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  1. mrstkeller

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    I had never used CCNow. . and was a little taken back with being charged tax on my order, since I never have through paypal. So is that right? Or should I contact the lab?
  2. mrstkeller

    Glowing Vulva Bath Oil

    I was so hopeful for GV , but sadly this is a little too Johnson's and Johnson's baby wash or something that brings flashbacks from the infant stage of my son's life. I don't think my nose is refined enough to distinguish this from what I have already in my mind associated it with. I smell no wood. . . no cream. . .
  3. mrstkeller

    Harigata II

    This would be my HG coconut scent if it weren't for that pesky anise note. That said, once the anise burns off. . it's a lovely creamy sweet coconut that I adore. Sadly, it only last long enough to become that on my chest. But man. . it's amazing there. . . for a loooong time!
  4. mrstkeller


    I love Golletes! Know why? Because it stays true to Cherry Jelly Doughnut from start to finish the next day. This is one of the bakery BPAL's that doesn't go powdery/dusty on me after an hour. Golletes = Love. . and I will certainly be picking up an extra bottle or two before the update goes down.
  5. mrstkeller


    I put this on one arm and a well aged AL on the other. They smelled VERY similar. . . the difference was XCDL13 was WAY stronger and had better staying power. Maybe a smidge more vanilla. . . but on my skin, they are super close.
  6. mrstkeller

    Huesos De Santo

    I love this blend at first. . .yummy soft orange cake. Perfect for the foodie in me. Then anise joins the party. . . kinda sharp on my skin. . and most unwelcome as I was just starting to really love the creamy orange cake. I do love it enough to keep the bottle at this point and enough to order a partial decant of the current '10 blend in hopes it is less anise. . more cake! We'll see. If I could get my grubby mitts on some PX117. . I think I'd ditch this bottle and live in foodie bliss.
  7. mrstkeller

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Sugar Cookie '08 was a no-go. Way to maple-y for me. I like foodie. . but not maple. Storytime at DD was. . hmm. . . interesting? I could detect my beloved CT as the lemon cookie note, but unfortunately most of the other notes hung out for the party. I'll keep the imp, but it's not a bottle worthy scent. I continue on. . . the search for more perfect foodie blends!
  8. mrstkeller

    What's the best coconut blend?

    That's exactly what I got as well. It was almost a pure SN coconut. Orly. . . hmmmm. . . added to my 'list' coconut SN would = pure win as long as those other notes don't meddle. LOL!
  9. mrstkeller

    What's the best coconut blend?

    Yikes! If Black Pearl is in danger. . I guess I should take my back up bottle off the sale list. I love Black Pearl. . but don't wear it that much. Obalata is a good coconut choice! I have yet to find the perfect coconut bpal. .but I will never give up. I LOVE me some coconut.
  10. mrstkeller

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Might just be me, but I got buttery cookie dough from Al-Azif. Putting that on the 'imp to look for' list. . . .Thanks! You might want to try Story Time at Dark Delicacies. I get the most wonderful lemon-y sugar cookies smell from it, along with the scent of old books in a library. It's not purely foodie, but it's one of my favorites. Yeah. . my absolute favorite bpal CT: Tilt was described as Story Time but with way more Lemon cookie/pound cake. . so this is on my "wish list" now!
  11. mrstkeller

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Bumping this thread out of the depths. . . Here are the foodie blends I have and love: Midway, Cake Smash, Love's Philosophy (not really that foodie IMO), Velvet Unicorn (more candy), Chimera Foodie blends I've tried and think. . 'meh': MB's, Spooky, PO13, PX117, Drink Me, Dana O'Shee, Gingerbread Poppet. . that's some of them. I'm looking for a blend that is similar or as close to lemon cookies or lemon pound cake? I'm not fond of the tea note in Dorian. . I want something more bakery. Any suggestions? Any proto's or LE's are fine. I also love coconut. . Also. . what is the 'best' Sugar Cookie year? I'm looking for one that isn't too heavy on the spice. . more buttery cookie. Thanks!
  12. mrstkeller

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    Just received #535 today from LJ sale and it is YUMMY!! On my skin it smells like Antique Lace and Love's Philosophy had a most advantageous love child. It is creamy and I lightly pick up that saffron note from LP, but has a soft clean linen feel to it as well. Overall. . . just a delicious non-foody creamy scent. My husband actually really likes it (which is kinda rare), definitely a keeper.
  13. mrstkeller


    It's funny that this is becoming my most favorite of the Butterfly/Moth series. I thought for sure Paper Kite would take the lead, but I am drawn to this imp everyday. I think it will be amazing for layering with other scents. What I get from it is mostly the same sweet component in Faith. I don't get a lot of spice from it on my skin. Eventually it does fade into a warmer vanilla. I dunno. . I kinda suck at describing this one, but I certainly am in for a bottle of it, if not 2.
  14. mrstkeller

    Paper Kite

    Out of all the Butterflies and Moths this was the one I was most excited about (I ADORE coconut!!). And I have to say that it has lived up to my expectation. In the wet stage, it's not my favorite. I smell what I think is the pepper and angelica first. . with the coconut in the background. But once it dries. . the coconut is YEAH BABY! with the angelica fading off and the pepper ever so slightly in the background rounding out the coconut. It's creamy. . sweet (but not overly so) and DELICIOUS! It last pretty well. . does go a little suntan-y, but I actually really dig it. Now all I have to decide. . 2 bottles or 3? Major WIN!
  15. mrstkeller


    (I'm still new to reviewing bpal . . . ) Right off the bat my first thought as "Ohh. . maybe this will be a replacement for Pumpkin Queen!", (since I can't get my hands on a bottle of Pumpkin Queen, and can get this). But once I compared the two, I realized it will not be as good. This tends to go more foody on me then PQ. I think the orange note in PQ is sharper and makes it less like wearing a baked good and more like wearing a perfume. I will say that it is yummy though. It blends into my skin faster than PQ, but I still will probably pick up a bottle.