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  1. Ryvre

    Our Hearts Condemn Us

    So much throw, and it lasts forever! Unfortunately, it makes me smell like a cedar chest. My skin amps the cedar so hard that nothing else comes through.
  2. Ryvre

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Oooh. I think I tried that when my skin hated honey, but not in the last few years. It's going on my wishlist!
  3. Ryvre

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    My top 5 (in no particular order): Womb Furie Snake Oil and three types of honey Gothabilly Black vanilla, Egyptian musk, Rožolj liqueur, and black cherries Hellion black plum, champaca flower, dark musk, patchouli, narcissus and scorched sandalwood Imp white peach, amber, golden musk and patchouli Harvest Moon 06 chrysanthemum, pomegranate, cane sugar and dusty wheat, sorghum, green tea leaf, rice flower and rice milk, Russian sage, bamboo shoot, elderberry, black cherry, wild plum, red haw, hazelnut, red apple and shagbark hickory (Honorable mentions to Perversion, F54, Boomslang, Schwarzer Mond, and Black Temple Burlesque Troupe) I'd love some recommendations!
  4. Is there anything even remotely like Gothabilly? I love it, but I can't shell out $200 on ebay...
  5. Ryvre

    Dreadful Lies

    In the imp: This is so soft that I barely smell anything. A bit of amber, maybe... Wet: Baby powder amber. Dry: The cognac comes out and blends with this amber. Wow, this suddenly turned gorgeous! It's pretty and warm, but still really soft. I love the scent, but I need a bit more throw for something I'm going to wear.
  6. Ryvre


    I'm not normally a fan of citrus blends, but this smells exactly like Mountain Dew. Unlike every other blend, it doesn't morph on my skin at all. It even smells fizzy somehow, and it manages to last pretty well on my skin.
  7. Ryvre


    On my skin, this is a soft herbal soap. It's really, really soapy... Not good for wearing, but I might try it in the burner.
  8. Ryvre


    If I were to rename Wanton, I would call it Rosey Rose McRose. No sandalwood. No patchouli. Just rose, and so much of it!
  9. Ryvre


    Wet: spicy and musky and a little sweet Dry: Dries to a weird spice that overpowers everything. Grr. Carnation!
  10. Ryvre


    I generally take pretty good notes when I try a scent. For this, all I wrote was "aquatic. " I was hoping for more cedar and cypress, but my skin was not on board with that plan.
  11. Ryvre

    Purple Phoenix

    Wet: Fruity, but not in a fresh fruit sort of way. More in a scratch and sniff way. Dry: The sweetness dies down a bit. It ends up as a nice fruity incense. It's pretty, but not something I expect I'll ever wear.
  12. Ryvre


    On me, this is super manly aftershave. Intensely masculine. On my boyfriend, it smells like baby powder...
  13. Ryvre

    The Illustrated Woman

    I was hoping for the vanilla and tobacco to be most prominent, but that was not to be... Wet, this is an odd, dark scent. There's a strong patchouli covering something off. Dry: Earthy, herby patchouli. I'm not getting any vanilla from this. Dryer: A weird, foreboding pine.
  14. Ryvre

    The Curator

    In the imp: Sharp and herbal, with incense in the background. Wet: Honeyed herbs? It's really odd, and not good. Dry: After about half an hour, it calms into a gorgeous honeyed woodsy blend. (I'm not sure where those notes are coming from, but they're really nice.) I hate the first half hour of this scent, though, and this isn't quite good enough to make up for it.
  15. Ryvre


    In the imp: Light and fruity, with a hint of coconut. Wet: Floral! Overwhelmingly floral. Dry: It smells like an air freshener. The throw is great. Why don't scents I love even have this kind of throw? I was hoping more coconut and blackcurrant, but I didn't smell either of them at all once it was on my skin.