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  1. lostluckkitten


    She Who Blesses Brides White rose, apple blossom, spun sugar, mango, cucumber, freesia, coconut, and lavender. If you are a fan of the Tikis, odds are good you'll enjoy Nymphia. It started off very coconut-heavy (sweet, fruity drink coconut). Mango was instantly noticeable, as well. As it dries, the other notes start to poke out. The coconut and the mango are still prominent, but they relax into a creamy-sweet, less potent form. The rose isn't obvious, but serves as a base note, with the apple blossom peeking out every once in a while. The spun sugar gives it a general sort of sweetness, rather than CANDY. Overall, on me, this is like Katrina Von Tassel took a tropical vacation. Sweet without being candy-like, fruity and creamy florals.
  2. lostluckkitten

    Crib Girls

    I just got my bottle of this! I'm testing it today. This has a definite lemony note. Very sweet, slightly tart lemon. It's similar to the lemon in Phobos, which smells like lemon drops on me. It's layered over the honey notes, which are very wonderful if you can wear honey. There's something in it that tickles the nose - not spicy per se (at least not on me), but giving the blend a bit of a twist. The lemon starts off super potent, but burns off and chills out pretty quickly. A light, fun, summery kind of scent. Puts me in the mind of lemon-honey iced tea, but sweeter. I can almost detect the different types of honey based on the other blends I've smelled. I get similar honey notes to those found in the following blends: Litha '09, Mead Moon '08, Pumpkin I '09, The Gaoler's Daughter, Argrat-Bat-Mahlat. I can see this being a fader, but right now it's lovely.
  3. lostluckkitten

    Pumpkin I (2009)

    Wet on the skin, this starts with a cherry-like scent, which is probably actually the almond. That burns off quickly, and the honey comes out immediately, along with another note that's difficult to describe, which I'm taking as the brown musk. I'll give it a go: it's a sort of "fuzzy," warm note. It almost reminds me of a crust of bread, but not quite. Very pleasant, but difficult to pin down. After about an hour or so, that fades to the background and leaves honeyed pumpkin (buttery pumpkin, as seems to be the case with most BPAL pumpkin blends). Honey can be hit or miss on me, but this one stays a true, sweet golden honey. Quite possibly bottle-worthy for me; I'm loving this honey-pumpkin with no spice. Nose-to-wrist, the honey is super thick and sweet, but in the throw it's less potent and very yummy and comforting, and I get a little whiff of that "brown musk" every now and then.
  4. lostluckkitten

    Lovers in a Ricefield

    Starts with a fruity floral note; very juicy. As it dries, the vanilla and rice come out, along with a hint of spice, and the my skin turns it into a spiced rice pudding. Warm and comforting. It has a unique smell to it that I can't quite place. If I had to tell you what it most resembles to me, I would say rice or bread pudding, with raisins and a hint of spice. A favorite of this year's Shungas for me.
  5. lostluckkitten

    Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel

    This blend is very thick and syrupy (smelling and looking). The pepper kicks you right in the face at first application, but chills out on the drydown. This is a gourmet syrup on a gourmet dessert in a very fancy-pants restaurant. I can wear caramel scents without getting the dreaded burnt sugar, so this is wonderful on me, although it borders on too sweet. This is a standout, but you have to really like sweet, sticky, chocolatey caramel with a little complexity to it.
  6. lostluckkitten


    I'll save those waffling on this one the trouble and tell you to just go ahead and order a bottle Delightful blend. Very bubbly (in the bright, cheery way, not in the "this smells fizzy" way), fruity, and happy. The apple is the most prominent fruit, with the tropical fruits lending it a juicy backup. Those that were worried about the guava/passionfruit being overwhelming, on me they are not. They're supporting notes, not forerunners. The sugarcane isn't burnt or too sweet - in fact, I don't really detect sugar at all. I don't really get the carnation on my skin, but the sweet pea gives it a sweet floral touch. It dries down to a warm, sweet, fruity cream. Just lovely. No plastic or rancid fruit.
  7. lostluckkitten

    Wood Phoenix

    VERY pleasant. Woods are easily detectable without overtaking the blend, and the walnut is the next-easiest to find note. It's a soft, slightly sweet walnut. The clove peeks out, adding a very slight and very pleasant spiced quality. All of the green/herbal notes are soft and delicate, adding a freshness without screaming SMELL ME. This one may be my favorite Phoenix that I've tried. Maybe you need the right body chemistry for it, but it's VERY nice on me.
  8. lostluckkitten

    Earth Phoenix

    … dirt. Fresh potting dirt, but pretty much a dirt SN. Slightly fruity, but just a hint. Actually very likable, but... dirt.
  9. lostluckkitten

    Candy Phoenix

    As soon as I opened the bottle and put some on, my immediate first reaction was "WTF Lush Creamy Candy?" Seriously, almost dead on. Boyfriend says it smells like candy Play-Do, which I can see. It's not bad smelling, but it does have that plastic-smelly-toy quality to it. It's actually pretty pleasant in the throw, but up close, I get that toy smell. On the drydown, it's still totally Creamy Candy, but a little more crisp and apple/pear smelling. Seriously, lovers of Lush's Rock Star/Creamy Candy/Candy Fluff would most likely dig this. It's almost dead-on.
  10. lostluckkitten

    Fire Phoenix

    Sarsaparilla in bottle and on application; stays in the throw. Root-beerish with a bit of spice and "dirtiness," but not in a bad way. Slightly fruity, slightly floral without being OMGFLOWERS; almost citrussy. The pepper is easily detectable and makes it a gently sweet, spicy blend. Much more subtle than I'd imagined. It's weird, different from other blends I've smelled, but very nice. There's something there I can't place, very light and airy, which is probably the Chinese musk. This cools way down after it's been on a while, but the feel of it remains. A difficult to describe crisp, sweet musk, with spice and a little kick.
  11. lostluckkitten

    The Gaoler's Daughter

    This one is mainly gardenia on me, at least at first. It's very fresh; not at all fake or perfumey. I didn't end up getting any peach, but the neroli was the next strongest note I could pick out. It threw some orange into the mix without actually smelling like the fruit - more the feel of oranges, rather than orange-scented. The vanilla/honey/cream notes were difficult to pick out, but I thought they combined nicely to give a sweet creamy feel to the blend. Very nice. Coming from a floral hater, I thought it was very well done and would consider a bottle. I think gardenia may be one I can wear.
  12. lostluckkitten

    MVJBA: Summer Summoning Spectacular

    This is a very interesting one. I got it on whim, unsure if I'd like it or not. Turns out I do The syrup is strong at first, and it's very sticky-sweet, but blends with the rest fairly quickly. The grass is arid, yellow, and dry, but sweet. The incense reminds me of the same note used in Red Lantern to represent incense, actually. Smoky and rich. I didn't get any discernible coffee smell. This blend is a little earthy, a little sweet, and a little resiny. Very pleasant. I'm interested in seeing how it ages.
  13. lostluckkitten

    MVJBA: Pancake Breakfast

    Absolutely, 100% accurate description. This is actually reminicent of Eat Me on my skin; the currant/berries behave the same way, coming out obviously at first, and then backing down to hang in the background. The "cake" part of the pancakes is also similar in strength/tone to Eat Me's cakes, but this is a more bready breakfast scent, as opposed to a dessert scent. Drizzled in maple-y goodness with a hint of berry. To further reiterate the above reviews that this is dead-on pancakes, my boyfriend came up to me today, snorfled my neck, and then tried to bite me. When I asked why he was trying to eat me, he said, "Because you smell like pancakes." No lie.
  14. lostluckkitten

    Pumpkin V (2008)

    This one put me in mind of beachside hooka shops burning strawberry-floral incense. Yeah, I dunno
  15. lostluckkitten

    Katrina van Tassel

    White rose and honeyed cream. Haha, my dude also hates this. Thinks it smells like bug spray I am NOT a floral person, especially not rose, but I actually enjoyed Katrina for the most part. Not something I want a bottle of really, but she's nice. The rose is very lush and definitely WHITE rose. It smells the way fresh rose petals feel - soft and thick. The honey and cream are very yummy, but they do something on my skin that reminds me of a slightly floral sunscreen I used to wear when I was on swim team. Not bad at all, just a scent memory. She did go a little funky on me about 30 minutes in. However, this floral-hater did not hate Katrina, so there is that. Edit for description.