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  1. voorishsign

    The Smilin' Servitors' Hyperdimensional Holiday Hits

    A frimp Not discordant at all - floral, creamy, refreshing and wet. It dries down to jasmine, bergamot and a squeeze of lemon. Fresh and bright, but not my kind of scent.
  2. voorishsign

    The Raven

    I got an imp of this mostly to compare and contrast with Raven Moon, which I love I'm a bit worried about the florals here, but sandalwood and musk sounds good. Yikes. Florals, florals, and more florals. No musk, maybe only a very light dusting of sandalwood. On drydown - bleh. No thanks. Dry, faint florals and just a bit of soapy musk. Raven Moon all the way
  3. voorishsign

    The Music of Erich Zahn

    I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft but it's a rare day when one of the Lab's Lovecraft scents work on me, nevertheless I keep trying Besides, ajowan, vetiver, musk, opopnax and tamarind all sound great to me In the imp and on wet, this is straight-up musky vetiver, smelling almost identical to Iago from the Illyria line. On drydown, it becomes a mildly spicier, lighter vetiver. It reminds me a lot of Mr. Vandemar in the sense that it almost has a curry-like scent to it. The vetiver is still a bit too heavy for me to reach for a bottle, but still, a really interesting scent.
  4. voorishsign

    Windward Passage

    Lately I've been getting more and more interested in BPAL's aquatics and so I'm trying to work my way through a few choice ones In the imp this is a sweet, soapy aquatic, very caribbean as the name says. It goes on clean and cool and sweet. On drydown, it remains a squeaky clean, soft, slightly sweet and slightly greenish aquatic. Very nice, but not as good as some of my favourite aquatics - at least not on me.
  5. voorishsign

    Raven Moon

    When I first got into BPAL, I was too overwhelmed by the GC to take into consideration the lunacy that came up when I first entered the community - Raven Moon. I liked the sound of it but was at a point where I didn't know my own tastes enough to buy blindly. Now that I do, I managed to find someone who would sell me Raven Moon at a great price, and without hesitation bought the whole bottle. In the bottle, this is brilliant - musk, vanilla, benzoin and resins with spice. On the skin, this is overhwelmingly beautiful. The black musk is the most prominent note but is sweetened by the vanilla and benzoi. The chili gives it a kick.
  6. voorishsign

    Teatime in Roswell

    I was a bit too cautious to try a full bottle of this when the helicopters were up, but while shopping for imps the other day I found one decant on the sales list of a person I was already ordering from, so I thought I should try it Unsurprisingly, this starts off as very lovely almondy Battenberg cake and biscuits with a splash of tea. Very foody but delightfully so. The cucumber dries and freshens it and I think there is some kind of musk going on there too . . . maybe not my kind of fragrance but so very tasty!
  7. voorishsign

    Santo Domingo

    Was frimped this The tobacco and bay rum sound delightful but the blossoms scare me. They aren't as heady as the warning says, but they do ruin the tobacco and rum This smells like a Caribbean market, bawdy, boozy and exotic - not a scent for me necessarily but it certainly is an experience
  8. voorishsign

    The Coil

    I simply love the colour of this one - aquatic electric, shimmering & translucent turqoise. Absolutely gorgeous. I've searched for a great electric, creepy metallic scent to match my mind's eye/nose vision of AM, the vicious computer in I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and this is it! Cold, sharp metal via the ozone, white ginger and mint, and sparks of strange neon colours through the eucalyptus and florals. This smells cold, aloof and cruel but also hideously refined and powerful, embodying AM perfectly
  9. voorishsign

    Sed Non Satiata

    I don't usually buy much from the Ars Amorita series, but this one sounded just filthy enough to be interesting This is a delightful and sensual scent, honey sweetens the musk and the resins add a depth and age to this scent; the cognac give it a kind of mature depravity . . . an outstanding oil. Masculine and sensual, like an utterly sexy man in mid-coitus - I love it! This imp is a keeper
  10. voorishsign


    I don't expect much here - but I have a policy of trying out all frimps Much as I suspected, this doesn't really work that well. Rose and orange blossom, which are at least thankfully tamed slightly by the rosemary. Not my thing, but worth a try for rose lovers who want something slightly greener and more medicinal than usual
  11. voorishsign

    Nostrum Remedium

    This was really disappointing on me - I love black tea, honey and wasabi as single notes but I can't make any of them out in this. It smells very perfumey and overly sweet, I can't detect anything . . . while I've had a few BPALs which turned out differently on me than I expected, this one doesn't work at all. Woe
  12. voorishsign

    Dragon's Heart

    A frimp from one of the forum members, lovely since it was on my wishlist as well This is a deep, red oil, and I'm actually surprised there's no vetiver in this - it's so dark and deep, I suspect this rises from my beloved red and black musks. Fig and currant add a slight juicyness to this blend, but it's not fruity at all - it's musky and resiny with a pleasant fruity afterbite. The red musk is possibly the strongest, sweetened a bit by the dragon's blood; this scent is infinitely red and deep. Am keeping the imp most definitley
  13. voorishsign

    Squirting Cucumber

    A big disappointment. All I wanted was straight-up lawn and cucumber, fresh and wet, that lasts and lasts, but I'm not getting this at all - while I do get some cucumber during the wet stage, it disappears quickly and all I'm left with is a nondescript greenish aquatic that smells a bit soapy. Oh well, such is life.
  14. voorishsign

    Dance of Death

    A frimp from a forumite. Ars Moriendi as a line has never done me many kindnesses so I'm a bit afraid This is really nice though, actually, and quite dark. This is a black, dry, musky, resiny blend with just the slightest flare of patchouli, sacred and morbid, like a funeral reception in an ancient church. Creepy, but very beautiful.
  15. voorishsign

    Menacing Ionospheric Research Instrument

    Reading I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream made me crave a scent that might be reminiscent of AM, the mad supercomputer. If anything, this should be it In the decant - mint! And how! On wet - I think I'll have to keep looking for an AM scent - this is too pleasant powdery amber, tasty mint, neroli and violet and the dry medicinal quality of sage . . . but I was kin dof hoping for ozone, which I'm not getting at all. Drydown - slightly sharper. More sage, more mint, less florals and amber. Still not quite what I was looking for, but nice enough.