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    Samhain, Lust(Bon Bon), Eat Me, Blood Lotus, Dragons Milk, Hexxenacht, Shub-Niggurath, etc. Anything pumpkin or ginger. Gourmand fragrances as well as rich, musky ones. Too many notes to list now, will write more later. Recently discovered Boomslang. Yowza! A new favorite! :)

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    Cats, tattoos, nature, animals, fantasy /fairy tales/ spookiness-in-general, reading, delectable fragrances, justice.. you know, all that good stuff ;)
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  1. mexicat

    The Peacock Queen

    Even though Roses always fade on me,I NEEDED to try this.One of my favorite tattoos is my Peacock! AND,I thought it would be a Strong,Heavy Rose.Strong enough to last...but.. It is Beautiful,but I CAN BARELY SMELL IT!! Ahh,at least the Artwork on the bottle is Gorgeous!!
  2. mexicat

    Blood Kiss

    I ADORE this!!! It reminds me of my beloved Centzon Totochtin soooo much!!!Kind of like chocolate-covered peanuts.Mmmmm.. I get a sniff of Rich Wine too,and that super-sweet Honey smell like Samhain to boot!!So....This smells like two of my absolute favorites!!!I am in Heaven...It makes me want to do my "Happy Dance"(which horrifies my children ).Ahhhh...It don't get much better than this!!!
  3. mexicat

    Mata Hari

    Mata Hari is a perfect name for this because it is a mysterious blend. It was a mix of florals on me,with a little rose and a bit of coffee. Pretty,but not for me.
  4. mexicat


    This one matches it's description perfectly! It's mostly Butter on me,only a little pine and smoke, sweet and nutty. I like it a lot, but..the Butter is a little nauseating. For Yummmy baked goodness I much prefer PP2.
  5. mexicat

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    This is pretty,just not what I expected.It was sweeter in the bottle.Now I like Violets,but these are V-I-O-L-E-T-S!!! I even got a sniff of Sandalwood(don't know where that came from),but with my loco skin-chemistry,I got NO VANILLA!!! And sure enough,strong as it was before IT DISAPPEARED!!!Now all I have left is a memory,and a faint whiff of un-identified floral sadness...
  6. mexicat

    Three Witches

    Mmmmm...Spices. What's not to love? When I take a deep whiff it feels like the insides of my nose are melting. HOWEVER, my skin eats it up. It just fades away...Doesn't last an hour even! WHY oh WHY does this happen to me?
  7. mexicat

    Blood Rose

    This is really lovely. Roses with a light touch of Grape Soda. However,my skin sucks up Rose Oil, this has been on my wrist less than an hour and I can barely smell it(after slathering it on). @#!*&% chemistry!!!
  8. mexicat

    Black Rose

    This is straight-up Roses N' Baby Oil on me...drys down to: Roses,Baby Oil, And..POTATO!!!! A definite NO.
  9. mexicat

    Rose Red

    Indeed, this IS a freshly-cut Rose. But at first, all I could smell was strong greenery,rose,and...KEROSENE!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Thank goodness THAT disappeared, leaving that beautiful Rose. My Son really liked it, he said it reminded him of Blackberry bushes. Such a light, fresh Rose, and it didn't go powdery like a lot of florals. Sadly, it disappeared on my skin with record speed! For real, this faded like no other.
  10. mexicat

    The Haunted Palace

    I was really disappointed by this I was SO EXCITED when I read that description,Orange and Vanilla!Yay! It started out beautifully,with that juicy Orange,then it disappeared,never to return.Strangely,it never got to Vanilla on me,but turned into a nice powdery floral.I never could pick out any particular note,just a smooth blend.Pretty,WAY better than commercial perfume, but there are so many other lovely florals here.I want my Orange !!!!
  11. mexicat


    The reviews already here are pretty accurate to how I would describe this:Strong cinnamon,a spicy christmas-y scent that turns soapy,and more suited to a room-fragrancing oil.I do like it,but not on my skin.
  12. mexicat

    Midwinter's Eve

    I really like this...sooo sweet.It smells just like Strawberry Bubble-gum!!! It never morphs on my skin, it just stays that same yummy scent. Unfortunately, it fades pretty fast. I am still deciding if I need more than my imp...
  13. mexicat

    Centzon Totochtin

    Oh how I LOOOOOOVVE this!!!I could roll all day in it,like a dog!! This fragrance is so complex.SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF....I'll bet the other people in the office think I'm a total nut-case sniffing my arm!Okay,I will attempt to describe it,in between my crazed wrist-sniffing.At first,Cocoa!!Then it immediately switched to chocolate-coated...what?!?Drove me crazy trying to figure it out...then it deepened to a cinnamon-y smell.Cinnamon graham crackers!!Then,a grape smell.Deep rich wine.Such a sweet,intense scent like Samhain.Then it hits me..Grape Kool-aid!!!(okay,mixed with wine).At one point I smelled root-beer,then after a while it turned into grape smoke.What a morpher!I even smelled pretzels!At this point I realize what I smelled at first with the chocolate,so familiar.It's peanut brittle!It has stopped morphing,and I am left with the sweet,candied peanuts.This is such an amazing,tantalizing scent.This Aztec girl is ordering a big-ass bottle!!!
  14. mexicat


    I LOVE this! However,it was NOT love at first whiff! When I first put it on,I could smell the pine(which I like),but also this HORRIBLE,disgusting, strong,leafy smell,like what I imagine the Swamp Thing would smell like.Thank goodness it morphed quickly,turning more into that pine-y smell I like.Then it turned into a Christmasy,cinnamony fragrance,which I had been looking for!!Christmas spice!! The pine faded,leaving the cinnamon.Hours later,BERRIES!!! mmmmm....
  15. mexicat


    The intoxicating perfume of exotic incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia. This is Beautiful! Soft,creamy spices..Mmm-Mm-Mm....I could smell this all day,every day.This would smell great on anyone,oh my goodness,this would smell INCREDIBLE on a man!