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    I'm a voracious reader (some of my recent loves are Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun, Robert Sapolsky's Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, O-Young Lee's The Compact Culture: The Japanese Tradition of "Smaller is Better" and Iain Banks's The Bridge), a hack writer, a swashbuckling math pirate (sailing along the Cartesian Plane, deriving dangerous functions and integrating paths to strange new worlds) and a cunning linguist to boot (currently studying Russian and longing to return to Japanese).<br /><br />I also get a kick out of toning my body to killer proportions, hanging out at a local coffee house, and dabbling in industrial design.
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    Smut, Snake Oil, Osun, Saint Germain, Monster Bait: Underpants, Scherezade, Centzon Totochtin, Alice. My best friends are musks, vanilla, sugar, rum, tea, and coconut. I generally like 'em heavy, sweet, and a little bit foody. Outside the BPAL world, my favorite scents are Hanae Mori's Butterfly, Yves Saint Laurent's Opium, and Hermes's Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.


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    A high-strung Cancerian.
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  1. abberlaine

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I took some photos of bottles and imps that I have for a sales post, and I thought to post them here, too...
  2. abberlaine

    White Light

    This is first and only bottle of TAL oil. I am planning on buying Anthelion some day, but until then, I rely on White Light to clear my mind and bring me back down to Earth. It smells like fresh sheets out of the dryer, and just the tiniest bit sour. I think weakly of hay and lemons, and strongly of a fuzzy, lazy, yellow-golden light. It's a strong smell. When I smell White Light, it brings me back down to Earth. I feel all of my worrisome thoughts become muted, and my life feels like it's more in perspective. I recently took my bottle of White Light to a four and a half hour exam with me, and every time I felt myself starting to tip into a panic attack, I'd remove the lid and put the bottle under my nose, take a deep breath, and look out the window at the snow outside. I'd remember, "It's just an exam. I want to do well on it, and I'll try my best while I'm here writing it, but if I don't get a good mark, it'll be okay." Ordinarily, I'll use it before bed, putting a minute amount on my fingers and running them over my approximate chakra points. That alone makes me feel a lot better. If I take a little more time out and take deep breaths and chants at each point, I'll feel even more relaxed. White Light is very special to me. Thank you, Beth.
  3. abberlaine

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Question: Is it okay to ship alcohol-based perfumes in a spray botle from the US to Canada?
  4. abberlaine

    Two Monsters

    Smells like Luperci's mud splashed with robust cowboy cologne. Totally not what I was expecting. Okay, but not my thing.
  5. abberlaine

    Et Lux Fuit

    Oh, wow! My skin smells like I just washed with Neutro Roberts's Miele e Latte soap -- I smell artificial-but-all-the-better-for-it honey and vanilla. The lemon peel is easy to pick out, too. (You'd think that was the honey going bad on me, but no -- the honey presents itself as a separate element, soft and dulce de leche-gooey.) Then there's the florals. They don't "pop," but they're not bad at all. For the first little while, the scent is warm, fuzzy, and pleasantly distracting. As it dries, the florals take over a little more than I'd like them too, but it's still a nice scent. I'd wear it again!
  6. abberlaine


    Night of the Living Laudanum. Indicolite says it smells like burnt metal -- like someone soddering soldering, SOLDERING! (oh, sod it) in an opium den. I say it smells like smoked salmon left out on the canape tray. ... and band-aids, lots of band-aids. "Medicinal" is a charitable review. I say: YUCK!
  7. abberlaine


    On my skin, Midway's got a very strong "strawberry joss sticks" note -- very similar to the strawberry in Pink Phoenix, actually. There's a vanilla-like sweetness to the scent. It's very thick, very heavy. I think of bubble gum. Then, on some days, it smells like... carnival fart. Like the funnel cake, the caramel apple, the cotton candy, the salt water taffy and the sugar tart merged together to form a giant candy monster, and farted out a very, very sweet scent. Carnival fart.
  8. abberlaine

    Snake Oil

    Snake Oil. ... it's very low-laying, very musky, very comfortable on the skin. It's a non-traditional scent that truly nails the Lab's style, and if I were to cut back on my BPAL, this is the blend that I'd keep on ordering. I'd describe it as... that ultra-sexy brown sugar and vanilla scent, dragged through and smudged by patchouli smoke and spiced with a prickle of sassafras. There's a layer of something dry and dusty brushed over the top -- the amber, perhaps? I'm not a fan of that bit. It's "hippy," yes, but it's the scent of a badass boots-wearing, debauchery-reveling, intelligent and articulate, eats-the-girls-on-America's-Next-Top-Model-for-Breakfast hippy. I read elsewhere on the forum that a Capitol Records high-up buys Snake Oil by the 50 ml bottle, and I wasn't surprised. The scent totally fits that image. What else, what else? I agree with what another reviewer wrote: "Snake Oil has been recommended as a substitute for Snake Charmer since Snake Charmer was a Limited Edition. Any similarity I'm noting is very faint." I tend to layer it over Antique Lace.
  9. abberlaine

    Monster Bait: Underpants

    Délicieux! Out of the three Monster Baits, this is the only one that worked on me. Whereas Gluttony brought to mind shovelling dessert into my mouth by the fistful, Underpants is fashionably indulgent. The scent has a definite "toasted" feel to it, bringing to mind scorched caramel and pralines, and perhaps crème brûlée. There's a touch of vanilla ice cream in here, though I don't smell vanilla in the sense of Antique Lace or Morocco's creamy white variety, which I expected. I'm not picking up the saffron or the sandalwood, either. When I smell this, I think of wearing silk purple panties and fun, heavy "status" jewelry -- Hello Kitty diamond pendants and "If found, return to Tiffany's" necklaces.
  10. abberlaine

    Monster Bait: Underbed

    For the first couple of hours, the cassia dominates. Had I not been told to keep a nostril out for the other notes, it's the only thing that I'd be smelling. After a while, it smells like snickerdoodles -- yes! -- prepared with quality ingredients, nearly burnt, and left out to sit in the display window all morning long. I think it'd smell pleasant in an oil burner in the kitchen. On the extreme drydown, Underbed smells vaguely of vanilla sugar (the angel cake?). It's nice, but is it nice enough to keep around?
  11. abberlaine

    Monster Bait: Closet

    Bourbon blackberry buttercream? Bad body odor is more like it. It's uncanny: even in the bottle, I can smell the stale sweat that pervaded my high school gym t-shirt. ("Closet Monster" is right.) For eight solid hours, my hands smelled like they hadn't been washed in months. Alas, Black Annis is a sweeter scent.
  12. abberlaine


    I procured an imp of St. Germain for my brother's birthday, and how I wish he'd wear it more. (He's prejuidced against it because it's not brand-name. Alas.) The reviews are true: It's clean and comforting like a freshly-washed boy in an attractive sweater. Our Renaissance man is smart, relaxed, knows what he likes (letting himself be drawn to his interests of the moment, perhaps), and has his shit together. He likes to take care of himself. There's a sandalwood-smoothness to the scent that makes me think of wheat-coloured, raw leather shoes. The scent has a freshly-washed feel to it, again -- something to do with the mosses, I think. It smells like he's been soaked with with one of those conifer, moss, and aloe soaps -- then dried in the amber warmth. Every once in a while, the carnation (which isn't spicy, by the way) or the lavender will press out a bit, giving the scent a bit of an edge, but nothing bad. Most commercial colognes I've sniffed have this strong, musky, fresh-splash scent to them that tends to overpower the blend. St-Germain has that, but it's much, much fainter. Glorious.
  13. abberlaine

    Anything close to Hanae Mori?

    Have I not posted here before? If you like Hanae Mori Butterfly, Antique Lace should be right up your alley. It's a dead ringer for the strawberries-and-cream vanilla base.
  14. abberlaine

    BPAL scent similar to Jill Stuart "Vanilla Lust?"

    Hey! I've never tried Vanilla Lust, but I can point you in the direction of some threads in the Recommendations forum that might be useful: Searching for Your Perfect Vanilla? If you like ____ BPAL, then you'll like... (I've posted the other way around, i.e., "What BPAL is similar to _____?" and had good luck with replies.)
  15. abberlaine


    Sampled from a friend's imp -- Anubis is ripe with Osun's honey -- lookit that! Fresh on, Anubis is exactly how I'd imagined it would smell. It smells like a generous spread of a thick, grey balm. The honey provides the main attraction. I believe there's a sweet, fruit-tinged amber in here -- Egyptian amber, perhaps? As it dries, the scent turns to dust. It's not a favorite, but I do like it a lot. Someone make a perfume balm out of this guy!