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  1. birdiefu

    Mother Ginger

    I wore this without looking at the notes, all I could remember was that it had ginger in it. On, this was very gingery! Like straight freshly-cut ginger root, not foody baked-goods ginger. As this dried, the ginger tamed down it's fresh sharpness, but still did not get foody. After a while I forgot I had applied it, and noticed the scent wafting up seemed almost like "regular" perfume, but a high class, nice one (I don't really like "regular" perfume). In a way, this reminds me of Chrysanthemum Moon, I think because of that almost perfumey quality it has, while still being grounded by one particular true-to-life note (with this, ginger not mums). Someone mentioned an incense-like quality, and I do very much agree. This scent for some reason makes me think of old lady perfume, but not typical roses or white musk old lady perfume. This was an old lady who was hawt and smokin in her youth, and wore this lounging in her boudoir, and is now wearing this perfume as a reminder of her younger days. I really like the grounded, smooth, gingery smokiness, but at the same time it just doesn't seem like it fits me well (old lady association is strong). I think this will be one of those scents that I love the smell of and wear it at home to huff myself, but just don't feel comfortable wearing out in public.
  2. birdiefu

    The Nutcracker

    Wet, this is very much frankincense. As it dries, it remains very resiny, but gets deeper and I am guessing this deeper, smokier resin scent is the galbanum. I don't get the figs at all. This is a dry, slightly smoky resin blend. Not too overpowering once it dries.
  3. birdiefu

    Großvater Tanz

    Bottle - Wow, this smells exactly like the "buttered popcorn" flavored jelly bellies. Not a good sign. On - Ok, yes I smell like that dreaded jelly belly, fake plasticy buttered popcorn. But wait...hold on a moment, something good is happening! The butter is changing to a spiced orange creamsicle, much better. It's now foody in a good way, but aside from the orange creaminess it's a bit dry and not overly sweet. Drydown - My mind changes a lot on what this smells like. Sometimes I think I smell like a fruitcake, other times the creamy orange is at the front again. And now that I read the reviews, I can totally see the fruit loops connection! Overall - Spicy, creamy, orange peel cake. Definitely foody, probably too much for the non-foodies out there (I used to be a non-foody over a year ago, I would have hated this then!). Another good seasonal scent, I would say it's closest relative is Huetos de Santo, though this one is spicier.
  4. birdiefu

    Bob Cratchit's Hearth

    I put this on Thanksgiving evening, which I think was quite appropriate. Bottle - Warmly sweet and fruity with some spices. On- Nice! It's almost apple-cidery, I get the spices in the cobbler and the fruit isn't too overwhelming. There is a light boozy-ness that just makes the whole scent nice and warm. My 3 year old thinks it smells like bubble gum, though, but her scent palate isn't particularly well-rounded yet. Drying - For those fearing "smoky" scents, this never gets very smoky or bonfire-like on me. On drydown is where just a hint of snuggling up around a fireplace comes in - it is perfect mixed with the touch of spicy-sweet booze that remains. Overall - Very good holiday scent, but I don't know if I would wear it much outside of the season. Warm, slightly spicy/boozy, and the fruit pie stays under control (no cherry at all, as I was fearing).
  5. birdiefu

    The Waltz of the Snowflakes

    In the bottle - Oh this smells nice! It's gentle, soft sweet vanilly-snow reminiscent of Snow White, but a touch sweeter and fluffier. On - Immediately on my skin, the soft puffy white sweet snow fluff goes harsher and the piney/woods scent comes right out. Piney in the way Illustrated Woman amped pine at me, which is to say it was like I was attacked by a Christmas Tree. Drying - After some time, the pine trees turn a little more menthol/minty then "Hi, I'm Pine!". I get the soft, marshmallowy vanilla in TKO. This combo of vanilla and menthol is actually very, very similar to TKO to me, but better as the lavender in TKO makes me think of fishsticks (yes, odd I know). Overall, it's a light, soft scent. The touch of sweet vanilla does hang around even though I was afraid it would disappear after the first pine rush. It's like a combo between Snow White and TKO to my nose. Pretty, but not exceedingly unique from other snow/cold scents. It would make a nice bedtime scent.
  6. birdiefu

    Pumpkin Latte

    Bottle: Sweet coffee shop, this is coffee! This is the first BPAL coffee that actually smells like real coffee to me, and not a fake syrupy scent that others think smells like coffee. I love the smell in the bottle! Wet: The coffee is still there, but thickly laced with spiced, sweet pumpkin. Not as sickly sweet as Jack - it is delicious without being overwhelming. Dry: This dries down to almost straight spices. Gone is the coffee and the pumpkin, but I get the cinnamon and nutmeg blended with just a touch of sugar. It's nice, but I wish the coffee and pumpkin stayed around longer. I will have to try this in a scent locket to see if the coffee can last, cause it is a wonderful coffee scent!
  7. birdiefu

    The Infernal Lover

    Definitely fresh red musk, it's almost civety. I don't smell any honey at all, alas. This is a great scent if you want to get as close to a red musk SN as possible. I bet it will be fabulous aged, but fresh it's a tad bit sharp. Very close to Smut, and as I have 4 bottles of various vintages of Smut that are barely used, I doubt I will get a second bottle of The Infernal Lover. However, I will not be giving this bottle away, it is still a keeper even though I have many red musk scents.
  8. birdiefu

    Belle Vinu

    I got Belle Vinu as a frimp. Today I was going through imps and sniffing a few a never put on before. Came across Belle Vinu and opened her up. *Sniff*...*sniff?*...*snnnniiiiif??*. I have discovered my first BPAL olfactory black hole. Belle Vinu smells like nothing to me. Well, perhaps a bit like "air", in that I sense some sort of presence of scent there, but it is so very vague and light as to almost not be there, and that I cannot say *what* that almost-scent smells like. I applied it to my skin, in the hopes that some chemistry would happen and a scent would appear. Nope. Or, maybe the barest hint of soap when I smoosh my nose to my arm and huff, or perhaps that is just the residue of whatever I showered with. I had to search reviews to see if this phenomenon occured frequently with this scent, and apparently it's just me. I am surprised to see the notes, as peach is one of my nemeses that smells like cat pee. Apparently this is the best behaved peach in the world, as I can't smell it.
  9. birdiefu


    The only possible deal-breaker here for me was the coconut, the rest of the notes are usually my loves. Wet - *sigh* Coconut is the main note, followed closely by very very perfumey white musk - not what I was expecting. It kinda smells like a commercial perfume geared towards younger girls, or maybe high-end sunscreen (better than the cheap overly-coconuty sunscreens, but still sunscreen..). Although it's kinda annoying, it doesn't bother me so much that I must wash it off, so wait to see if it will get better. Drying, this smooths out a little, but is still "perfumey". The coconut thankfully dissipates, and after 30 minutes or so I don't notice it anymore. It's not a particularly offensive scent, but nothing that really strikes my fancy. However, in late drydown (1.5 hours+), what is left on my skin is quite faint, but finally quite delicious! The musk is soft and not so piercing, and I finally get the other notes - very warm, smooth amber and a touch of the deep oakmoss. Sadly, I never got the tobacco flower, but I think it might have burned off with the high-pitched part of the white musk. I really like this phase, but I don't know if I would put this on very much if I have to go through the early/mid phases to get to this faint, yet pretty scent.
  10. birdiefu

    Giant Vulva

    This one doesn't really smell like the notes listed on me, but it is still spectacular! When I first put it on, it seemed like what Glowing Vulva *should* have smelled like on me (I get uber sweet fake vanilla, no wood or smooth cream)... plus oranges. First applied - It is woody in a delicate, asian way, making me think there is some bamboo or reedy wood in addition to a touch of smooth, polished teak or mahogony. And I really get a bite of fresh tangerines or mandarins - yummy! It is fresh but not sharp, and delicate even though the throw is crazy. As it dries - The orangy bits get creamier, almost like a creamsicle, but just shy of being foody. This is over that warm, woody base. It just gets richer and smoother, the notes blending more into an absolute swoon-worthy scent. Late into drydown, I get a touch of what seems to be vanilla flower + light musk. Very nice indeed, and the throw is still glorious even though the scent is not overpowering. In fact, I think I smell it more when I went outside and the breeze picked it up and swirled it around, than when I was in the house huffing myself. I am surprised that this is so different than I expected, but it is happily so! This scent to me is a combination of the best parts of The Antikythera Mechanism and The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus (both of which I love), rolled into one. Much better than Glowing Vulva ever was to me, I am in love with my Giant Vulva!
  11. birdiefu

    Lady Una

    According to the notes listed, this should be ultimate love for me, so I ordered a bottle unsniffed. When I first got my order and opened the bottle for a sniff, it was lovely! Smooth, creamy vanilla with sweet honey love, and it seemed to be balanced with some musk and spice. Then I put the bottle away in my BPAL walk-in closet to try later. Days later, I look for a new BPAL to sample and I greedily open Lady Una and slap her on, knowing that I should really like this one. Then as the scent wafts from my hands, I suddenly think, "Peach!? This can't have peach in it - I would never order a peach scent!". Because I know peach to be my nemesis, the cat pee impersonator. So, I jump on here to read reviews and see that many others have that same cat-pee reaction. Alas, I do not smell blackberries, honey, vanilla, or anything else listed. I smell the sticky cloyingly sweet peach with sharp and sour edges, that for some odd reason smells just like cat pee to me. Brings me back to my first realization that peaches=cat pee years ago. I was working in a vet clinic and chatting with the vet in his office. I swore I smelled cat pee and wondered if a cat had snuck in from a room or treatment area and left a pee-pee spot. I began to sniff around the room and the scent seemed to be near the vet's desk. As he humorously watched me seek out this "pee", he picked up from his desk and took a swig out of his 1.5L bottle of peach tea. Then I realized that he was drinking the cause of the offending odor. This is what Lady Una smells like on me, and it makes me very sad. I think what scares me the most out of Lady Una is that if she does not contain a hidden peach note, then there is something else that turns into cat pee on me (despite no other non-peach BPAL doing so), and I have to watch what I order! Since I like the in-the-bottle scent, perhaps I will try Lady Una in a scent locket later.
  12. birdiefu

    Milk and Cream Notes

    I got a lot of milk/cream out of Ichabod Crane. Very close to the milk in Milk Moon to my nose.
  13. birdiefu


    I am not really a floral person, but was drawn to try this by the listed notes of musk and snow (without pine!). First on, well there is a bit of pine. But it isn't overwhelmingly piney, just a touch. I also get just a bit of ozone, but I usually hate ozone and this is not bad at all. It does have a light, fresh, cold scent, making me think of the outdoors on a frosty day. Very feminine. As it dries, wow it gets a lot better! I get something sweet that is sorta foody-ish, making me think of a graham cracker crust. I honestly can't pick the florals out that much, but there is a spiciness that makes me think of some other spicy floral blends. The bit of foody/spicy gives this blend a unique kick to it and it is much more gorgeous than I had expected. There still is a bit of the light cold outdoor scent, and reminds me of Jolasviener (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) a little. Far out into drydown, the musk finally appears faintly. Very soft and delicate musk, not wild at all to my nose, and it combines with the remaining foody vibe to give a faint vanilla musk scent to my skin. The throw is very nice, and this was a hit with my 4-year-old (he wanted to wear it too). My hubby also said it smelled "not bad", which from him is a high compliment as he thinks most BPAL smells like a grandmother.
  14. birdiefu


    In the imp, this smells like unsweetened coca powder. Wet, this turns really weird... it smells truly like dusty old people, I'm visiting an old people's home here. As it dries, the old people fade a bit, but it is still very dry. A faint and oddly familiar woody scent emerges, with a touch of dry amber. Further into drydown, the coca shows up again to make a warm, cocoay-amber scent (never thought it would smell like this at the start!). This has good staying power, but is just very weird of a blend. Once the cocoa re-emerges, it is a pretty flat scent without much depth. I was hoping for a lot but not expecting much, as BPAL chocolate always does silly things on my skin. One of these days I will find the One True Chocolate.
  15. birdiefu

    The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

    Wow, this is an interesting scent. Not exactly what I expected, but still pretty nice. Wet, I get the orange, and a very mild earthy scent. It's like the smoothest, nicest vetiver imaginable. As it dries, I get a yummy polished wood scent from it, and the orange fades. Now, pine is usually intense and Christmas-tree like on me, but honestly I don't smell pine here. It is more like a sophisticated wood like teak or mahogany, and is very much like Antikythera Mechanism on me when dry. There is a very subtle sweet note with a twinge of something so familiar (but I just can't quite place it, and I don't think it's the honey) drifting around a high-class warm wood scent. Very well-blended scent. Though I am pretty familiar with most of the notes listed, I just can't single a lot of them out. Nice, and should age wonderfully.