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  1. Finch


    I'm very thankful the lily is so subtle in this. Lately everything I try with lily has been too sharp and intense, but this is nice. It's very springtime in the woods; just the kind of wet green and earthy scent I love.
  2. Finch


    All I get from this is a wonderfully spicy, almost cinnamon-y, Dragon's Blood. I like it!
  3. Finch

    Tiger Lily

    A very long lasting sweet lily. Nothing to get excited about, but it's pretty.
  4. Finch

    Silk Road

    When I first put this on I immediately though of cinnamon gum. On the dry down the cinnamon is still prominent, but also I get a little ginger and clove with a warm sweetness that can I only describe as dried orange peel with a touch of vanilla. A very interesting blend - I like it!
  5. Finch


    Yep. A manly cologne, but it's light and subtle. Amber and moss seem to keep the other notes in check so it doesn't have the sneeze inducing sharpness that I expected. This would be lovely on a man for sure.
  6. Finch


    A very simple, sugared floral at first, then after a while the vanilla takes over and starts morphing into burnt plastic. I'm starting to think my skin isn't too fond of some of some vanilla blends. Too bad, it's really pretty in the imp.
  7. Finch

    Phantom Queen

    Very pretty. It's wild and green, and has a floral sweetness that doesn't go too sharp or disappear within minutes. This will be a really nice scent for summer. Good throw and longevity, too.
  8. Finch


    This reminds me of The Body Shop's White Musk with a little less floral. Very pretty, soft, and perfect as a summer scent.
  9. Finch


    What immediately comes to mind is: Wet, sharp, soapy, aftershave. And a VERY strong throw, too. Wow
  10. Finch


    This is a strong, golden, almost over-ripe citrus at first then slowly morphs into a deep, purple, spicy incense. Granted I'm a bit of a slather-er, but I've had it on since early this morning and it's barely faded.
  11. Finch


    This is a wonderfully musky scent that lacks the usual sharpness I've come to expect from jasmine. What I love the most about Nuit is that I can actually detect the rose which is very deep and gorgeous.
  12. Finch


    This morning I was moving about getting ready for the day when my nose caught a lovely rich scent. I realized it was my imp of Nosferatu which I had laid out the night before. What a throw! And so pretty. To my nose the wine isn't so apparent, it's mainly mossy sweet earth with a hint of something floral, nothing sour at all. Very nice.
  13. Finch


    A blast of lavender and cypress then POOF...gone. Even a good slathering didn't stop this one from pulling a hasty disappearing act.
  14. Finch

    Marquise de Merteuil

    Flowers and amber; sweet and almost powdery with a warm scent of peach lurking quietly underneath. After a while it morphs into something that smells a little like the faint traces of incense caught on a summer breeze.
  15. Finch

    Les Fleurs du Mal

    I get expensive soap at first then it dries into a traditional, almost old fashioned, sort of floral perfume with strong notes of lilac and rose. It's very soft muted colors, lace and flowing silk.