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    Varies from day to day. Snake Oil, Zombi, O and Snake Charmer are often in rotation. But I have many other favorites now. OG Banshee Beat, Smut, Creeper Dragon, White Witch, The Burying Ground, Goblin, Chimera.

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    Reading, playing and listening to music, knitting. I have a long-time interest in folklore and myth, especially Irish,Scottish & English.

    John Crowley, Thomas Ligotti, Greer Gilman, H.P. Lovecraft, Peter Ackroyd, Arthur Machen, Jeff Vandermeer, Terry Dowling, Donald Harrington, Michael Cisco. Books about traditional music in Ireland and England, History, Anthropology, Science, Folklore.

    Steeleye Span, traditional Irish music, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, lots of 80's alternative stuff. Neo Swing, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Portishead, Current 93, The Cramps, Tiger Lillies, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, Unto Ashes...


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  1. fiddlehead

    The Goat and the Vine

    Harrison Weir Golden apples, cedar and redwood trellises heavy with grapevine, beeswax, hemp, vanilla benzoin, and bois de rose. I like this blend a lot when I first put it on. The apples, wood, grapevine and hemp all combine nicely. I can't smell the beeswax or vanilla. It mostly disappears after about ten minutes, sadly. I've only had it for a week, though, so maybe it needs more time to become more than a close skin scent.
  2. fiddlehead

    Goat BPAL? Hay and goats?

    You might try an imp of Satyr
  3. fiddlehead

    Jacob's Ladder

    On me, this is a super perfume-y blend and very strong. I put a tiny dab on and it punched me right in the nose. This will have to be set aside to age in hopes that it calms down a bit. I can't pick out any separate notes at all. I was expecting a softer, warmer blend for sure!
  4. fiddlehead

    Our Hearts Condemn Us

    I wasn't very impressed with this when I first got it a year or so ago. It just seemed like light rose and cedar on me and disappeared quickly. Fast forward to today...and it's beautiful. The rose otto is definitely present now and the cedar lightens it and makes it airy. I dabbed some on my wrists to re-test this morning and just went back to slather. Might need another bottle of this to age.
  5. fiddlehead

    OG BB

    Banshee Beat is a gorgeous balancing act between vanilla, dark patchouli and hemp. The vanilla seems like a French vanilla to me and maybe that's the same as Bourban vanilla. I don't know. At different times and in different places I get more patchouli and a really lovely hemp note which almost makes me think of a light tobacco note. The whole blend is definitely more than the sum of its parts though. No wonder people went nuts for it! I'll be ordering the GC version when it appears in hopes it will be as awesome as this.
  6. fiddlehead

    Demonic scents

    How about Malediction?
  7. fiddlehead


    My fears about Smut were completely unfounded. It's not at all like Devil's Night and though it has red musk in it there's so much more going on. I can't identify all the notes in it. Depending on where I put it I get different facets. The extreme drydown of the dab in my cleavage is definitely dirty musk. On my wrist its sort of dry and a little bit fruity. Up along my neck I get a waft of something that reminds me of Practical Occultism, just a bit. Damn. I'm really happy to have a bottle of this! I can see why some people hoard bottles of it. Edited to add I get no booze notes that I can identify. Nor sugar, exactly.
  8. fiddlehead

    Mars Ultor

    I figured this would a good choice because I love The Antikythera Mechanism. The vanilla and tobacco combo is perfect and is the most obvious at first. As the other notes come out it changes into something even better than AM on me. Smoky, warm, complicated vanilla. It's very gender neutral on me and I can't wait to try it on my husband. We may need another bottle of this. It's bound to get even more gorgeous over time.
  9. fiddlehead

    This is Your Wilderness

    After a loud flurry of pine and cypress notes this settles into a patchouli single note. I can sort of catch a bit of tobacco but mostly it's the patchouli. Perhaps it will become more complex with age.
  10. fiddlehead

    Creeper Dragon

    Creeper Dragon Musk: daemonorops, green leather, and red musk with dribbles of honey and white cream. I love dragon's blood and red musk so I figured I would be happy with this. It is indeed mostly those two notes. If I really inhale I think I get a little leather, but it's barely there. Honey and cream (is there another sort of cream that isn't white, I wonder?) are barely there as well. It may age into something more complex but even if it doesn't I'll wear it, along with Blood Amber & Blood Kiss. It's definitely got the same vibe. Lovely incensy dragon's blood and red musk.
  11. fiddlehead

    Ivory Vulva

    IVORY VULVA Marshmallow root, coconut, macadamia milk, cream accord, and a drop of golden amber. This is definitely a creamy coconut scent. I've had it on for about 30 minutes and it's stayed the same. The other notes don't stand out to me but I think they're what's making this a warm coconut as opposed to just coconut. If you like coconut you will like this. It reminds me of the coconut in Goblin without the patchouli.
  12. fiddlehead

    El Dia de los Reyes

    This has been passing me by for years so I finally decided to go for it. I wasn't sure about it at first but the longer it sat on my skin the better it got. I wore it out to dinner and kept getting wafts of this really good chocolate scent with an almost wood or amber-like undertone. It faded after a couple of hours but I don't mind re-applying. It's well blended and comes across as just a really rich chocolate after the initial notes of coffee and cinnamon disappear. I'm not sure if I'm able to identify brown sugar but maybe it will appear next time. I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this in the winter. Edited to add that this morning I dabbed some on my neck and got the cinnamon reaction even though I don't get a ton of cinnamon from the scent. I'll have to apply this on tougher parts of my skin like I do Gingerbread Snake!
  13. fiddlehead

    Lick It With Consent (2014)

    Super peppermint! It cleared out my sinuses for sure. Not getting sugar so far, just the mint. It's going to be fun to try this in layering experiments!
  14. fiddlehead

    Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight

    I was afraid that this would be another patchouli heavy blend. I love patch, but I have enough of it already. I put this on and almost immediately recognize it as something very familiar. Something I really like from BPAL. So as not to ruin it for anyone...
  15. fiddlehead


    I'd been meaning to get an imp of this forever and just kept putting it off. Luckily, I just got it as a frimp in my last order from the Trading Post! Yay Vetiver! This is my favorite kind of Vetiver, grassy and fresh. It always reminds me of the smell of rain on cement. I'm not getting any leather or musk on this first try. I think this may be a bottle purchase in the future. It's certainly going on my wish list!