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  1. Korrok

    Sugar Cookie

    Just received my 2011 bottle and...oh dear. I was a big fan of the 2005 and 2008 Sugar Cookies. I loved them to bits. This just doesn't smell nearly the same on me. It's like it's lacking all the sweetness and fresh-baked smell that attracted me to this scent. In the bottle, it's mixed spice. Fresh on skin, spice, a little hint of cookie. Drying on skin, the nutmeg amps up and takes prime position. I like nutmeg and all, but this is NUTMEG NUTMEG NUTMEG. Dry on skin, nutmeg cookie. No real sweetness, just spice. I really really hope this improves a bit with age, or else this one is a pure heartbreaker! EDIT: I've come to revise my assessment of this scent after wearing it a bit. It's still not what I wanted/expected from Sugar Cookie but the scent is 100% similar to kruidnoten or speculaas (Dutch people will know what this is). It is the exact same smell as those. Not exactly sugar cookies - but if you're a big fan of Sinterklaas, maybe this is for you!
  2. Korrok

    The Sea Foams Blood

    I don't know exactly what's in this, but within 1 minute of putting a tiny, tiny dab on the back of my hand, the spot had gone deep red and was hurting. Even washing it off hasn't stopped it nipping. Yikes. There's something in this I'm quite allergic to! It does smell EXTREMELY strongly for something I used such a tiny amount of. Eyewateringly so, even after washing. Unfortunately the smell is of really cheap soap or dish soap. It also has a slightly salty note with the soap. Not pleasant at all.
  3. Korrok

    What's the best coconut blend?

    My favourite coconut I've tried so far is Obatala. I plan to give Eden a go as well. Tiki Princess just turned to this weird, extremely artifician kinda-coconut soap smell on me. :/
  4. Korrok


    Have to second Windward Passage. That is VERY aquatic.
  5. Korrok

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    That's the one! Thankyou!
  6. Korrok

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Heya! I own 2 bottles of Pink Phoenix and I just saw a third for sale. However they posted a picture of the bottle and the label looks nothing at all like the ones I own. Is that normal? I'm kinda confused as to whether it's been re-decanted or whatever, since my old bottles are also the cobalt ones and this one is amber.
  7. Korrok

    The Ultimate Raspberry!

    i have that on my wishlist, but wasn't sure if it'd be too boozy with it - did you find it that way?
  8. Korrok

    The Ultimate Raspberry!

    Heya all! I'm looking for BPAL's most awesome raspberry scented perfume. It's one of my favourite smells, and so difficult to find! So far I tried Akuma - which is okay, but more orangey on me with just a hint of raspberry. I'm after something with powerful raspberry! Any recommendations?
  9. Korrok


    I'm not sure what it is about this smell, but I can't really place what's in it. It smells floral, more green and sappy when wet, with a chocolate-ish note coming out later. But the rest of it...I can't get it at all, except for the fact it gives me a massive headache. Not a keeper, which is a shame as it came highly recommended.
  10. Korrok


    In the imp, this smells bubbly and boozy. Can hardly detect the pomegranate for the boozy smell, but I'm pretty sensitive to the taste and smell of alcohol (I dislike both) so that's possibly why. On my skin, it hits it and goes CLEANING FLUID. Just some harsh industrial cleaning fluid. Strong and very very offputting. It stays that way, then a slight hint of pomegranate comes through so it turns into KITCHENMATE STRONG OVEN CLEANER NOW WITH POMEGRANATE...or something. Immediately went to the swap box!
  11. I've not tried it, no - the musk put me off of it, as most musks tend to overpower everything else as soon as they come in contact with my skin. Is the scent at all similar, or just the staying power?
  12. Can anyone recommend something similar to Pink Phoenix? I'm giving up hope on finding more of it, and it's my absolute favourite. The other scents I've tried that were compared to it were so far nothing alike. The greatest thing about Pink Phoenix for me is that it has tremendous staying power (my skin tends to eat 9/10 perfumes really really REALLY fast) and great throw, as well as smelling wonderful. Is there anyone who can help on this one?
  13. Korrok


    From the imp: Not very pleasant. I think I smell mostly neroli and I smell nothing sweet or berry about it. On the skin wet: Starts off very floral and goes for strong orange/neroli mix. Not keen on it at that point at all. On the skin dry: Dries into just orange. Very pleasant orange, but I'm getting disappointed because there's no raspberry still. Smells just like Lush's now discontinued Sunny Citrus soap, which I really liked, but still wanting my berries here. After giving up on it at that, about 30 minutes passes, and there it comes! Raspberry and orange (Sunny Citrus) in perfect balance. Awesome! Unfortunately though, my skin eats up the BPAL berry fragrances really fast. So it's not strong at all. I need to have my wrist right under my nose to smell it and it starts to fade fast. But still nice while it lasts.
  14. Korrok

    Dragon's Milk

    In the vial: Smells mostly like incense, but also some sweetness. Wet: Strong dragon's blood/incense smell, a tiny hint of sweetness. Dry: Just incense. Fades off quickly. Disappointing as I was looking forward to this one. My mother really liked it though so she has it now!
  15. Korrok

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Also kinda curious to see if anyone has a recommendation. I'm a 25 year old female, tall and a tad overweight with dark brown/black hair and very pale skin, coming originally from Scotland. I moved to the Netherlands to be with my love, even though I don't really like it here. I tend to dress in black jeans/Tripp pants, and t-shirts, but I also love cybergothic style, masks, goggles, hair falls etc. I love rock music and industrial music. I am an artist/illustrator, mainly focusing on animals. I love animals dearly, they bring me a lot of joy, and I especially like canines (coyotes are a favourite) and hyenas, though most others too! My personality is a little difficult. I suffer from clinical depression and borderline personality disorder, along with some social anxiety, which has rendered me unable to have a real job. I have a very very poor self-image and very low confidence. I am however proud, independent, a bit stubborn, sensitive, shy, loyal and very loving. I don't have a bubbly personality in the least, more cynical, dark and surreal. I am very quiet around strangers, quiet in general, but can be really quite talkative with friends or people I feel comfortable with. I have a bit of a lazy streak and love home comforts and cuddles. I am told I have a very strong and attractive personality, can be very funny, and take well to leadership roles. I am smart, but no longer academic due to my mental health interfering with my schooling (I was once a top student) and creating a lot of difficulties in concentration. I prefer the company of males in general to other females, and am a strange combination of feminine and unfeminine. I am vain and like makeup, perfume, clothes, but at the same time, I don't really know how to do it "right", and am not very girly. I do however love the colour pink and typically "pink" girly fragrances. It confuses me too. I love sweets both in perfume and in food! So yeah...have at it. O_o I think this might be a tough one!