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    Blood Amber, Blood Rose, Dragon's Milk, Elf, Fairy Market, Haunted, Helena, Lady Una, Lucy Westenra, Lyonesse, New Orleans, Seance * Notes That Work Really Well With My Body Chemistry: Dragon's Blood, Honey, Rose, Tonka, Vanilla

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  1. underwaterlily

    Any blends that smell like Black Opal?

    Thanks for pointing me to that thread! Most of the similar scents listed have been discontinued, but I'll try Haunted. It's already on my wish list.
  2. I'm just getting into BPAL again and am heartbroken to see Black Opal been discontinued. If you can think of any blends that smell like it, I'll be over the moon. Thanks for your suggestions! <3
  3. underwaterlily

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcake

    This scent smells so delicious in the bottle, and wet on my skin (just like a spicy pumpkin cheesecake cupcake should smell!), that I'm devastated to report it turns to cat pee on me once it dries. I love it so much when I first apply it to my skin, I've been testing it every day, in the hope the cat pee smell will fade as it settles. I can't tell if a spicy note or the cream note is responsible, but either way, the cat pee smell has faded a bit after five days. I'm going to let it settle some more and see how it smells on me in a few weeks/months.
  4. underwaterlily

    Dragon's Milk

    This scent complements my body chemistry like no other! Dragon's blood and vanilla notes soak into my skin and smell incredibly yummy; together, they're a dream. This is my scent. (I used to volunteer as a dragon faery at a Renaissance Festival; my character would smell like this.)
  5. underwaterlily

    Black Opal

    This blend is heavenly! I received a Black Opal frimp in my recent order, and it really struck me. I'm surprised so few people seem to like it! It doesn't smell like vanilla in the imp, but the vanilla really warms with my skin. The fragrance itself is opalescent; the other notes shimmer and fade away. I'm at a loss as to what else I can say... only this: I must buy a bottle! P.S. It complements Lady Una well. Typically, when I test different oils on my skin, they turn sour, but Black Opal and Lady Una mesh beautifully!
  6. underwaterlily


    This scent is absolutely divine on me! <3 In the bottle: At first sniff, I smelled slightly pungent sea water. (Uh oh!) As soon as I smelled the vanilla, however, I knew I would fall in love with this scent! What can I say? I'm a vanilla sort of girl. Wet on skin: Delicious! On me, Lyonesse smells like waves crashing against mossy rocks, with a slight tinge of vanilla, lily, and amber. (The other notes aren't as dominant on me.) It's a very "breezy" scent. Dry on skin: It smells just like a vanilla cupcake! Very sweet and feminine, but still "mysterious" enough to wear at night.
  7. underwaterlily


    A friend just sent me a bottle of Voodoo. This review is my first, and I'm not the best at picking out notes, but I feel compelled to review this scent! In the bottle: The clove is incredibly strong. Voodoo definitely smells spicy and exotic. Since I love bold perfumes, I was psyched to try this one. Wet on skin: HORRIBLE! I wanted to cry. This scent is strong, but it smelled so masculine on me. The clove began to smell like a crayon, and the patchouli became stronger. I could smell a slight vanilla undertone, but it still smelled so manly I had to wash it off. About five minutes later, I noticed I smelled really good. The scent is so strong it lingered, even after I'd washed my wrists, and it smelled delicious. I applied a little more, but it didn't smell masculine at all this time. I think this scent (on me, at least) needs to be applied right after the shower, when the skin itself is wet or drying-down. The vanilla sweetens the smell when the skin is wet, leaving it spicy, smoky, and feminine (well, more like femme fatale). Dry on skin: I love this scent. Vanilla and patchouli have taken over; it reminds me of a South American soap my mom used when I was little. (I would nag her to let me use one of the bars--she had a stash of the stuff--but she said it was too sexy for me). This scent is VERY bold, but it isn't an overpowering smell; it's enticing. The waxy overtones have turned into the smell of candles burning. I feel like this scent is strictly an Autumn fragrance; it reminds me of nighttime and Halloween, though it also smells a little dangerous. From time to time, it still smells a bit masculine, so I think I may try and mix this scent with something sweeter, but it's definitely a keeper!