomes quite green and the geranium emerges. This was an extra from the lab, but I had been curious about this scent before precisely because of that geranium, which is quite an unusual note. Then the third stage is just soap, which usually means it would be white florals on anyone else's skin I was getting quite fond of it until that point, but unfortunately I just can't deal with that soapiness.
  8. AnnetteL


    Akuma reminds me a lot of Carnal, with a burstingly bright translucent sweetness. It does have something of a deeper core when first applied, that made me think of March Hare, but that faded quickly on me leaving just the fruits. It's verging on too sweet for me... okay, it is too sweet for me. But still quite pleasant!
  9. AnnetteL

    Blood Lotus

    Wet, Blood Lotus smelled exactly like a blend of dragon's blood and lotus - no surprise there. It was all the things described above - thick and sweet and lush. But as soon as it dried it turned into... cedar? Yes, cedar! This was an extremely odd transformation, though it sounds like inkstone also experienced something similar. And unfortunately, cedar + my skin = pencil shavings
  10. AnnetteL

    Three Witches

    Unfortunately on me this is *just* cinnamon - and it's Big Red gum too, not a nice cinnamon cookie. I really can't smell the clove or pepper at all. I think cinnamon might be a note I have to avoid in future because it really overpowers everything else once it hits my skin.
  11. AnnetteL


    Soooooo floral. (Well, what did I expect when every note is a flower! Heh ) It went a bit soapy on me, but almost every white floral does, it's just a skin chemistry issue and probably shouldn't put anyone else off this. Anyway, it is well blended, and quite evocative of midnight/moonlight, but florals aren't my thing so I'll be passing my imp on.
  12. AnnetteL

    Kuang Shi

    In the vial, and wet on the skin, this is kind of gross - a sharp bitter/sour deodoranty citrus kind of smell - but that quickly subsides as it dries and within 5 or 10 minutes it turns into a fabulous fruity blend. Not too sweet (usually my problem with fruits), but still succulent, and beautifully matched by the sandalwood and musk. It doesn't feel at all cruel or painful or any of those kind of associations to me, in fact it's quite bright and welcoming. I'm very pleased with this one!
  13. AnnetteL

    How to make a paypal order.

    Ditto here - no auto-response to my Cold Moon update Paypal order. Since it's happened to several of us I'm probably not going to email them just yet, I'm pretty sure everything is okay with the orders... but if anyone else does, please post the response here
  14. AnnetteL

    Hell's Belle

    On first application this is quite traditional-perfume-y, which is usually not my thing. And yet, it's still *gorgeous*! The florals manage not to annoy me, I think because of the hint of mandarin, and the deep spicy base notes make it rich and heady, yet it's also quite creamy. Unfortunately however, the mandarin and florals drop out of the mix rather quickly, leaving just the base notes, which aren't unpleasant by any means but just can't compare with the preceeding glory. I will have to try this one a few more times, but I suspect I am going to keep on feeling disappointed every time it changes like this.
  15. AnnetteL

    Sudha Segara

    Wow, NOT what I expected at all! I smell almost nothing in the vial, then on my skin the scent comes out but there's no milk or honey, just effervescent ginger. Not that it is a problem, in fact quite the opposite, it's wonderful! Fresh, crisp and tangy, a with touch of green sweetness. It is a light scent, and I had to apply twice as much as usual, but once it was on it didn't start fading for at least six hours. I'll definitely be getting more!