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  1. thereshewent

    Marshmallow Pumpkin

    This is almost an exact match to the pumpkin pie bath oil, which I love, so I love this too!
  2. thereshewent


    This is one of my new favorites. It reminds me of an old fashioned high end perfume. Soft, delicate, sweet, feminine and bad ass all wrapped up into one. Incredibly well blended.
  3. thereshewent


    BOO Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream. :ghost: This scent, for me, was exactly the same in the bottle, wet and dry on me. That's a first! The sugar and cotton are the two strong notes, with the cream adding a wonderful richness without being overpowering. I'm glad to see cream take a backseat for once, on my skin it usually turns sour. The cotton is fresh, clean, line dried in crisp spring air sheets that haven't been washed with scented detergent. It's sweet, but doesn't scream FOOD, but it does smell eerily like a marshmallow. Not a toasted marshmallow, just a straight out of the bag puffy white marshmallow. One of my favorites from the '09 Weenies, if not my favorite. :ghost:
  4. thereshewent


    As far as it helping with sleep, it's too soon to tell since I'm still on summer break and letting my insomniac flag fly high! This is a lovely sugared lavender sugared eucalyptus blend. Wet, it's very herbal but then it fades into this delicious smell. If I could eat the smell, I would. Relaxing, and cozy, so it could help you sleep-or you could love it so much you become immune to its effects and wear it daily.
  5. thereshewent

    Blackberry Jam & Scones

    Wet: In your face blackberry jam, and then suddenly there it is, the crumbly scone, hiding in the background. Dry: Artificial berry, reminds me of a berry candle. Hrm...Will test again.
  6. thereshewent

    MVJBA: Summer Summoning Spectacular

    Wet: Dry fields, almost like celery. Resin in the background. Dry: Fields fade away, pancake comes in, becomes sweet resin. 1hr later: Scent is fading into a very light coffee scent now. Lovely
  7. thereshewent


    Samhain 2009 Truly the scent of autumn itself -- damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein. Wet: Foresty and spicey. Dry: Pumpkin pie in the oven, Christmas garlands around the house and cider in your mugs. Lovely.
  8. thereshewent

    Feeding The Dead

    A barrel of beer, a pyramid of cakes, and three sticks of incense. Wet: Sweet, almost peanutty. A tinge of sourness cutting through the cakes. Not smelling the incense much. Dry: Incense, cake and beer, it's all there but nothing is overpowering the other two. Fantastically blended and not overly foody. Sweet, musky, with a hint of something....extra. I will be getting backup bottles of this! Yum! Lasting Power: Light/Medium. Throw: Light