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  1. Dracen


    In the bottle: smokey floral As a room scent: I put some in my oil lamp, turned it up, then went to start some laundry. When I got back it was HOLY CRAP GOTH CLUB. I turned down the oil lamp and the scent toned down quickly. Very incensey and seemed like a mix of eccentric perfume and leather and smoke, so very goth-clubbish. I like it. When Mr. Dragon got home that night he walked into the bedroom and immediately stopped and asked, "What smells like awesome in here?" Wet on skin: smokey floral. Mr. Dragon came up behind me as soon as I put it on, put his arms around me and breathed in deeply. Dry: smoke and leather with only a tiny hint of the floral. My mom took a whiff and said it was familiar but different. I told her who it was named after and she said, "I can see that." As the day went on it came down to a light, smokey vanilla, like vanilla incense. I like it but don't think I'll wear it alone. It reminds me of a slightly more feminine Rogue (which also needs to be layered). As a room scent though it's very nice as long as I keep my lamp on low.
  2. Dracen

    Touched Twice

    In the bottled it smelled to me like roses and coconut. On me the rose didn't grow but stayed the same as the vanilla grew. I do tend to amp vanilla. Now that it's completely dried down it smells like a dusty vanilla. Not a powdery vanilla but a dusty one. It's really nice. My partner compared the dusty-ness to old, loving worn library books. It might be the vanilla musk doing something weird but nice on my skin. I bought it even though I doubted it'd be for me because I'm a big time TLU fan but I feel very nicely surprised. My skin took to this in a great way.
  3. Dracen


    Hmm.... The scent, both in the bottle and on me, reminds me of that song. For that reason I find it great that pepper is a note. It also makes me think of my middle school days in the nineties, probably because I heard the song a lot then and because the scent alone reminds me of the sugary candy scents that were popular among my peers. That's a good thing. At first I wasn't sure if the scent worked with the description, it seemed too soft and sweet. Then when I asked my husband about it he pointed out that wrath doesn't have to be brash, that it can be acted in a subtle, quiet manner while still be devastating. Like spreading softly spoken lies. I love it. My husband is not fond of cinnamon so I most likely won't wear it often enough for a big bottle, but will definitely buy a replacement for my imp when I use it up.
  4. Dracen

    Weeping Branches Moon

    When I first sniffed the bottle I got strawberries and flowers. It gave me the mental image of a bowl of bright, pretty strawberries on a well-set table, next to a vase of fresh flowers. When I put it on the fruitiness soaked right into my skin within minutes and I was left with flowers. It was really nice. Very pretty and while it's not really me I still really love it. ETA: While I don't wear it, it has made a beautiful room scent.
  5. Dracen

    The Lilac Wood

    Flowering trees. Pretty flowers, spring grass, and tree bark. It's not perfume-y at all, really, reminds me of the scent of school campus when the flowering trees are in full bloom, as if Beth managed to pull that scent out of the air and bottle it. It's absolutely wonderful.
  6. Dracen


    I got this as a frimp and had to have a bottle. Peaches and spring flowers. Doesn't really smell like a garden and orchard though. The visual I get is of a wild peach tree with wild flowers growing around it. My skin seems to love it as is, the scent doesn't change at all when I wear it. It's really, really nice, almost a comforting scent and may be one of my top five favorites.
  7. Dracen

    Black Cat

    This was a frimp in a previous order and I have to say I love it. The scent is herbal and heavily rosy, and on me reminds me a lot of the soap I use, clean and rosy. It does smell like it has amber yet it never goes powdery on me like most blends with amber do, so I don't know. I'm not really getting the mint others are smelling but mint is not one I tend to amp. It might be a placebo effect but I do find I feel happier, enjoy things more, and have greater confidence when I wear it. It's become one of my favorite scents to wear when I need to attend a social event or on days I'm struggling with a troublesome writing assignment or feeling overall down. I'm definitely getting a bottle with my next order.