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  1. supasonicsage

    Ice Queen

    Ice Queen is truely beautiful. If you like Snow White, this is like a grown up more night time version of it. Not that they smell the same, mind you, but they do have the same tone, if that makes any sense. The musk isn't overpowering in this, more of a background scent. I don't get a lot of fruit, or spruce... mostly the winter blossoms, which I think are what is reminding me of snow white. Really, this is spectacular, and long lasting and beautiful. I wish I would have ordered more.
  2. supasonicsage

    Red Moon 2004

    For some reason I don't get any fruit with my red moon at all. I am sort of glad about that, since I went on a cherry buying BPAL binge. I really do love this. The amber in this blend is very subtle and stays in the background a lot more than other blends with amber in it. Wet, it has sort of a dragon's blood, ambery floral smell to it. The florals go away on me as it drys and after a few hours I am left with a nice, sweet, soft amber. That being said, for some reason this one doesn't have a lot of throw on me and it is very, very subtle. Probably a little too subtle for me, but I tend to like pretty loud scents. It is also very pretty without being girly in the least, and I have gotten a ton of compliments on it. This one is second only to Blue Moon in all of the lunar oils that I have tried so far.
  3. supasonicsage


    This scent is very bright, and it is easy to overdo, so start slow. I am so bad at notes, but I know there is lavender in there and, on my skin anyway, I get a lot of rose too. There seems to be some sort of herbal base to it all. The scent is nice, not too strong (if you keep in mind that you don't need a whole lot) and not medicinal at all. I think it does have that one note that does terrible things on my skin in it that is in some of the voodoo blends, but it fades out after about ten mintues. For two nights I put a little on each wrist while I brushed my teeth and all... that gave it a little bit to mellow out before I went to bed. It helps with the brightness factor too as it softens up a little bit on wearing. And it works.. almost to well =). I felt like I was waking up from a coma the next morning. This one has be very excited to try the other dream blends. Trouble sleeping? You will buy Somnus now!
  4. supasonicsage

    Sugar Skull

    Beth was nice enough to bring me a bottle of this when she came to New Orleans. I am so spoiled. Anyway, in the bottle Sugar Skull smelled like melted brown sugar with almost nothing else. After I put it on, it immediatly turned to a burned sugar smell. This might sound bad, but it really is beautiful. The throw is huge and PLEASE go easy on this one at first. I tend to put a lot of scent on and I really overdid this one (to the point of a headache... not Sugar Skull's fault at all). I think that people who ordered this hoping for something really sweet may be dissapointed. It is, but it is also so much more than that. People who ordered it hoping that it wouldn't be too sweet are going to be in love. BTW. I smell no fruit at all... so if that was a concern for you, don't worry. My guy is always telling me that I need to wear sweeter scents. He doesn't go for the heavy, incency scents that I like, but he also really likes smoke or burnt smells (two of his favorites are Djinn and Brimstone) so I really think he will love this one me. All in all, this one is beautiful. I never would have guess it to be as complex as it is from the description. It is really amazing.
  5. supasonicsage

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    haunted and blood amber, with blood amber lasting the longest... like about 6 hours without fading.
  6. supasonicsage

    Blood Amber

    Wow. In the bottle: I smell dragon's blood resin and not much else. Granted it is Beth's really great dragon's blood, so that isn't really a bad thing. Wet: The dragon's blood and the amber mix perfectly. It does have a sort of tang while wet... not really citrus, but sort of sour (not smelling, but tasting, if that makes any sort of sense). Dry Down: After a half an hour the amber warms up and Blood Amber turns into this perfect spicy, subtle, warm sexy scent. I am truely amazed at how beautiful this smells. I really think that if I were to have a signature scent (which I just can't bring myself to do, since there are too many blends of Beth's that I just love) this would be it. I really can't say enough about this one.
  7. supasonicsage

    La Petite Mort

    The best parts of snake oil and the best parts of O... pretty much sums it up. You have to throw in the "skin" element here though... The drydown is very lovely, perhaps more so than either O or snake oil. It does get a little powdery, but it is such a warm powdery beautiful smell. It reminds me of laying in bed with someone you have just spend a Sunday afternoon naked with, without all of the dog hair =) I will have to order a bigger bottle of this, but only after I get a few others that I am wanting. I am going to have to try putting O and snake oil together to see how close that is. This would be a great one for someone's first order as it has so many of the good parts of some of the Lab's two most popular scents, but you could get them in just one imp.
  8. supasonicsage

    The Red Queen

    Really, to me, this scent is just the reason I think Beth is such a master. I can't imagine cherries smelling like anything mature at all... they bring up ideas of little girls, sno-balls and the like. The cherry in Red Queen is sophisticated. It starts with a slightly medicinal smell, but quickly morphed into a more cherry tobacco type of smell. This isn't a pipe a man is smoking though, as Red Queen stayes very feminine on me. The mahogany pops out after about an hour and mellows the tobacco smell right out. It is very special and very interesting. I don't know that I will buy a 5ml bottle of it, but I could see ordering imps everytime I run out. This makes me feel very intelligent and whitty and coy. That's the best I can do, being that notes are not my forte'.
  9. supasonicsage

    Chaos Theory

    I got Chaos Theory XVII. I am horrible at notes, but this has to have cucumber in it. I would also venture a guess at aloe. There is also some sort of light, white floral, but I am not sure what it may be. The cucumber stays right through the end. It is a very pretty, light summery spring scent. It reminds me of sitting in an upscale spa with pretty flowers all around. It is very relaxing. However, it really isn't "me". I am debating about this one over. I may keep my eyes open for someone else who has a chaos theory that didn't agree with them... or I may keep it. It really is pretty... maybe it will grow on me.
  10. supasonicsage


    I did look, but I didn't find this, so here goes: Lab's Description: BRIMSTONE -- In Hermetic alchemy, brimstone is one of the Three Heavenly Substances, one of the primary alchemical Priciples. It represents the strength of will and the vigor of passion, and it is a symbol of the process of fermentation. A smoky, gritty blend, husky and gray. Before I even start, it is my boy who is into the fire scents, but I usually get to him first. I will try to get him to review this. Wet: Very, very strong, and I like strong scents, but this one exploded. This is mad, angry fire. This smells much more like burning houses to me than Djinn. It even has that sort of chemical smell that plastics and treated lumber give off while they are burning. Did I say that it is strong? Start out light with this one. Dry down: While the burning house smell is still there, there is an nice incency smell coming out underneath that sort of mellows out the strong burning smell. It is a nice combination in the end. I will have to say, the longer I wear it, the more I like it. I really wish that I was better at note, but I can't pick out anything. It is certainly an interesting smell. I can't wait to see what the guy thinks of this, because his chemistry is much more mellow than mine, and this is very gender neutral, even leaning toward masculine.
  11. supasonicsage


    I don't if any of you have smelled the perfume oil "Child" but this has a lot of the same qualities. Add just a few more flowers to child and that is what I get on my skin. I do get a fairly strong honeysuckle smell. However, there is something almost tropical and suntanny to this on me. Not that it smells like suntan lotion, but it smells like your backyard as a child, laying out with coppertone with all of your mother's flowers around you. It reminds me of running away from bees =). I think this oil will fill the nitch that I was missing, which is a light summertime perfume I can wear in the daytime without being too strong. All that being said, I really like this. It is soft, has reasonable staying power and does really great things on my skin. Add this to the list of things I need to buy a big bottle of that Beth sent me for free.
  12. supasonicsage

    Estimated ship time.

    Mecha-Godzilla *snark!* I love mecha-godzilla! He can stomp my order flat anyday. Not a BPAL order, mind you, but any order from somewhere else would be fine.
  13. supasonicsage

    CCNow or PayPal

    I like to send a money order, though with moon scents only being around for 12 hours, I really don't know how that would work. The last order I placed with a money order got here just as fast as ones that I placed through paypal or whatever. And a money order is the only thing that doesn't have any sort of fee. Even paypal charges a fee (though not near as much as CCnow), and even when Beth switches to her own credit card processessing merchant account, there will be a fee there too. I pay between $100 and $300 a month just to let my customers use credit cards. I don't know where my volume is in comparison to Beth's, but I would imagine that hers is much larger. Money orders are about a dollar. You don't have to wait for them to clear and they don't have your bank info on them. Checks are safer than Paypal. You can't drain a bank account with just a account number, but a paypal password gives you access to that person's whole bank account since they are tied together, plus a lot of people have credit cards linked to their paypal account too. As far as CCnow goes, I believe that Beth is replacing it with her own merchant account (where she has the terminal/software).
  14. supasonicsage


    I can put my finger on it, but this smells like something I have worn before... Xiuhtecuhtli stays about the same wet to dry on me, and it has a pretty remarkable staying power. It is also one of those that has a lot of throw. That being said, this is a really nice smoky floral. I definetly get a lot of the incense smell on me. It is a clean incense smell, though, not cheap or grungy smelling. This is one of the most sophisticated scents that I have worn and liked. I would wear this one on a job interview or dinner with a new boyfriends parents. Very pretty... I need to wear it a few more times before I decide on a bottle. I have gone from trying to find a signature scent to trying to keep the bottle collection below 100. Damn Beth and her genius!
  15. supasonicsage

    Your Best-Bet "Must Try" Enabling Scents

    hee. It is getting eerie. *sneaks off to look at all of andrabell's reviews in order to plan next order*