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  1. Hello Forum! How I've missed you. I have gone through a ton of life changes including lots of moving and a boyfriend who hates my perfume oils. (Mostly because they are different but he did complain one day that I smelled like an old lady when we first started dating and I was mortified. Ha) But I am ready to dive back in since I now have a fancy lady job! I want to try all of the new things but... I'm very overwhelmed and I don't know where to begin. There are a ton of new scents everywhere! My favorites include: Bastet Pink Snowballs Green Tree Viper (THE CARNIVAL IS BACK. WHAT?!) Dorian TKO I like fresh and girly scents or sweeter scents that have depth to them. I have also been using *gasp* commercial scents lately like Tokyo Dark Milk & Marc Jacobs Cucumber hoping that it would be a good compromise between us but I realized that it's BS. I love my bpal. Halp!
  2. Thank you everyone who responded. I seriously need to go through and re sniff every thing I have hahaa! I might have a decant of Jareth somewhere. I just gotta dig it up. I know that I for sure want to try the new snakes! I forget that the formulation is going to be different so its like trying them all over again.
  3. What great rec!! Thank you so much. I think I need to try De Vos Unicorn. That sounds like it would be my dream scent! I am also curious about your second one because of the vanilla cream. Yum!
  4. reena1

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Ha! I think we might have the same chemistry! Tamara was nice but a touch shampoo-y as well on me! I think I am going to go on a hunt now for loosening of the obi. I like resins and the sounds SO lovely!! I thought that Kitty might have been too sweet but I think I'm going to go on a search for that as well. Have you tried the vanilla in Lady Una? Because we might be chemistry twins I wonder if you get the "cat pee" people mention.
  5. reena1

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Thank you!!! I've tried Dorian and is on my top 5 but for some reason The other just didn't work on me. It was too aquatic or something. *cries*
  6. reena1

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Hey Ya'll!! I have been on the hunt for a girly soft vanilla. People are giving recs of Liz but the smoke and incense part makes me a touch nervous. IS it prominent? I really LOVE the vanilla in pink snowballs and Sleep Now Darlings but i was wondering if you guys could think of something more spring and summery? Same girly awesome, but warmer. If that makes sense? I would be SO SO supah happy for any ideas you might have.
  7. reena1

    Auditions, what to wear?

    Auditions are fun! Break legs! For the As you Like it audition maybe go with something light and more traditional like maybe Desdemona, Pink Snow Balls, Two Five Seven, Alice or something like that. For musicals I like to wear VERY light perfume if any because you never know if they will have you learn a dance combo right then and there. I would stick to fresh perfumes like Shanghai. Lastly for the drama I would suggest something that makes you feel grounded and confident. I usually reach for Bastet when I need a jolt of confidence. Or if it's really warm out I like Green Tree Viper. this was fun. Hope it helps somewhat!
  8. reena1

    Self-Portrait With Puffy Stickers

    I havent written a review in awhile so please bear with me This one reminds me a bunch of two five seven with added strawberry goodness. You can def smell the grass and it reminds me of a warm spring day. The rose in this blend is more like the rose in rose red and two five seven because it is light and not so heady. This is my first bpal with the strawberry note in it and I really like it! It's sweet and slightly creamy. If you love two five seven give this a try!!
  9. reena1

    Lick It Softly

    Why hellooo vanilla! On me this is a creamy vanilla with a touch of peppermint. I was expecting it to be really heavy on the peppermint because the only version I have tried of the lick its previously was Lick it Vigerously which is WAY strong. So this was a pleasant surprise. The throw is fairly good as I am now under a warm haze of vanilla peppermint. This is a total keeper. I cannot sing the praises of this enough. SO lovely!! Not just a seasonal scent by any means. <3
  10. reena1

    How to make a paypal order.

    So I was going between this thread and the etsy thread and I think I might be blind Buuuuuut...how do you combine etsy orders with PayPal? I really want to get a few protos but I also want to get lick it softly and lady Una without having to pay double shipping. Any suggestions?
  11. reena1

    A Wonderful Light

    In the bottle: beautiful and warm. It has a golden vibe to me Scratch and sniff pizza stickers on my skin. *sob* I hate you body chemistry.
  12. reena1

    CD: Misfortune Teller v3

    I bought this off etsy a week ago and now it's here! SUPER fast!!! I tried it on right out of the box but I think I shoud have let it settle first. It was a bit sharp and I was amping pachouli like no ones business. I was a bit sad but I decided to give it another go and its exactly what I was hoping for!! The released version was too heavy for me but this one is great. A very musky plum. It's warm and lingering and makes me feel mysterious. Haha. I have worn it 3days in a row now!! <3
  13. reena1

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    I ordered an imp of this from a lovely forumite awhile back. I have to say initially I wasn't impressed. I kept it in my imp box for a bit and decided to give it another go recently. I am sooo glad I did!! It's my holy grail lemon scent! At first it's sort of a fizzy lemonade but as it dries down the icing and sugar really come out making this very much like an amazing lemon bar. (my favorite dessert!) I. Am. In. Love. I have two imps already but I think I see a bottle in the near future. I'm not sure when it's coming down so I feel like I better hurry. Lol!!
  14. reena1


    I LOVE this scent. It's very similar to Misk U but without the initial play dough thing it does in the beginning. My husband says it smells like MAGIC. He hardly ever has that reaction to things. It's VERY autumnal though. It's summer here in Az though and it feels like I'm wearing a big warm fuzzy sweater. I will tuck it away for now. It's just too much for 100+ degree weather.
  15. reena1

    Pink Snowballs

    I really love this one! It's the same vanilla found in my lick it vigorously decant. (which is peppermint for two seconds them straight yummy cold vanilla) I think that I'm going to buy a bottle of this before it goes away. It's so soft and feminine. I have a feeling the vanilla will age well also. That's because the first few days the rose was kinda sharp. . Now a month later my decant is a cold vanilla with a drop of pink rose petals. I'm just so in love!
  16. reena1

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    This is so weird but on me this is a dead on Banshee Beat! It must be the black vanilla in it I guess. I was just thinking about how I kinda missed my bottle I sold and randomly tried this frimp from the lab. Soo glad I did! <3 it's so shockingly close!!
  17. reena1

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Thanks guys! I keep hearing so many great things about mouse's! I guess that one is just going to sneak into my next order. I haven't really experimented with carnation too much but I know that isn't one of my death notes. I'm def going to look out for decants of hope and faith too! That list sounds so pretty! I think I've finally picked out my venue and I think Im going to try a lot of the mad tea party series because it looks like a Victorian garden. You guys have been so helpful!
  18. reena1

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Hi guys! Well 2 months ago my boy of 3 years proposed!! So now I'm after the perfect wedding scent! I figure I can start trying now so that I can take my time testing. We are going to have an outdoor wedding in spring so there will be lots of pretty flowers. But because of that I don't really want to smell too floral. I'm looking for something sweet but that won't be too cloying in the sun. Maybe something with vanilla or honey. (i cant do O though it smells like b.o. on me) Would Door be a good choice? I was interested in maybe looking at Celeste and Josie too but I don't know. Im open to trying pretty much anything as long as it doesn't have patchouli or vetiver in it. If it helps our theme is a whimsical garden party. Colors green, pink and cream
  19. reena1

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Hello all! I have a bit of a plight. My boyfriend really wants to find a bpal that smells like a cinnamon cake! Lol I had an imp of pumpkin latte that was all cinnamon and sugar that he was obsessed with but when I bought a bottle it was too creamy. So I'm trying to find something that we can share. (Since its not every day my bf covets a smellie) I was thinking of *maybe* Gingerbread Poppet but I dunno. Suggestions pretty please!!! Something warm, foody, and cinnamon.
  20. reena1


    This is way prettier than i thought it was going to be!! I was expecting a foodie kind of scent but the cocoa takes a back seat to the amber. Its a very feminine scent on me. Something that I would wear on a night out. Its seriously making me rethink my big order that Im making in a few weeks. I may have just found a new love.
  21. reena1

    Rose Red

    This is a perfectly uncomplicated rose. I imagine this being in the garden with little droplets of dew on it. Its the kind of rose you dont pick because you would feel too bad interupting its beauty. With all of that said i think my imp will be enough because I dont imagine it will get worn as much as it deserves. Its beautiful and girlie but not quite me. Although ive been known to change my mind so its really anyones guess lol
  22. reena1

    Snow White

    A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers. I had really high hopes for this one since all of the rave reveiws. But my skin decided for me that we were not ment to be. It smells closely to the lovely Tiki Princess but with less coconut and some plastic thrown in the mix. I remember hearing that it gets better with age so im going to keep my imp and try again in a month. *hopefully* we can be friends.
  23. reena1

    Beaver Moon 2010

    This is my birthday moon so i was really excited when i recieved this as a frimp from a lovely forumite. Unfortunatly is was just too sweet for me. It was like swimming in a vat of peach smoothie. I love peach but i dont know if it loves me. But im am suuper happy that i got to try it. And if you love sweets id say give this one a chance. Though id much rather eat it than wear it.
  24. reena1

    Pumpkin Latte

    Wet: coffee beans with a bit of cinnamon Dry: The cinnamon kinda just punched me in the face. By kinda I mean this (Surena is walking down the street humming a happy tune. Enter pumpkin latte exploding from a near by bush with a bellowing battle cry S-"What the...." Before she finishes her exclamation the PL hurls its meaty fist into the face of the unsuspecting Surena. cue stars and birds End Scene) Dry: Surena wakes up to find a pumpkin spice cookie on her chest. The yummiest cookie of her life. Its warm and comforting and very sweet. Totally makes up for the black eye On a serious note the dry down is definatly worth the wait. So worth it that i caught my boyfriend putting it on the other day. (This NEVER HAPPENS) when i asked him what he was doing he said that he is smelling like pumpkin cookies! Must. Hoard. Bottles.
  25. reena1


    Wet: uber yummy vanilla cake!!! Drydown: the cotton tempers the sweetness and makes it more wearable versus "I slipped and fell on this cake" Which I didn't mind too much either Dry: Its all vanilla now. I'm not entirely sure if I want a bottle though. Its a nice vanilla but I miss the cotton and the cake :/