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  1. karmageddon

    The Castle

    THE CASTLE The view was magnificent, and from where I stood there was every opportunity of seeing it. The castle is on the very edge of a terrific precipice. A stone falling from the window would fall a thousand feet without touching anything! As far as the eye can reach is a sea of green tree tops, with occasionally a deep rift where there is a chasm. Here and there are silver threads where the rivers wind in deep gorges through the forests. But I am not in heart to describe beauty, for when I had seen the view I explored further. Doors, doors, doors everywhere, and all locked and bolted. In no place save from the windows in the castle walls is there an available exit. The castle is a veritable prison, and I am a prisoner! A distant whisper of pine, wet moss and dry leaves passing through vast halls and winding dungeons whose scent bears the memory of blood, faded splendor, imperial elegance and stunning violence. This one is quite a surprise! A pungent, ancient smell that has a cold salty undertone of marble and hundred-year old lichen. Yes, lichen. It's not the deep, warm smell of moss, it's the superficial harshness of lichen. I smell a very far away pine smell and a drop of dragon's blood. Reminds me of a blend I can't quite put my finger on... hopefully, I can edit this post when it comes to me,
  2. karmageddon

    The Brides of Dracula

    A lightly spiced, powdery amber floral. My skin usually amps honey to the extreme but there is very little honey present in this for me. I'm not sure what's giving me the powdery note but it makes me want to sneeze a little when I put it on. Fades down to a very light, womanly scent.
  3. karmageddon


    This reminds me a lot of Two Monsters, but sweeter. TM has that deep, astringenty bite and this one has a more of a gentle nibble, less sour and more warm and enveloping... but just as mysterious and dark.
  4. karmageddon

    Pumpkin Queen

    This is fruity, sweet and spicy. Pumpkin pie in a bottle: buttery and pumpkiny. Sort of reminds me of a Halloweeny-fall version of Frumious Bandersnatch, actually.
  5. karmageddon

    Quincey Morris

    QUINCEY MORRIS Well, my dear, number Two came after lunch. He is such a nice fellow, an American from Texas, and he looks so young and so fresh that it seems almost impossible that he has been to so many places and has such adventures... I suppose that we women are such cowards that we think a man will save us from fears, and we marry him. I know now what I would do if I were a man and wanted to make a girl love me. No, I don't, for there was Mr. Morris telling us his stories, and Arthur never told any, and yet... My dear, I am somewhat previous. Mr. Quincy P. Morris found me alone. It seems that a man always does find a girl alone. No, he doesn't, for Arthur tried twice to make a chance, and I helping him all I could, I am not ashamed to say it now. I must tell you beforehand that Mr. Morris doesn't always speak slang, that is to say, he never does so to strangers or before them, for he is really well educated and has exquisite manners, but he found out that it amused me to hear him talk American slang, and whenever I was present, and there was no one to be shocked, he said such funny things. I am afraid, my dear, he has to invent it all, for it fits exactly into whatever else he has to say. But this is a way slang has. I do not know myself if I shall ever speak slang. I do not know if Arthur likes it, as I have never heard him use any as yet. Well, Mr. Morris sat down beside me and looked as happy and jolly as he could, but I could see all the same that he was very nervous. He took my hand in his, and said ever so sweetly... "Miss Lucy, I know I ain't good enough to regulate the fixin's of your little shoes, but I guess if you wait till you find a man that is you will go join them seven young women with the lamps when you quit. Won't you just hitch up alongside of me and let us go down the long road together, driving in double harness?" Rough on the edges, but possessing the true essence of valor and nobility of spirit: tobacco, vanilla, white pear, cedar, rugged musk and saddle leather. This is almost entirely leather on me. New, fresh, supple leather. A touch of sweetness, maybe from the pear?
  6. karmageddon

    All Souls

    This is an incredibly airy, sweet scent. Eat Me light, if you will, without that smutty, snake oil-y note that makes some people sneeze. I don't get much of the incense, though, which makes me sad.
  7. karmageddon

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCXCI-- Honeysuckle smack in the face. wet, it reminds me of New Orleans, but they begin to differ greatly on drydown, where New Orleans has that spicy carnationy note, this one goes the other way and ends up much warmer--a coconutty, vanilla note? Gets a little bit powdery/ambery towards the end, but remains a very honeysuckle-heavy blend. VERY honeysuckle heavy. Yeesh. Like Hawaii in a bottle... a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of coconut, a whole lotta honeysuckle. Honeysuckle!
  8. karmageddon


    Too much berry, and not enough bane! Smells sort of candle-like on my skin: a weird, waxy berry scent with barely a hint at greenery. Somehow Christmassy and summery at the same time: I can't make up my mind! It's far too sweet and innocent to seem deadly. I was hoping for a slightly darker undertone, and this is too cheerful.
  9. karmageddon


    This is sharp in the imp--like fresh greenery. A peeled apart leaf displaying its mesophyll. But there is a warmth, there, as well. A peeled apart leaf in the summer sunshine. And a hint of something floral. But the green note burns away on my skin, leaving a linger of the floral. It's a light floral and easily wearable, but alas, for me, easily forgettable as well. I wish it retained the first green note, and I imagine it would on some people.
  10. karmageddon

    Peony Moon

    This started off as the most bright and chipper peony, but the drier it became, the soapier it got, until it was just cloying sweet. I'll just have to reapply every 10 minutes to keep the original peony smell.
  11. karmageddon

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I'm a little sad, because I had an imp of maiden that was heavy on the rose and carnation, and the 10ml I ordered was like lightly floral'ed tea. I pretend I like it, but I really cry inside. *tear* I even gave my imp of the goodness away once I got my order. *double tear*
  12. karmageddon


    Strange... I can wear this and think "chocolate" and it's fine... but I can wear it and think "wet dog" and it smells just like a wet dog. I try to think positive, but euhh... sometimes I'm just like.... "AArrhg! Why do I smell like a dog?"