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  1. zagadka

    Mr. Prenderghast

    Pickled jalapenos. Then cherry cough syrup. Haven't gone beyond that stage yet, I am too afraid of what will happen. Updates when I manage to take that plunge. Monday hit it on the head with drunk hobo wrapped in wool :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. zagadka

    Hippie Ghost

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG This is THE SCENT I have been searching for my entire life! Must hoard, must hoard! In the imp, it smelled of very light, herbal patchouli. Not dirty patchouli, but light and dusty. Almost like having a linen bag filled with fresh herbs and resins. On, it didn't change much. It became a bit more floral and then out of no where....BAM. Amber, resin, incense! Its like the romanticized version of what a hippie smells like, or walking into a really fabulous head shop filled with the best quality incense and candles. So. Freaking. Amazing. Oh, and it LAAAAAASTS. I applied one small swipe across my wrist this morning and now at the end of the day it still smells amazing- fabulous throw.
  3. zagadka

    The Atrocious Attic

    Florals usually give me an instant migraine, so much so that I can't even test them because it will just send me into a world of pain. This, however, wow. Its creamy, light, and smells exactly like the description. I can see all of the crumbling flowers sitting atop dust caked lace. Absolutely gorgeous and haunting at the same time.
  4. zagadka

    The Apparition

    Smells like my husband's deodorant, which isn't a bad thing. Its very crisp and fresh, lots of green and aquatic notes. But, it smells very commercial, like they could sell tons of this at Sephora. As much as I genuinely love scents that are more masculine, this one is too much so and will be given to the hubs.
  5. zagadka

    The Perilous Parlor

    Smells a lot like an Atomic Luau scent, the one that was all banana. Its very sticky and tropical, I do not get any pear from this, nor do I get much vanilla. Much too syrupy for my liking, but if you like fruity or foody scents, particularly of the sweet variety you will probably love this!!
  6. zagadka

    Mysterious Warning

    Thank you, TwilightEyes for sending this to me!! :wub2: I had no notes to look at before applying, which is always a fun experiment. At first, it was VERY sharp- almost like a cheap men's body spray and white floral. Something about it reminded me of Lurid, which is my absolute favorite BPAL scent ever. But, boy did it morph quickly and often! The next stage was a very strong floral, which I am guessing must be the jasmine in the tea. The dry down became very warm and cozy, with a little hint of woodiness from the lavender. I keep getting whiffs of myself and feel intoxicated While similar to Lurid, I'd say that this is slightly warmer on the dry down but still has those slight aquatic/ ozone/ lavender notes to keep it grounded. YUM.
  7. zagadka

    Queen Alice

    Smells like horn of plenty, which to me smells like sharp, spicy resin mingling with apple cider. Definitely a no-go for me.
  8. zagadka

    Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Tiare Hair Gloss

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG So freaking fracking amazing! Not only does it smell duh-vine, all sweetly, toasty coconut goodness, but the formula seems to be different? Less thick, actually sprays rather than squirts. It smells SO good. It is sweet and at times reminds me of sunblock, but in the best way that reminds you of summer fun and long days at the beach playing. Normally, I cannot stand tiare, but thought I would take a chance. It actually helps lighten this scent up a bit and keeps it from going completely foody. So taking this to Maui next month for my wedding. Glad its a GC scent so I can relive all of these delish scent memories.
  9. zagadka

    Candlelight Atmosphere Spray

    Beeswax candles burning softly in a shadowed room, touched with a wisp of smoky foreboding. Oh. Dear. Sweet. Baby. Jebus. WOWZA. It reminds me of a light Glowing Vulva with hints of blond wood, vanilla, and a hint of beeswax and white floral. I love the lab's beewax note, but this is less beeswaxy than anticipated, which works for this. Hoard worthy. Totally disrobing and running through the mist naked type of hoarding.
  10. zagadka


    Cccccold. Like everyone else has said, first whiff in the imp and on is just overwhelmingly minty. Its like mouthwash, it stings your nose and throat. Guess it lives up to its name right off the bat. I don't get much lavender in this, which is disappointing because that is one of my favorite scents (and the only floral I can wear). After a very brief dry down, it becomes a little more earthy. I smell dry sticks and mud in the background behind the light mintiness that is hanging around. No lavender to be found. Very interesting scent, not something that I would wear, but definitely will keep in my box for novelty's sake.
  11. zagadka

    Strawberry Moon 2012

    I thought this one was going to be too sugary and foodie, but its surprisingly light and kind of effervescent. It reminds me of drinking that really terrible strawberry pop (sorry, I'm mid-western) on a picnic blanket running around with sparklers, getting itchy feet from running around barefoot in the grass. Its playful. Its sugary, but doesn't give me a migraine like most. I don't get anything other than sugared strawberries. No vanilla. No creamy notes. No green. Just berries. Probably not something hoard-worthy for me as it doesn't have enough depth, but its a great scent for summer nights.
  12. zagadka

    L’Eau de L’Ardeur Bath Oil

    All I get from this is chocolate covered raspberries. Actually, raspberry flavored chocolate would be a more accurate description. It smells like the taste of these terrible Mrs. Fields "chocolates" I was given; the chocolate was waxy and sugary and the raspberry was artificial tasting. This one just didn't play nice with me, unfortunately.
  13. zagadka

    L’Eau du Chagrin Bath Oil

    I love lavender, so I was really excited for this, especially since the perfume was too white-floral for me. In the bottle and wet it is all herbal lavender bliss. But, it quickly morphs into a huge white rose. Cold, soft, bright. All rose. If you can't get enough rose, you're definitely going to love this. It just didn't work for me, unfortunately.
  14. zagadka

    L’Essence du Chagrin

    I left my options to the goblins, and based on my sad story about my bunnyboy who recently passed, they thought this was appropriate. And I didn't mind, I LOVE lavender, so I was pumped to get this one!! In the bottle, its heavy, cologney lavender. Wet, its all lavender. Then, it morphs into a stinging, white floral which sends me to the hills. White florals just never work for me. It felt a bit soapy, light, clean and fresh like spring, so if you like those kind of fragrances, this shouldn't disappoint.
  15. zagadka

    TKO Massage Oil

    All of the reviews for this are pretty damn spot on. I've been having trouble falling asleep lately, even when my acupuncturist gives me the Frankenstein points at the side of my neck. Its something I never really have too much trouble with, but its freaking annoying! I love lavender and I love vanilla and I love BPTP, so why not give it a shot, right? The scent does start out as a slightly sharp herbal note, but vaporizes quickly into a creamy scent. Its exactly the way I imagined it would smell. That rarely happens. But, something happens when I have it on. Past that nice cozy stage, it goes into a musky realm that smells nearly identical to the sweet, smokiness of Snake Oil and WILF. And there is something about those two scents that makes me feel sick; its the strangest thing but they make me feel like I am going to ralph. The scent is so strong that it wakes me up and I toss and turn trying to escape it in my half sleep stupor. Eventually, I fall asleep and wake up to creamy vanilla yumminess. Odd. EDIT: Its now been two months and the oil must have mellowed out big time. I no longer get that intoxicating rush where I feel like I may pass out or puke (maybe both). The man does not detect one ounce of lavender, he just says "You're wearing that syrup oil again aren't you? You smell like pancakes." I've also gotten caramel from my acupuncturist. Of these, I smell neither. It has easily become my absolute favorite scent. I wear it almost every day, since its bath oil I slather myself in it before I get dressed and smell myself alllll daaaay loooong.