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    The Star, Black Opal, Dracul, Love Me, Dragons Heart, Snake oil, Trick or Treat, Samhain, Bliss, Bordello, Midway, Nocnitsa, Marquise de Marteuil, Wanda, Lust, Corazon, Safari, Morocco, Dorian, Snow White, Regan, Tamora .. so far! I love spiciness.. cinnamon, clove, pumpkin.. mulled wine and carnation...red rose, not white rose. Red musk, not white. Dragon's blood. Amber. Vanilla. Tonka.

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  1. Firewaver


    WINTER-TIME Late lies the wintry sun a-bed, A frosty, fiery sleepy-head; Blinks but an hour or two; and then, A blood-red orange, sets again. Before the stars have left the skies, At morning in the dark I rise; And shivering in my nakedness, By the cold candle, bathe and dress. Close by the jolly fire I sit To warm my frozen bones a bit; Or with a reindeer-sled, explore The colder countries round the door. When to go out, my nurse doth wrap Me in my comforter and cap; The cold wind burns my face, and blows Its frosty pepper up my nose. Black are my steps on silver sod; Thick blows my frosty breath abroad; And tree and house, and hill and lake, Are frosted like a wedding cake. Sweet, soft snow. I really love this. I'm usually a foody lover, I love rich and cozy scents. Spicy scents. But there is really just something sparkling and magical about this scent. It has a lightness and a freshness about it. It's a little difficult to describe the exact smell. There's something resembling a wintergreen smell, but then it also reminds me of coconut, haha. It reminds of of being a kid and putting on my down coat to play in piles of pine-needle laden snow in the woods, pretending I was one of the winter fairies from the movie Fantasia. Though at the same time it also has a clean and warm scent that lingers on, that makes me feel how I felt after coming in from the cold, taking a hot shower and cuddling up in front of the woodstove with a big fluffy blanket. It's just pleasant and gentle and beautiful. I really love it. It also has amazing lasting power, I could still sniff my wrists after a 13 hour workday and get a good whiff. I smelled it wafting around me all day.
  2. Firewaver

    The Girl

    Oh dear lord. This is absolutely luminous and amazing. It reminds me oh so mildly of hypnotic poison...but so much more elegant and subdued. I took one sniff of the dab on my arm and immediately sat back and said "ohhhhh my yes". Pretty strong reaction for me. Love it. 5 out of 5.
  3. Firewaver

    Katrina van Tassel

    I really enjoy this scent.. It's soft and gentle, very feminine. I want to throw on a nubbly sweater and make a cup of tea...maybe put on some pink lip gloss I find the honey tempers the very white white rose nicely on the drydown. I'm typically a fan of the stronger, throatier scents but this is a nice change to have in my arsenal.
  4. Love me lasts all day long on me. I have to be really careful with the amount I put on. let's see... i've also found Bordello to have pretty good throw. I do have to reapply during the day, but generally it is one of the stronger scents on me.
  5. Firewaver

    The Peacock Queen

    This is really great stuff. I'm glad I opted to buy Peacock Queen rather than Rose Red. This seems so much more lush and mature in comparison. Rose Red is a little on the plastic side to me sometimes, like rose scented play doh. But Peacock Queen has a rich, ripened rose smell to it, without the green sharpness that Rose Red gives me. I love it, and will cherish it as my go to rose perfume. Everyone should have one good one.
  6. Firewaver

    The World

    Well color me pleasantly surprised. I expected this to be very earthy, maybe slightly bitter, maybe a little citrusy, and definitely not a day to day oil.. but this is just wonderfully wearable and lovely. Initially, I got a very strong wintergreen, which surprised me and took me aback a little. I'm not a big wintergreen fan. But that stage dies fairly quickly; not fading altogether, but becoming much more faint, and it's a pleasant undertone and addition to the other notes. I smell lovely woodiness, not cedar, but an older, wiser wood smell. I can't begin to pick out other notes, this oil is amazingly complex. I love it, and I can see this becoming a bottle purchase in the very near future. I'm a big fan of the world!
  7. Firewaver

    Rose Red

    Hmm.. this scent is definitely lush and red and just glorious in it's rosiness. It's really quite lovely, and it has a surprising amount of throw, given that it's a rose scent. Rose scents really die quickly on me, giving way to the other notes in the blends they inhabit. But not this time! There's a rose bush in the courtyard of the church that's right next to my work, and I always stop to smell them as I walk by. This scent really encapsulates that moment for me. I'm not a huge rose fanatic, but when I feel the need to be rosy, I will reach for this.
  8. Firewaver

    Three Witches

    What a spicy, delightful scent. It's straight up liquified red hots in the imp.. I almost expected it to be a bright red oil! It's a lovely, dusky cinnamon.. it's not the garish cinnamon that I thought it would be. It doesn't exactly "mellow" when it dries, but it does become more mature and softer-edged. It makes me think of decorating gingerbread men with mini red hots and icing on Christmas Eve. I love it and will wear it with gusto this season. I can alse foresee wonderful layering possibilities. 5 of 5!
  9. Firewaver

    Antique Lace

    Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes. This is a sweet and slightly mysterious perfume. In the bottle and upon initial application, it's very very light. It makes me think of baby's breath. Those little white clusters of flowers that come with big rose bouquets. Innocent and unassuming. It definitely has a powdery aspect.. but what is strange about the powdery smell is the fact that it kind of dissipates after the oil has dried; when most other "powdery" oils start off nice and dry down to powder. This oil dries to a sweet vanilla with minimal powder. I like the muskiness, it adds a bit of a "unisex" edge to Antique Lace. Not every guy could get away with this perfume, but I think it would be absolutely breathtaking on the few who could. The final drydown is a surprisingly strong and complex vanilla. I'm shocked at the throw, since this oil started out so faint. I would not compare this to Black Opal. I really think they smell almost nothing alike. Black Opal has sharp edges where Antique lace has fluffy, misty ones. I also wouldn't compare it to Regan, which is a much more floral vanilla. I pretty much wouldn't compare this to anything, it really stands on it's own. Antique Lace is a lovely, nostalgic perfume that really embodies it's name and concept. Wonderful stuff, Beth.
  10. Firewaver


    I dont understand why this smells like violets to me.. ick. I'm beginning to really hate violets. I smell a little bit of spiciness, but I smell a lot of strange florals. Or maybe I'm just misinterpreting the amber? I just don't remember amber smelling like this. I'm also getting a light cat urine smell that isn't at all desirable. Grrrar. I love coyotes and wolves and the concept of this scent. I just don't get along with the reality.
  11. Firewaver


    Oh dear, i think i've just come. I love this stuff to death, it smells like sexy gingerbread. There are few things I love more than gingerbread... I've been searching for gingerbread scent for as long as I can remember wanting perfume. Though I've never been able to get my hands on a gingerbread poppet.. this will more than do for now. It's so spicy and good. The ginger isn't light at all.. This isn't the sweet, spicy ginger of bengal, it's a sharp kick in the ass ginger than reeks of sexiness. It melds so well with the resins, it's just got a smoky, musky gingery smell that is simply irrisistible. My boyfriend isn't a bpal fan, but he had to admit that Shub was awesome. Man does this stuff have some throw, too. I only rubbed a bit from the rim on my wrist and it's really taken over the smells in this room. I love it. This is what I wished Buck Moon would have smelled like.
  12. Firewaver


    this is pretty good, i must admit.. though it falls slightly short of my very high expectations. As Brianne said, Samhain is the scent that everyone raved and ranted about, it's the one I always wanted. So of course I'm going to be disappointed if it's not the end all fragrance for me. It's not, but it is quite nice, and very evocative of the season it portrays. Wet, it's a very antiseptic toilet bowl cleaner smell. Not pleasant, but everything smells bad wet! Drying down... I smell crisp autumn leaves and some spices are beginning to emerge from the toilet bowl.. which is rapidly shrinking and taking on the appearance of a autumnal forest floor. Dry.. Very nice.. spiced cider and leaves, perfect for fall. Maybe a tinge of pumpkin and something a little mossy, I'm assuming it's the galangal. I really like this, I think it's something that will grow on me. It's less foody than Harvest Moon 2005, which is a good thing. I'm keeping it around. Smelling it takes the chill out of an evening. It just reeks of warm cider and woolen sweater weather.
  13. Firewaver

    Trick or Treat

    this smells EXACTLY like candy corn! So completely spot on it's scary. I don't get the "corny" smell, there isn't a trace of the vegetable corn in this in the slightest...sooo don't know what's going on there for others. Anyhow! This smells so delicious... buttery and sugary and orange and yellow.. and yummy. I love candy corn so I just love this scent. I get a hint of maple buttery goodness, like syrup and butter on pancakes. I like this much more than Midway or other sweeties. It's sweet but not so gushingly sweet that I won't wear it often. Love it!
  14. Firewaver

    Snow White

    Mm.. sweet and creamy.. a little bit of vanilla, a dash of coconut, and a handful of powdered sugar. This is so light and fluffy...the way clouds should smell. You know, it also sort of reminds of the way the top of a baby's head smells after being bathed. Clean but sweet and powdery in a musky way. This is a beautifully nostalgic perfume. I love it and am so glad I had the chance to try it out. Hope it gets re-released this year.
  15. Firewaver


    What the F? I definitely got gipped out of the grape smell...all I smell is rosemary. Like FRESH rosemary pressed between my fingers. So damn herbal and strong like bull. So far tum stinks in a major way. Blech.. it's kind of drying, though this oil seems to be pretty thick. It's been about 15 minutes and my arm still has some tum residue on it, refusing to be absorbed. I'm still getting herbal and a little bit of spice. I don't think tum is going to be a friend of mine. I might give this another try, maybe when my skin isn't so moisturized? I will change my review when I do.