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  1. fallingfortruth

    Gun Moll

    This is one of my signature scents. I was extremely hesitant to try it at first, because both honeycomb and jasmine are major warning flags for me (I haaaaate the BPAL honey note, and jasmine usually amps on me to the point where it's the only thing I can smell, and that isn't cute) but I swapped for a decant of it, but oh. my. This is how sexy lady assassins smell. It's feminine, sultry, and just a little bit dangerous. It's blended in a way that balances perfectly with my skin chemistry, and now I have two bottles. I'm so glad that I gave it a shot, despite my qualms.
  2. fallingfortruth

    The Soldier

    The Soldier absolutely broke my heart. Everything about it looked good, but then when I tried it on... All I got was anise. *sobs* I'm hoping that it ages out and gets better, but if it doesn't I guess I'm going to have to keep waiting for my replacement for Loviatar.
  3. fallingfortruth

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    I totally see Faith as something dark and sharp and dangerous, like Hell-Gate of Ireland or Raven Moon, and Spike as Loviatar, because Spike just isn't Spike without his leather coat, and Loviatar smells like the perfect leather coat to me, warm and sexy and a little bit like trouble. Although good luck finding any of it I'm still crushed that it was DC'd suddenly, because I was about to buy bottles when I got paid next when it did. My heart! I'm having problems coming up with scents for the rest of the girls, though, because I don't really tend to go for "girly" perfumes, and Anya and Dawn and Willow are all such girly-girls at heart.
  4. fallingfortruth

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    katarina, for some reason I totally get a Pomegranate II vibe off you... The tart pomegranate and the sharp citrus notes seem like they'd be adequately spunky to keep up with your rock and roll lifestyle/attitude. Here's me, if anyone feels like taking a swing: I'm 24 and a college student at an elite women's college, working on an American Studies/Study of Women and Gender double major. I want to write my honors thesis about the navigation of gender norms in "emo" culture from 2002-2008, and one of my favourite hobbies is doing heavy theoretical readings of trashy reality television. I'm one of those people who always ends up the center of attention even if they tried not to be, and I've come to accept that I am always going to be the "weird friend" of normal people who gets to tell crazy stories at parties. I have two fairly large tattoos, including a winged three of swords on my chest below a nautical-style banner held by two old school swallows that says "There's Something Greater There" and I can unironically say that a band saved my life. If I weren't going to be a grown up with a Real Job and thus a real salary with which to pay off my student loans and buy BPAL, I would totally run off and live in a van with a shitty band and write complex theoretical dissections of musical subcultures for the rest of my life, while ending up totally covered in ink. Instead, it is my goal to become like Abby from NCIS, except with cultural analysis and the State Department instead of chemistry and crime solving. I absolutely love love love smoke and clove notes (I am so goth that even my cigarettes are black) as well as vanilla (in moderation) sandalwood, and sometimes peaches and citrus, and I have a soft spot for aquatics. I can't wear anything with milk or honey in it, because they smell like death to my nose, and jasmine has a nasty habit of eating the entire world the moment it touches my skin, which is a shame, because I love the way it smells on other people/in the bottle.
  5. fallingfortruth

    The Hell-Gate Of Ireland

    This is exactly like being outside when the weather is cold enough to make your throat sore when you breathe and your face numb, smelling the wood fires of the houses surrounding you and the last remnants of the clove from mulled cider after all of the sweetness is gone. It's incredibly evocative and actually gave me shivers when I first whiffed it off my wrists. I really should have known that I would love this, since The Cracked Bell was the first BPAL I ever purchased (and loved!) but my wee little imp definitely needs to become a bottle.
  6. fallingfortruth


    I was hesitant about trying Loviatar after having looked at the notes, because black amber just sounds ominous and I've historically steered clear of musks... But holy wow. I can't stop sniffing my arm, and I think that the next time I go out, this is what I will be wearing. It's all the sexiness of being laced into a corset, or wrapped in a leather jacket, with only a fraction of the trouble and expense. Definitely a keeper. Later addition (10/29/12): This perfume was the beginning of my love affair with both amber and musk notes. It took me *years* of fruitless searching before I found a bottle (during one of BPAL's ebay postings) and I paid waaay too much money for it, but it was So. Worth. It. This perfume smells exactly like I imagine Dean Winchester to smell, and I can't think of a better description (or advertisement!) for it as a scent. I hope that one day someone buys the equipment necessary for making the leather note that is in this, De Sade, and Severin, because it is my favourite thing in the entire world. *misty sigh*
  7. fallingfortruth


    In the imp I get all lemon verbena, all the time- more herbacious than actual lemons, with that herby, succulent quality behind it that makes my mouth water. On, it's an immediate explosion of bright-yellow from the lemongrass and lemon verbena, with a little tartness from the grapefruit, but it settles down fairly quickly. Once it's dry on my skin I'm left with a few hours of warm, sexy musk and lemongrass. I think I might have to layer it with something that has sandalwood or an incense note in it, because it's killer sexy on me but I could wish that it had a little more depth. Definitely in the running for a bottle, for me. I never get the LEMONS! smell that everyone else is talking about, but I love me some lemony herbals, and I'm developing an appreciation for the things that musk can do with my chemistry. Mmm.
  8. fallingfortruth

    Blood Pearl

    I got this as a frimp when I was getting a few of the Luau Lounge scents, and I wanted to try it to see what it would do on me... And mmm. In Imp: I think it's the orris that smells really green, with a tiny moist smell from the coconut behind it. Wet: It's sort of a spicy, sweet scent- I think it must be the Dragon's Blood? Not herbal at all. Dry: Smells like all day at the beach- the musk and coconut smell like suntan lotion on hot skin, and it's pretty sexy, all told. Not something I want a bottle of, but I'm definitely going to rock my imp for as long as it holds out- apparently this is another musk that I DO get along with!
  9. fallingfortruth


    My list is currently down pending a box-update.
  10. fallingfortruth

    ISO / Wishlist

    LEs that I want to swap for bottles/partials/imps of: Saint-Germain Blue Fire Kingsport General Catalog (Bottles) Kumiho Aizen-Myoo Kabuki Night-Gaunt Phobos Hunter Non-Impable GC Decants I want to try: The Marquis de Carabas The Ifrit Mr Ibis the Buggre Alle This Bible Pollution War Miss Lupescu Goblin Cider Red The Butterfly Arachne of Lydia Captain Cully Prince Lir Iole Pandy Bette Noir Volt Sachs Violens Lady Death: Savage
  11. fallingfortruth

    Where is this scent?

    I just got this frimp in my order from today and I am somewhat baffled. EDIT Nevermind, I just can't read. It's a Sin and Salvation GC, go figure. Definitely into the swap pile for me. (Rose, bleh.)
  12. fallingfortruth

    Things What I Love

    These are my forever bottles, aka my favourite things. I'm posting this partially to give people ideas, but also so I can guilt myself into finally reviewing all of them. LE/Discontinued Precious Blue Fire City in the Sea De Sade Green Tree Viper Gun Moll House of Mirrors Infernal Lover Kingsport Loviatar my review Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp Opuhi Pickled Imp Putrifincation v3 Severin Snake Charmer Spirits of the Dead Spooky The Hellgate of Ireland my review Val Sans Retour Velvet Pink Kitty GC Precious: Aglaea Blood Pearl my review Kuang Shi Kumiho Neutral Phobos my review Snake Oil