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    Loves: Black Opal, Haunted, Bliss, Dragon's Milk, Blue Moon, Pumpkin Latte, Boo. Notes that work: vanilla, amber, chocolate, lavender, sandalwood, coconut, tea, ginger, jasmine, black and pale musks, tonka, ginger, apple, cherry, peach. Notes that fail horribly: lotus, ozone, anything too dry or dusty, the lab's pomegranate and grape/wine.

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  1. Viridian

    Fair Maiden Side-Eye

    Somehow this smells like a very sophisticated department store perfume on me. The amber, ambergris, and musk are the primary notes to my nose, with the vanilla and peach softening the whole thing just a bit. It's warm and sweet, but it's very much a PERFUME-perfume on me and not just a soft sweet scent. I will absolutely wear the heck out of this one in the cooler weather.
  2. Viridian

    My Baby and a Baby Goat

    On me this is creamy rice flower at first. If anyone was a fan of the long-discontinued Bath and Body Works Rice Flower and Shea lotion, you will love this - rice flower doesn't show up often in scents and this is done so, so well! I get a tiny bit of the honey and musk after it dries, but the rice flower is still very present and it + the milk note seems to be keeping the honey from turning powdery. This is probably the first BPAL scent in which the honey has stayed subdued instead of amping into powder after ten minutes on my wrist. This is just gorgeous. It settles into something like a warm cup of milk and honey with rice flowers. I may need to break my "no backups" rule since this is so unique and such a comfort scent that I want to wrap myself up in it all winter.
  3. Viridian

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    #188 In bottle: buttery caramel corn. On skin: Caramel corn and... cinnamon? Probably not cinnamon since iirc these weren't supposed to contain common allergens. Clove? Maybe ginger? Some spice for sure...SPICY CARAMEL CORN! After a few seconds of drying it becomes almost all spice with maybe something woody in the background. Sandalwood perhaps, as it's very smooth and subtle. After 30 minutes or so it becomes a soft sandalwood-vanilla. This one's a crazy morpher with three stages that smell nothing like one another. I'll have to keep it around for a little while and see what it does as it ages.
  4. Viridian

    Loved To Death

    To me this smells a bit like my box of BPAL samples -- it's got a lot of elements that I recognize from other BPAL favorites. Definitely a beeswax-y vanilla, that after a moment or two of smelling strongly of honey starts to smell a little like a blown out vanilla candle with some soft spices in the background. It has that faded quality of lingering scents - hence the comparison to my box of imps. It's quite soft on me. I think it'll be beautiful in early fall.
  5. Viridian

    Implacable Beautiful Tyrant Hair Gloss

    So glad this is sticking around! I sniffed a bottle at Dragon Con and immediately ordered some upon returning home. To me it's just a lovely sweet amber with a little spicy freshness from the ginger. It's subtle - like my hair just smells "good" without smelling like something identifiable. I can't imagine it clashing with anything.
  6. Viridian

    Pumpkin Spice Everything

    This smelled to me exactly like the shaker full of "pumpkin pie spice" that you can buy pre-mixed. My nose was a bit overwhelmed by the time I smelled it, but I didn't get a lot of pumpkin in it as compared to any of the individual pumpkin scents this time around.
  7. Viridian

    Single Note: Fog Machine Juice

    Cool and ozoney. If you like the smell of stage fog, this conjures it up without being so dead-on realistic as to cause breathing issues (the real stuff always makes me cough, anyway!)
  8. Viridian

    Single Note: Graveyard Dirt Redux

    Smelled this at NYCC and was tempted. It's 100% damp fresh dirt, and I think it would layer well with many things for that "I've been outside" feel without any leaf notes. If you've ever seriously thought that a scent needed more dirt, this one is for you.
  9. Viridian

    Thirteen (13): December 2013

    I love pomegranate, but I had all but given up on BPAL's pomegranate -- for some reason many blends including it took on this weird dry/dusty note after a while. This, however, is my pomegranate BPAL at last! It starts off very sweet and I get mostly the white chocolate, but after it settles a bit it's tart pomegranate balanced perfectly by the white chocolate and coconut. I don't get much of the other notes -- just a sort of tart fruitiness dipped in white chocolate. This is most unlike any of the other 13 blends that I own, and it gives me hope for pomegranate scents again!
  10. Viridian

    Almond Blossom

    I was expecting a sweet floral almond, but on me this goes through several rather distinct but all gorgeous and unique phases: First, I get the tiniest bit of "fizz" while it's wet, almost like a champagne note. Once the fizz settles, I get a cool, cotton-laundry feel. It smells at this stage a lot like a very, very soft version of Bath and Body Works' old discontinued cotton blossom lotion. Then, finally, as it settles more, I get juuuust a hint of whatever it was I loved so much about Black Opal. I can see the comparison to Snow White, but on me this has a touch of Black Opal's delicate cool sweetness to it. If you like any of the delicate white vanilla florals this is absolutely for you -- I don't get vanilla out of it, but it's sweet and comforting like a pile of fluffy white towels out of the dryer. Beyond gorgeous, second-bottle worthy.
  11. Viridian

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    I don't get much vanilla out of this at all - so much so that I thought maybe it was mislabeled. I get a really perfumey-medicinal scent from it that I guess is the Frankincense. Once I put it on the vanilla creeps out slowly, but it's not foody or vanilla extract-y at all. I feel like fans of traditional perfumes with a vanilla base will like this one. It smells very sophisticated.
  12. Viridian

    Auditions, what to wear?

    Lately I've been wearing TAL Charisma to auditions. It gives me that little extra boost of positive thinking that I need to get through it without nerves.
  13. Viridian

    Lich's Laboratory Atmosphere Spray

    I got a sample of this a while back and finally spritzed it in my bedroom today because I'd run out of the scented candle I wanted. It was a good choice for an early autumn day - there's something warm and cozy about it that defies the description. I get a distinct warm sweetness - so odd, when the description makes it sound like it would be mossy and cool. There's a little bit of that dry suggestion of stone that I like in Black Opal and a few others that have a stone note, but it's definitely a warmer feel with just a small whiff of dry smokiness after it starts to fade. I got a little on my clothes and I kind of want to spray my husband with this stuff. It would smell phenomenal on a guy, but it's sweet enough that I wouldn't mind spraying it in my sweater drawer to make my sweaters smell extra cozy.
  14. Viridian


    In vial: strongly buttered popcorn. On skin it becomes more pumpkin-spicy, but still with a strong buttery note over the top. I actually wouldn’t pinpoint this one as pumpkin if I didn’t know it - I would guess some kind of buttery spiced fruity cookie, maybe spiced cider. The nutmeg is fairly subtle, but present, and the buttery overtone mellows after 10-15 minutes. Overall there are pumpkin scents I like better as perfume, but this is a nice home fragrance scent if you like fruity, spicy baked goods. I really do get a bit more of a baked apple feel from it than pumpkin, so if you're looking for something like apple pie and none of the apple scents have worked, try this one.
  15. Viridian

    Drink Me

    Buttered popcorn and fruit. Drink Me smells like a handful of Jelly Bellys, buttered popcorn and cherry and pineapple all mixed together, and is vaguely reminiscent of a cupcake-scented candle after about 20 minutes of wear. It’s a little too foody for me as perfume, but it smells just like I always expected Alice’s potion would taste.