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  1. whataboutprom

    Our Hearts Condemn Us

    So far this is the only scent from the series that works on me. It's a lovely, forresty, earthy scent. When wet it almost smells like a single note patchouli accord, patchouli recreated using other plants. I don't get rose at all, either in the bottle or on my skin. During dry down this can smell somewhat dusty when I put my nose too close to my arm, but that is a common problem I have with perfumes. The scent is nice enough that I don't mind that.
  2. whataboutprom

    So Below

    Just ordered a second bottle. This will be the only BPAL for which I have a backup bottle. I go through perfume so slowly, that I never buy more than one, but I think I have just come to terms with So Below being my Holy Grail scent.
  3. whataboutprom

    La Lugubre Gondola

    This one surprised me, because it smells very close to the amber oil I make myself. The one I make has about 4 parts benzoin, 1 part labdanum, and a very small amount of vanilla. I had to pull out a bottle of my own to smell the differences. Mainly, Beth's blend has vanillic notes from the resins, but not the straight vanilla in my own blend. It's very nice. This amber does not turn powdery or high pitched at all on my skin. It's in the same family as Gelt, but not as sweet. I love it.
  4. whataboutprom

    Scent for Halloween?

    I'm dressed as Beverly Harris from Roseanne, and while I like the idea of wearing a BPAL that coordinates with my costume, I'm still so obsessed with So Below that I'm wearing it every day. Maybe tonight I will wear a white floral to match my character better.
  5. whataboutprom

    So Below

    So, uh... Where can I buy this by the gallon? I'm not sure I can add much to what has already been said. The dry-down of So Below is a soft, sensual, amber/better than skin scent that actually has some throw and lasting power. Utterly gorgeous.
  6. whataboutprom


    LOVE. Even though this smells nothing like how I imagined it, this is gorgeous. At first it screams MUSK with a tiny hint of cacao and patchouli. After a few minutes, the musk calms down, the chocolate disappears, and the patchouli comes forward, dry and woodsy and nothing like the rich earth scent of the more hippie variety. It's almost all red patchouli for a few hours, and then the musk comes back, soft and powdery in the most beautiful way, (nothing like baby powder.) I tested this last night and I slathered it this morning so I can smell it all day at work. ETA: the tobacco is coming out a lot more today. Rich and warm, like the inside of a cigar box. Love it.
  7. whataboutprom

    Tobacco Pomegranate Candle

    Blood red pomegranate with tobacco absolute, Haitian tobacco leaf, and oudh. I just got my candle in the mail, and I LOVE it! The candle I bought about a year ago was very faint, but this one seems to have more *oomph* to it, without being overpowering. The pomegranate is fresh and tart and blends perfectly with the tobacco. This is one of those blends that smells expensive, somehow- quite fancy. I wish I could afford to buy backups of this!
  8. whataboutprom

    Tarantula Fascinator

    First day wearing this, and I am already considering a backup bottle. Cocoa comes out strong in the beginning, but after a few minutes it fades and lets spiced plum take over. I can't pick out hay in the blend, and the hazelnut is adding a warm, rich feeling without taking over, thankfully. Tarantula Fascinator is more in gourmand territory than foodie. All of the wonderful food notes blend into a beautiful perfume that is both sexy and comforting.
  9. whataboutprom


    Such a gorgeous blend. At first this is strong SASSAFRAS, but after it dries, the vanilla comes to the front. Vanilla usually goes very bad on my skin, but this is one of the few vanillas that works for me. I love cedar, but it's not strong enough for me to perceive as cedar specifically; it adds a general dry wood feel to the oil. Tombstone doesn't have a lot of throw, but I do get small whiffs of a warm, not to sweet vanilla throughout the day.
  10. whataboutprom

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I received a frimp of Aglaea earlier this year, and it is pretty dark, not clear at all. I can't attest to the scent however, as when I tried it a few years ago, it made me sick. It does seem likely the formulation has changed, since it looks so different now.
  11. whataboutprom


    Ah... this is what I wanted from The Book! While The Book was all sharp leather to me, the leather in Dee is softened and warmed by the other notes. I can't pick out incense specifically, but Dee smells like an old library where incense has been burned maybe a few days ago. It's definitely a bit masculine, but also glowing and cozy and wonderful, not harsh in any way. This is the closest I have found to my ultimate library fragrance.
  12. whataboutprom

    Dilution and Carrier Oils

    I also have thyroid issues and very dry skin. I haven't noticed a big difference when I use a moisturizer before perfume, but I would recommend using an unscented oil instead of an unscented lotion. Usually unscented lotions (that aren't 100% natural) have a chemical in them to suppress the scent of the other ingredients. It can definitely change the scent of your perfume oil. But you can use pure jojoba, almond, grapeseed, or apricot seed oil on the areas you apply perfume, and they will not change the fragrance at all. You can also apply oil all over after showering to lock in moisture. The oils work a lot better when the skin is damp. I often use BPTP's bath oils this way. The damp skin allows me to apply the oils with a lighter touch, and layering the scented oils with the perfume helps the scent to last all day.
  13. whataboutprom


    Beth does a much better job of describing this than I ever could. I agree on all of the notes listed. When wet, this smelled a bit one dimensional, and that one dimension was the type of soapy musk that can somehow also smell like BO on me. Thankfully the scent evolves quite a lot as it dries, and now it is wonderfully complex. If you think you will like this, you're probably right. This is what I hoped for in an Ambergris SN.
  14. whataboutprom

    Raspberry Thumbprint Cookie

    This is from a decant: I haven't tried it in the bath yet, but when I apply this to my skin it smells a lot like Gluttony. I don't get any raspberry, but I get the sweet, boozy smell that Gluttony had on my skin. I am excited to try this in my bath when I get a chance.
  15. whataboutprom

    Pumpkin Tart Candle

    Fresh pumpkin puree seasoned with brown sugar, ginger, nutmeg, and clove baked into an anise seed crust. Wow. This is lovely. I can't do pumpkin as a perfume, and I actually don't like commercial scented candles at all, most especially the autumn spice scents. This is a totally different thing, and I love it. The spices smell like actual cooking spices, and although I can't smell pumpkin exactly, there is a soft sweetness with the spice that isn't cloying at all.