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  1. kourika

    The Ecstasy of Passion

    I was just glad that I didn't get the Agony scent with rose in it, but I was pleasantly surprised to get Passion, especially after sending in a story about one of my dogs. I was a little turned off by the oil's smell from the bottle because it seemed a little more boozy and busy that my usual preferences. The oil is also a red-brown, probably from the musk, which made me worry. A lot of the darker coloured oils go bad on my skin. However, by the time I was driving to work, the scent had dried and morphed into a beautiful spicy blend. It's a little more confident and sexy than I usually feel, and it's definitely not a work place scent for me. However, it will be lovely for dressing up, going out, and planning to turn heads!
  2. kourika


    Apparently, ozone type scents and my nose are not in agreement. While Tempest doesn't smell bad per se, it smells like fresh scent dryer sheets, not something I strive to scent myself like on a regular basis. I suspect this wee imp will be a gift to one of my friends.
  3. kourika

    The Red Queen

    When wet, The Red Queen is wonderfully sweet and soft on my skin. However, my skin sucks up the oil almost immediately, so there's just the merest wiff of scent upon dry down. What a pity...this is a lovely perfume oil.
  4. kourika

    Antique Lace

    In the imp, Antique Lace barely had any scent at all, which made me wonder if I'd gotten a mistake frimp from the Lab. When I dabbed it on, a soft, gentle odor became evident though. Overall, Antique Lace smells sweet to me although a male friend said it was very floral. It's a nice scent, and I'll continue to use the imp, but I doubt I'd get a big bottle of it. It's just not me enough that I'd wear it on a regular basis.
  5. kourika


    Initially, Harlot is a wonderfully sweet, sexy scent on my skin. Unfortunately, as it begins to dry down, I experience the nearly inevitable onset of "Eau de English Hand Soap" that most roses morph to on my skin. The main plus is that my skin sucks Harlot up fairly quickly, so I don't smell soapy all day.
  6. kourika

    Has No Hanna

    In the imp, Has no Hanna smelled almost like bottled honey. It was gently sweet and beguiling, and I was sure it would be as beautiful on as it was in the imp. Unfortunately, it morphs to a sort of soapy smell when it dries on my skin, which isn't wholly unpleasant (unlike the soap smell I get from rose oils), but it is enough to keep me from wanting a big bottle even though I can use the extra pick me up the blend gives me! Has no Hanna doesn't make me feel happy, per se, but I feel more capable of dealing with the difficulties of living and the various "obstacles" that I meet during the day.
  7. kourika


    Overall, Maiden is a lovely, soft scent on my skin. However, the carnation totally dominates when wet, which makes me sneeze just a tad. Then there's the faintest hint of soap from the rose before the final sweet, gentle dry down. I do like the blend, but it's hard for me to wait for the components to finally settle down and for the carnation to stop amping up uncontrollably.
  8. kourika

    Tiger Lily

    Generally, lily scents like me, and honey seems to be perfect for my skin. Unfortunately, Tiger Lily smell like honey when wet and then dries down to a sort of weird soapy/spicy floral. It's not an awful smell, but it's not something I'd strive to smell like either. Ah well, some of the blends have got to not like me of I'd be bankrupt in no time!
  9. kourika


    Oddly enough, the strongest smell I get from Masquerade once it's dried down from the initial "what on earth is in this?!?" is almond. It's not overpowering like some of the almond scents I've tried, but it certainly seems to be formost to my nose. It's not a bad scent, but it's doesn't wow me either. Overall, I'll enjoy my imp, but I don't think that I really need a big bottle either. It's just nice, nothing exceptional, to me.
  10. kourika


    When I received Euphrosyne as a frimp from the Lab, I was a bit nervous because I expected the tea rose to go soapy on me like most other rose blends. The initial application made me smell herbal and sort of grassy, but once Euphrosyne dried, my skin smelled sweet and creamy. Yum! I will have to seriously consider a big bottle of this one.
  11. kourika


    I don't know what note in Wanda hates my skin chemistry so much (I suspect the merlot), but she goes on my skin easily and then reeks of cherry cough syrup. Fortunately, Wanda fades away quickly, so I wasn't stuck with the weird medicinal smell for too long, but this one is definitely a pass!
  12. kourika


    I find it highly amusing that while most people who know me in real life consider me a "dominant" personality, Wanda smells horrific on my skin while Severin, one of BPAL's scents of submission, loves my chemistry. It's a crisp, clean scent that has a lemony herb smell that makes me think of soft spring days and fresh laundry drying on a clothesline. I'm debating whether or not I want a large bottle though because Severin isn't a scent that I'd wear on a regular basis simply because I prefer perfumes that last a bit longer. My skin sucks up the oils, and I'm left with a hint of sunshiney lemon and leather wafting across my wrists and cleavage. It's a lovely, light scent though for days when you're looking for a perfume that's subtle rather than in your face.
  13. kourika

    Hell's Belle

    The first time I tried Hell's Belle, I loved the scent, but one of the notes irritated my sinuses enough that I wasn't sure I'd be able to wear it on a regular basis. However, my wee imp sat in its box for at least a month before I tried it on today, and wow! Hell's Belle mellowed over time, and there was no sneezing today! It goes on with a hint of tropical smells and fades away to a sort of almondy scent, at least with my chemistry. Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long though, so there's just a hint of perfume left on my wrists.
  14. kourika

    Snake Charmer

    Based on the rave reviews, I really hoped that Snake Charmer would work on me. It has several notes that I love, and the remaining notes aren't bad on my skin. Unfortunately, my skin seems to suck all of the scent out of the blend, so I'm left with a sort of odd absence of smell on my skin where Snake Charmer is applied. After dry-down I smell faintly of plum with a touch of amber, but it doesn't feel me. Ah well. Off to the swaps for this one.
  15. kourika

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    In the imp, Sacred Whore of Babylon smelled sort of florally/herbal. It was strong enough that I had second thoughts about even applying the oil because most heavy florals don't agree with my sinuses. After application, the floral smell dried down, but all that's left is a sort of powdery musk scent. It's not unpleasant, but it's not something I have a burning need to wear on a regular basis either. I'll use up the imp I have, but I'm not going to run out to get a big bottle because this just doesn't do much for me.