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    Lampades Follow me Boy Haunted (took me a while) Persephone The Temptation Favorite Notes: Honey, Jasmine, Ginger, Rose, Magnolia, Almond, Lush Fruits cranberries,frankincense,vanilla, tonkabean,benzoin, violet,frangipani, tiare, Any kind of blossom,tuberrose Dislikes: Leather,Citvet, Aquatic notes,Citrus( as in single note)

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    metal music,concerts
    nailpolishes (essie,opi) , and last but not least..PERFUME!!
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    ^_^ happy


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  1. ravenzwart


    well i love this! longlasting and very suitable for summer/spring ;-) its not even bees attractingly sweet, beautifull
  2. ravenzwart


    perfect! it reminds me of spring, very floral and suprisinlgy lasting! i need this too :-p *sigh* whyy did they send me that one :twisted:now i want more!
  3. ravenzwart

    Blood Rose

    hmm i know i would love this and yes i did! its AMAZING! even lasts quite long! omg i need to hoard this one! this is looove
  4. ravenzwart

    Eat Me

    disgusting! its too foody, just makes me crave for some cake
  5. ravenzwart

    The Temptation

    mm yes this is perfect for summer,very floral an sweet just the way i like it this goes straight on my wishlist
  6. ravenzwart

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Im looking for a nice bpal oil that is similair to Nina Ricci's Amour d Amandier notes are: mandarin and lemon at the top notes, sweet peach, kiwi. marzipan and heliotrope. sandalwood, vanilla and white musk thoughts anyone?
  7. ravenzwart


    glad i could help:D
  8. ravenzwart

    Where is this scent?

    thanks a bunch:D
  9. ravenzwart

    Where is this scent?

    Hi! im really looking for SMUT 2010! where can i find a review from it? im intrested in purchasing this:reviews:
  10. ravenzwart


    cthuluhu and shattered are quite aquactic on me
  11. ravenzwart

    Dragon's Reverie

    at first it's a little like wings of azrael but it gets a little soapy right now i have 5 scents on me so i need to try some on tomorrow
  12. ravenzwart


    meh..its an aquactic so it's not gonna be something that i'll ever enjoy to wear.. wet it's like a strong soapy dishwater! thats always what i get from aquatics, guess that olfactory group isn't for me maybe mummy will enjoy it
  13. ravenzwart

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    haha swob smells a little like follow me boy'ish! only with some cinnamon added defenitly kinda weird when applyin it wet, but drying stage is interesting since the notes of both oils aren't listed i can't see if they are the same :-( so it feels like i have bought a cinnamon dupe of FMB
  14. ravenzwart

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    im applying it on my neck (without reducer cap wich i need to have) just wondering, on what way you can apply the oil in your hair? just put some on your fingers and comb your hands trough the hair?
  15. ravenzwart

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    does anybody knows Juicy Couture's Couture? can somebody tell me what BPAL comes close? this one: http://www.bayareabags.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/couture-couture-juicy-couture-eau-de-parfum.jpg