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    Santa Eularia Des Riu
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  1. DamnSatyr


    Sweet and candyish, a bit fruity... definitely love this one. =)
  2. DamnSatyr

    Blue Fire

    The boozy sweetness of this scent makes me so happy. I love the lightness of the lemongrass, too - it really lifts the sweet fruits to a whole new level.
  3. DamnSatyr


    This one was quite nice at first, but then went to a very powdery and soapy floral on me.
  4. DamnSatyr


    The lemongrass in this is the strongest note for me. It's very light and airy, and the undertones of cedar really help build it up into something relaxing. It reminds me of a nice spicy cup of lemony tea, very fragrant and a little swirling. ADDED Jan. 18: I always make it a point to try and grab things with lemongrass in them, because it usually makes things really pop on my skin. This scent is no exception to that rule! It's light and relaxing, and I can really get how so many speak about using it for meditation and yoga.
  5. DamnSatyr

    Serpents with Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues

    The first time I had dabbed a little of this on, it had a nice scent to it so I put it in my 'give it a longer try' pile. Now, sitting here and really experiencing it though... I can't figure out why I liked it. The herbs seem to mix together and become quite overpowering. Almost soapy - it smells JUST like Irish Spring soap on me. I'm not getting any of the citrus notes at all, which is a huge shame.
  6. DamnSatyr

    </3 (Scents I've disliked)

    ~ Wishlist ~★~ Love & Hate ~★~ Swaps ~ ~★~ ScentBase ~★~ For whatever reason, many of the scents I try don't work out for me. Here's the list of things I've tried, that just haven't come through for me. General Catalogue Ars Amatoria Hetairae - ★★★★★ Boomslang - ★★★★★ L'ecole Des Filles - ★★★★★ Salome - ★★★★★ Ars Draconis Dragon's Blood - ★★★★★ Bewitching Brews Intrigue - ★★★★★ Jolly Roger - ★★★★★ Penny Dreadful - ★★★★★ Diabolus Incubus - ★★★★★ Excolo Baron Samedi - ★★★★★ Olokun - ★★★★★ Illyria Hermia - ★★★★★ Marchen The Little Sparrow - ★★★★★ Rappaccini's Garden Bohun Upas - ★★★★★ Steamworks Violet Ray - ★★★★★ The Conjure Bag French Love - ★★★★★ Wanderlust Glasgow - ★★★★★ Hollywood Babylon] - ★★★★★ Kyoto - ★★★★★ Limited Edition / Discontinued Carnival Diabolique Arachnina The Spider Girl 13 (October 2006) - ★★★★★ Lupercalia White Chocolate and Strawberry - ★★★★★ Metamorphosis Rosy Maple - ★★★★★ The Bards of Ireland Eanach Dhuin - ★★★★★ Yule Diwali - ★★★★★ The Cracked Bell - ★★★★★ The Winter of Our Discontent - ★★★★★
  7. DamnSatyr

    French Love

    In the bottle: Definately Dragon's Blood. Whew, that smells nice! Wet: Almost... floral. Dry: The dragonsblood has faded into whatever the undernotes of this scent is. All I can get out of it is floral. It's nice, but perhaps just not quite for me.
  8. DamnSatyr


    In the bottle: Sticky sweet, almost like medicine. Cherry, cherry, cherry! Wet: Nice and sweet, like Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers. Cherry, with maybe a hint of Watermelon. Dry: Sweet and delicious cherries, with a decent throw that doesn't seem to get eaten up too quickly. Several hours later, it's still semi-strong, and still just as delicious.
  9. DamnSatyr

    The Cracked Bell

    In the bottle: Metallic, and heavy incense. Wet: The incense overpowers everything else. Dry: My skin is doing nothing but amping the incense in this. I can't get any other notes to come out of it at all. Thick, overpowering incense.
  10. DamnSatyr

    Santa Eularia Des Riu

    In the bottle: Citrus~ Wet: A delicious blend of citrus and jasmine, light and floral. A nice throw, as well. Dry: The throw stays strong with this, and it's light and not overwhelming. Hours later, the jasmine and citrus balance nicely with a nice undertone of mixed herbs. This scent makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. =)
  11. DamnSatyr


    In the bottle: All I can smell is the neroli. Wet: Very strong, both of the neroli and the orange. Not quite overpowering, but still quite a nice throw. Dry: The throw on this has calmed way down, and I think my skin is just sucking it all up. I can barely smell it unless I shove my nose right into where I put it on. Really quite a shame, because it's a very nice scent. I just wish it was stronger / lasted longer on me.
  12. DamnSatyr

    Eanach Dhuin

    In the bottle: Definitely watery. When I read the reviews about perfumes smelling that way, I didn't really understand what they meant but after smelling this one... wow, now I absolutely know what that means. Wet: The notes in this are sort of blending together. I do agree with what someone else said, I get the same sort of scent of Ivory soap. Not that it smells soapy, because that's not it. Just the same scents. Dry: Still getting the Ivory scents. Not really much else has changed from the drydown.
  13. DamnSatyr

    Penny Dreadful

    In the Bottle: Dirt! Wet: Just after application, I definitely smell like I've been digging in the yard! Dry: The dirty smell finally calms down, and the perfume rises up. It's not a very specific sort, just floral. The dirt is still there, though. I don't find the notes complementary at all.
  14. DamnSatyr

    Mr. Croup

    In the bottle: Dark, so very dark! Wet: The black musk is so strong. Really, almost more than I can handle. I nearly ran to wash this off but I decided to just wait it out. Slowly, so slowly it dried down into a much more ambient sort of scent and finally the geranium comes out. Dry: Amazing, really. Closing my eyes and sniffing this, it brings to mind pictures of a strong, dark guy possibly in need of a shave. Leather coats and dusty boots. Very sexy and even almost cloying. I'm glad I let this dry down because it's quickly risen to be a top favorite on my list!
  15. DamnSatyr

    Non-BPAL Noms. =)

    Love Potions Perfume: Come To Me Moxie Nouveau Bee Charmer Mazzolari Carolina Possets Betsy Perpetual Motion Machine Inez Nocturne Alchemy: Liked: Osi'Azam Purple Nile - - ★★★★★ Queen Amber 7.2 - ★★★★★ Disliked: Om Na: Balance - ★★★★★