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    Faves: Red Moon, Flower Moon, Tamora, Muse, Desire, Honey Moon, Jack, Gingerbread Poppet, Venice, Imp, Selkie, Buck Moon, Bon Vivant, Dragon's Eye. I like things with Jasmine, Honey and Florals! DON'T like - too much citrus, myrrh, too much incense. Too much wood, especially dry. That aquatic dryer sheet smell.


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  1. AlaskaSnows


    For me this is very faint with no throw. It smells an awful lot like lavender based men's cologne with resin and alcohol notes. It smells like... I dunno... Armani? Don't hold me to that. very nice though.
  2. AlaskaSnows


    Very nice! This is sort of a medium strength fruit and honey, with a touch of spices. I think the imp will be enough, but it is a pleasant, rich scent, though I find the fruit note too candyfruit for me.
  3. AlaskaSnows


    Sometimes for me, a scent just doesn't work out. This is a lot like Eve for me - wimpy, watered down, and just smells flabby. I do get watery honey, and some sort of fruitish water, but it's all so pale and lackluster on me. A swapper.
  4. AlaskaSnows


    I have NO idea why, but I get a bitter herbal and musky peanut butter. Weird, but true.
  5. AlaskaSnows


    I dunno, I do get the fruit, but it's kinda a wimpy watered down fruit. It has a nice sweet musky background though. I will try livening this up with some Fruit Moon and see what happens. Alone - too tame.
  6. AlaskaSnows


    I find this curiously cool, pale and remote for something called Rapture. For me this is a light, cool rose on a bed of soft musk. Very "cool night air" feeling. Maybe a bit too much musk for me.
  7. AlaskaSnows


    WOW the opium in this socks a punch! This is dark and smells of air... gorgeous smoky florals. GIANT success!!!!!!!
  8. AlaskaSnows


    The Gnostic goddess of Wisdom. A solemn, deeply profound draught of lavender, soft musks, star jasmine, black rose, delphinium, and gentle spice. Lavender, florals... soft and nuanced and complex. Lovely. A tad herbal because of the lavender. Has a real depth. A keeper!
  9. AlaskaSnows


    The vanilla and apricot in this are wonderful, and the jasmine adds a bit of depth and headiness, then the ginger comes and spikes up at you and wanders around being belligerent and pointy. It could mellow, this is so nice I am willing to let it age... hopefully it will.
  10. AlaskaSnows


    Citrus, water, light floral... light and pretty and feminine. A bit musky. Very nice, a keeper.
  11. AlaskaSnows

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    Another super men's scent! I am loving these Come and Sees. This is warm and spicy with vanilla and an alcohol note. GORGEOUS.
  12. AlaskaSnows


    Carnation, plum and musk, well blended so as to make one scent. It's a bright happy scent, sexy, playful, and feminine. I'd say it's mainly floral, with the plum as a topnote and the musk as a base. Very pretty and fun, but not enough to take my interest away from other scents.
  13. AlaskaSnows


    Definitely a warm, amberous, golden scent. There's a powder note in here, and a spicy note, and a whiff of floral. but something for me down deep is bitter and unpleasant. May be skin chemistry, maybe the myrtle. I don't know, but for me it doesn't work.
  14. AlaskaSnows


    Very interesting... intriguing, if you will. The cocoa and woods are definitely present, but there is also something a little sharp and tangy, maybe a quality in the wood? Anyway for me it's a tad too masculine, even without the tanginess.
  15. AlaskaSnows


    The grass and berries and flowers all mingle to give me a tart sharp scent not terribly unlike lemon rind. Not a favorite.