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  1. DeadlyNightshade

    Tiresias, the Androgyne

    Wet this is a very sweet caramel with a hint of spice, when it dries the tobacco becomes the dominant note. When i was little my dad used to work in the Marlboro factory and every year we were allowed to do a 'factory tour'. The strong tobacco note reminds me of the sweet hay-like smell in the factory, it's nice but a bit too sharp for my liking. Will use the imp but not buy a bottle (bought it a few years ago so it isn't the 2016 one)
  2. DeadlyNightshade


    Wet: orange blossom and something sour...not sure if i like this. Dry: the sour note disappears and turns into a sweet cherry scent. After an hour it disappears and i only smell orange blossom, no chocolate at all.
  3. DeadlyNightshade


    Lovely! Smells like liquorice all the time with something herbal in the background, it stays strong for hours. I don't smell lemon at all.
  4. DeadlyNightshade

    The Illustrated Woman

    Bought a decant a few days ago and tried it today. Why didn't i try this first?! It smells amazing. When i first smelled it in the imp i was worried, there's a lot of (sharp) pine. But when i put it on it warmed up and changed to a soft and sweet scent! I can smell the vanilla, musk and honey. It also reminds me of when you have a date and some of your gentleman's cologne ends up on your own skin, fresh, soft and sweet. Really amazing! I wish i had a bottle of this!
  5. DeadlyNightshade

    Dragon's Milk

    It smells great in the bottle but when i put it on it turns sour. I guess it's the honey?
  6. DeadlyNightshade

    Black Rose

    My first review! I totally love this perfume! It smells like sweet rose incense on me (not burning incense, but it smells like when it't still in the wrapper). Unfortunately it didn't last a very long time on me, it becomes a lot less noticeable after an hour or 2 (but it's still nice!). I think i need a big bottle of this!
  7. DeadlyNightshade

    How to write your order

    Thank you for the explanation! This made it a lot easier for me!