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  1. b00cat

    Devils of the Pit Hair Gloss

    Santa left this for me this year 😃. Unfortunately, the sharpness of the leather note drowns out everything else and my hair smells too much like "new car smell" and I couldn't wait to wash it out. If you like leather get this. Apparently I do not 😔 which is a bummer because i love the name and the bottle art! I'm going to sneak off now and buy myself some Pumpkin Spice Silkybat HG to replace it 😍 (shhhhh don't tell Santa)
  2. b00cat

    Sensitive Folk Music Dragon Hair Gloss

    I mostly get the champaca and patchouli, I can't detect any sandalwood. To me it's an upscale "hippie scent" . My bottle is almost gone which is very sad because I 💗 it..
  3. b00cat

    Red Incense Hair Gloss

    I get mostly red wine and currents, like a sweet and sour candy. Not picking up on any of the "incense notes". It's a bit too fruity for me. Maybe it just needs marinate for awhile and I'll revisit. Still a pretty scent though if you're looking for more "fruity" less "head shoppy" Good throw and hangtime.
  4. b00cat

    White Tea and Sage Hair Gloss

    I was hoping for more sage from this, but mostly get a very clean white tea with lemon. Smells like I just had my hair washed at an upscale salon. I like it for days when I want something "fresher" than my normal patchouli/resin hair glosses. Very pretty!
  5. b00cat

    The Haunted Beach

    I'm not an aquatics gal, but between the beautiful artwork and the title I wanted to give this a shot. It's musky and salty, but also goes a bit soapy. Moderate to strong throw. I really like the way it smells, but I don't think I will get a bottle. I think aquatics fans would love this though and I will keep my decant for days when I want to smell "beachy".
  6. b00cat

    Nasty Woman

    The bourbon vanilla note almost scared me away from trying this, but I ordered a decant because of what it represented and supported. I'm so glad I did! The bourbon is definitely there, but not cloying or taking over at all. The patchouli is a clean patchouli and I definitely get the same "tobacco" others have mentioned. It's a beautiful scent and I can't stop huffing my wrist! I actually think it smells more "peaceful" than nasty....the most detectable notes I get are patchouli/amber/fig drying down a few hours to a smoky vanilla. Light to moderate throw. I tested this on my mom and she loved it too. She said it smelled like yoga class. I think we'll be splitting a bottle.
  7. b00cat

    Scorpio 2016

    (Decant) The fruit notes in this would normally keep me from testing it, but as a Scorpio I felt the need to at least try it. To me it goes into "expensive perfume" territory. The pomegranate and blackberry completely take over, where I was hoping they would just be players in the background. This is more of a red wine/fruity scent and less resinous on me. Very strong throw and longevity.
  8. b00cat

    Witch Dance

    Bonfire smoke rising through a cloud of ceremonial incense, encircled by swirling autumn leaves and a dribble of blood red musk. 2016 version (decant). I've been dying to try this for a couple of years so I am glad to finally snag a decant. The red musk is very subdued and "luckily" I am not getting the dead leaves. Just incense and a tad bit of musk. It's resiny, smoky and sweet and reminds me of the smell of a new age store. Love it
  9. b00cat

    Apple VIII

    Was hoping for patch with a smidge of apple. I got Wowza fresh apples with zero patch. The only patch that shows up tends to morph it into an astringent scent. Not for me. This scent is for people who really like their apples
  10. b00cat


    Frimp from a decant circle Fresh from the imp I get a grape jolly rancher dipped in booze. Doesn't morph as it dries down, but softens a bit instead. I used one tiny dab and it has pretty powerful throw...and longevity. I'm not a big fan of boozy scents, but out of the ones I have tried as to date, this one is the most wearable. Pretty, but not my thing.
  11. b00cat

    Vampire Red Hair Gloss

    Red musk, sweet myrrh, blood honey, red patchouli, and red vetiver. Vampire Red is all red musk and myrrh with just a touch of honey to sweeten it. (*this review is from a decant, btw). It's a very wearable red musk as some blends tend to be very assertive to me. Average throw. I sprayed it about 3 hours ago and I can catch whiffs of it when my hair moves. The red musk combined with honey reminds me very much of Eldritch Dark HG..but obviously less "dark". The patchouli and vetiver are present but barely noticeable, this scent is all about red musk and myrrh. It's a very sexy scent. Definitely bottle worthy!
  12. b00cat

    The Love Swing Hair Gloss

    Weird, but I also get Antikythera Mechanism from this (mine was a decant) . No cardamom...the patchouli is definitely there and a touch of vanilla, but I also get a woody men's cologne scent. It has a lot of throw and detangles my hair pretty well (long and fine). Because the scent is pretty strong I use it on my wet hair before styling it. I like the way it smells and will use up the decant, but it's not what I was expecting.
  13. b00cat

    Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid

    2016 version. I'm waffling over this one. I don't normally go for aquatics, but I wanted to smell like a mermaid heh. They always seem to go in the direction of men's cologne or they're too sharp and burn the back of my throat. This is truly an exception! It's nice! I already got a few compliments at work on how nice I smell. I'm getting mostly kelp and sea spray, but I can't smell the almond or frankincense. The jasmine is barely underneath giving it body. The throw is pretty exceptional. I made the mistake of trying it on my hair AND on my arm at the same time and had to drive back to work with the windows down I don't know if I see myself buying a bottle, since I'm more of a patchouli/resins/ musk girl but I will certainly enjoy the decant. I would definitely recommend this as an aquatic for people who don't like aquatics. I think if there was a little coconut in the mix as well I would lean more towards a bottle buy.
  14. b00cat

    Blood Pearl

    Mostly blood musk and orris, I was hoping for more coconut, but I don't detect any at all. It's a pretty musk scent, but I was hoping for something more "beachy". Has a decent throw. I only dabbed two tiny dots and it's a bit overwhelming. Sadly not for me.
  15. b00cat

    MPF 13 Hair Gloss

    Very much like the original Silkybat (yay!), but smokier. The coconut in this is dry, almost more coconut husk-like IMO. I even get a hint of vanilla somewhere. Dry down is similar to Goblin. Strong throw and I could still smell a bit in my hair when I woke up this morning, whereas the original Silkybat faded faster. This is true love for me