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    BPAL, baseball, books, beaches, beauty. I also love the color purple and lavender - the color, scent, and flower.
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    Hungry Ghost Moon, Somnus, Snow White, Changing the Shadows,, Wulric the Wolfman, Peony Moon, The Spanish Dance, Temple of Dreams, Boomslang, Imp, Snake Charmer, Phoenix in Spring, Freak Show, Aizen-Myoo, Smut, Antonio the Carny Talker, Temple Viper, Green Tree Viper, Antique Lace I love lavender, grapefruit, pomegranate, beautiful fig, rose, and other sweet floral bases, as well as citrus notes and incensy or vanilla/sugar scents. Red musk = YUM!! I love a tobacco and/or booze note, too! The only thing I can't take so far is "white/pale flowers" a la Queen of Diamonds. :( Instant migraine!


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  1. minnalavender

    Luna Negra: Ted's Creation

    Unhelpful & Fangirly Review O. M. F. G. If Snake Charmer & Smut had a baby, it would be Luna Negra. This is one of the sexiest & most beautiful scents the Lab has ever created IMO. I wish I could hoard this! I can't imagine how good it's going to smell in a year or so. If you love Smut, Snake Oil, Snake Charmer and can do berry notes, I hope you got a bottle of this. It's amazing.
  2. minnalavender

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2011

    Let me preface this by saying that the original HGM is one of my favorite scents of all time, so my review will be biased by that. I thought that this version would be a replica of it so I was really excited to try it! Boy, was I disappointed. This version smells nothing like the original, and worse, in the bottle the dominant notes seem to be graham crackers and pickle juice. I don't get any citrus at all! The original version is juicy and sweet, kind of the essence of summer and happiness in a bottle; this version is... not. Original lasts all day; new has almost disappeared in 10 min., which is kind of a relief. I really don't like it! I want to cry. I rarely buy anything unsniffed these days as money is very tight, and I really expected this to be similar, if not the same as the original, and Lunacies disappear fast. It was not designated as "resurrected," though, so it's my bad! I jumped the gun. It's probably just me - I don't get along with some of the really popular LEs, so it will probably work well on other people. I'll be happy if I can swap or sell this version to someone who loves it, and hunt down another bottle of the original version.
  3. minnalavender

    Benevolent Triple Conjunction

    I didn't purchase this as a perfume - I love Beth's TAL scents and respect their power, and when I saw the description I knew that I needed this oil! I'm grateful that it's a lovely rosy herbal scent but quite honestly for me the scent is secondary to the intent behind it. We recently adopted a beautiful Boxer/Pit Bull mix puppy from a rescue and although she is the new love of my life, she is a LOT of work! One way I've been dealing with my fibro is by minimizing stress and trying to maintain a healthy balance between activity and rest, but a lot of times that devolved into moving as little as possible when I'm having a flare. Having a puppy is the best exercise EVER, but unfortunately I found myself constantly exhausted and worn down by the cleaning, training and walking she requires on a daily basis, not to mention the patience needed. This morning I knew she needed walking and I was not feeling it. It's cold and rainy and everything hurt. I applied some of the oil to my heart and on a crystal I've been wearing and set out with my shoulders back and head high! It was a great walk, the rain held off for the duration and I wasn't even sore when we got home. The confidence and happiness I felt during what is usually a activity I dread because of how sore it leaves me was amazing, magical. I felt like myself again, like I did before I developed this fucked-up disease. It's an hour later and I still feel calm, centered and capable of whatever the day throws at me. I'm so glad I was able to get a bottle of Benevolent Triple Conjunction. I'm going to use it on my crystals and on my conjure bags, and treasure having and using my little bottle of positive lightning.
  4. minnalavender

    The Arabian Dance

    I didn't try this while the Yules were live, and lived to regret that decision after reading the rave reviews here. Well... I have a feeling that The Arabian Dance is one of those scents that will soon find a new, more loving home. Wet, it smells like sharp leather and the Middle Eastern spices were all cloves on me. D: Clove is my Note'o Doom, and I amp it like 10 Marshall stacks at a metal show. Once the clove died down I could smell the pretty coffee note, but not for long! My skin apparently eats this oil, too. Within 3 hrs no trace of it is left on my skin. I envy the people for whom it works! I hope I can trade it for another Yule I like better. EDITED: I'm so glad that I kept a decant of this, because boy, what a difference some aging makes! This is the sexy spicy leather and tobacco scent that other people were raving about, and both the throw and the length of wear are stronger, too. I ended up buying another bottle on eBay. lol
  5. minnalavender

    The Spanish Dance

    I bought this unsniffed because after reading a few reviews here I was hoping the chocolate in this blend was the same as the chocolate note in Boomslang & Wulric, and it is! I knew the other notes would work; I like them and they smell great with my skin chemistry. The addition of the rich, dark chocolate note is amazing. It disappears first, but the other notes linger in sweet floral goodness all day long. A new favorite! I just have to remember to spin the bottle between my palms to mix the oils before I apply.
  6. minnalavender

    The Phoenix in Spring

    This scent encapsulates everything beautiful about spring, from the bright green new grass to the scent of the delicate, ephemeral flowers in the crisp, fresh breezes. I don't know how Beth does it, but her art is truly magical. I only wish I could have bought two bottles! I will wear the HELL out of this scent.
  7. minnalavender

    Pomegranate II

    Not one single Pumpkin has ever worked well on me, so I was really excited about the Pomegranate Patch. I love every note in this one, and they all work well on me, so I could bathe in this scent! My daughter smelled me and asked me to buy her a bottle too! It's a bright, sweet, refreshing scent that's perfect for spring or summer. The throw is good upon application but my skin quickly eats this one. The good news is that I will NOT mind frequently reapplying it. Yum.
  8. minnalavender

    The Infernal Lover

    If you love red musk like I love red musk, you'll adore this scent. I too get pretty much red musk single note when first applied, but there is a hint of cream and sweet, powdery honey there that comes out in the drydown. I'm a slatherer and it has decent throw, and lasts a good eight plus hours on my skin. I really love the combination of notes in this scent. So glad I gambled on a bottle of it unsniffed!
  9. minnalavender

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    I got #559! I have almost NO idea what the notes are in this scent, but once again my luck with the CTs has won out because whatever the components, this is really, really beautiful. I can detect some kind of light musk, a citrusy note, and a very light, non-foody vanilla, and that's about it. Whatever the notes actually are, they all blend into a sweet, innocent, gentle kind of scent that is both soft and comforting. It reminds me a little of Comforting Plush Companion and a little of Love's Baby Soft perfume from the 70's. It suits me to a T! I'm so lucky! I will treasure this scent.
  10. minnalavender

    Comforting Plush Companion

    I'm lucky in two ways: lucky I found a whole bottle of this for sale and lucky that it works so well on me! I purchased it unsniffed even after reading the mixed reviews so far, because as long as I apply sparingly I get along really well with all the notes. I've never had the dreaded PlayDoh or plastic reaction to the Lab's vanillas, and on me the listed floral notes stay very sweet and light, not amped or overpowering. Companion's a morpher on me! It goes on with a pastry/foodie/plum note a la Crumpet Rebellion that disappears within minutes, drying down into a soft, musky vanilla. Mid-drydown, the musk and sweet baby powdery floral notes are what linger longest on my skin. The sugarplum is still there, too, but it's only noticeable if I press my nose to my skin, which is a lovely thing to do when you're wearing this scent. Companion is sweet, soft and innocent, very close to the skin, with short wearlength which is good because I love every stage of it, from wet to the drydown, and won't mind reapplying. It really does remind me of a well-loved, soft and cozy plush toy. This scent will be good aromatherapy for me on days when I'm feeling anxious - I can just snuggle my nose against my wrist for a sec and feel better.
  11. minnalavender


    Thanks to the generosity of chatrient I was able to get a bottle of this all for my very own, and I'm reeeally glad! I knew I would love this given the notes, and I wasn't wrong. This is a delicate, soft, absolutely gorgeous scent and one I'll wear a lot during the coming summer. In the bottle: cherry Tootsie Pops. Nom. There is a hint of vanilla and musk but it's cherry lollies in the beginning, no liqueur scent yet. Wet on my skin: the vanilla and Egyptian musks come out, adding a rich, confectionery sweetness to the candy cherry, but it's still very light. The liqueur note emerges a little, but just a tiny bit and only for a short while. During the drydown the cherry becomes very faint and the vanilla and musk stay close to the skin, not a lot of throw, which I like. This is a very ladylike musk, if such a thing is possible! It reminds me of Love's Philosophy with just a hint of fruity sweetness. Mmm. This is the kind of scent where people tell you that you smell good, not that your perfume smells good. I don't amp any one of the notes and they all work beautifully with my skin chemistry so I am ecstatic I have a bottle of this. If you like cherry, vanilla and Egyptian musk you should try hard to get your hands on some! It's amazing.
  12. minnalavender

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    Version CCLM This is the easiest review ever: cherry and Snake Oil. Seriously! That's all I can smell. The cherry is bright and sweet and red and juicy and the Snake Oil base is as delicious as it always is. The two blend beautifully with each other in the wet phase, and by drydown the cherry is just a whisper above the SO. LOVE IT. I'm so freakin' glad I gambled on a bottle and got such a lovely scent!
  13. minnalavender


    Unfortunately, I could only get one Ode to Aphrodite scent, and Khrysee was an easy choice for me. I must amp amber because it is nearly all I can smell on my skin, but what a gorgeous, delicate, close-to-skin amber! The vanilla softens and sweetens the blend, and I can't smell any neroli at all, really, which is a shame because I love it too. Total winner for me! I love it a lot and I'm so glad that my nose cleared up in time for me to sample it before it disappeared off the bpal site.
  14. minnalavender

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    The first day I wore GVaRB, the bank teller told me "Wow - you smell really good today - really good!" Not "that's a nice perfume," but "you smell good." That's what this scent does- it smells like a beautiful extension of your own personal fragrance. It's musky, woodsy, and clean, with the most gorgeous vanilla note EVER. If it were a color, it would be soft and golden. I just wish I knew what to tell her when she asked me what it was called. She would have had a coronary. Seriously. Drop dead sexy. A hoarder if there ever was one.
  15. minnalavender

    Black Lace

    This is such a beautiful scent, nostalgic, sweet, and delicate. Vanilla is wonderful with my skin chemistry, as are most of the other notes listed. I'm so glad I splurged on a 5 ml bottle. Can't stop sniffing my wrists! It's different than the other vanilla scents I love, like Antique Lace, Morocco, and Al-Azif: where they are round and rich, Black Lace is faint and almost delicate. I am going to have to get another bottle to age! Aged Antique Lace is the nectar of the Gods to my nose, and as this is a much more complex scent I can only imagine how good it will smell in a year. I can only buy bottles of the absolute WIN scents this Yule, and I'm going to buy two of this one. It's that good, and it'll just get better with aging.