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  1. violetgrimm4

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    It's funny, I looked at the picture first and my immediate thought was Hollywood Babylon. And then I saw that you mentioned red musk, which HB does have (which is why I haven't tried it). The combination of red musk, which is apparently sexalicious on people who like it, and strawberry, which is sort of innocent yet cute and flirty, seems like a good match for that dress. Which, by the way, is adorable. i traded for a bottle of holywood babylon when i was new to bpal it was an older bottle and i dont think my nose was quite used to bpal coz i didnt like it much but my OH loved the smell i traded the bottle away and now i wish i hadnt because id really like to smell it again. its funny how your nose changes after wearing bpal for a while. *wants a bottle*
  2. violetgrimm4

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    thank you i love it! vivien of holloway make beautiful dresses they fit amazingly i highly recommend! mmmmm it looks like i will have to try bordello! the only reason ive never tried it is the wine in it any other bpal with wine in makes me feel sick
  3. violetgrimm4

    Recommend a scent for a specific dress or outfit

    i have this dress which i love but when it comes to wearing a scent that matches it and how i feel in it i seem to fall flat if you get what i mean? i thought bright red fruity scents but they aren't sexy enough and then i thought red musk but i think most scents i have with red musk in are too heavy for the dress since its cotton..... i feel i over think. http://www.waynetippetts.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/070gfw_wt09wp.jpg
  4. violetgrimm4


    My first impression? This isn't as strong as I wanted The rose has stayed ture on me it tends to go rather sour on me I think the fruit keeps it from doing that. It is what it says rose and lychee. I think it would go rather well with bodyshop passion fruit body butter like a yummy tropical fruit salad with rose petals!
  5. I've started the crave fresher lighter scents maybe I'm trying to get ready for summer? I love these in the hot weather: Sailors den I this is clean coconut fresh cotton its like breeze in a bottle. Its like waking up on a tropical island with fresh white cotton sheets in a cabin by the beach witha gentil breeze blowing threw a cotton mosqito net..... Mmmm lovely! Phantasum - my fella wears this a lot it very springy and fresh! Embalming fluid. - I wore this a lot last summer very fresh perfect if I knew I was gonna go out for a day in the aprk and wanted to stay smelling fresh! Strawberry moon 05. Mmmmmmm fresh field of very ripe strawberrys and greenery so pretty! ( The O9 version was just as nice but more like eating strawberrys on a freshly moan lawn) -
  6. violetgrimm4

    Hideous Heart

    I have decided I need to review this one because I have a different opinion on it. When I first sniff the bottle is sweet cherries and I got it the same time as the other cherry Halloween and this was super sweet I put this down to the licorice since they add it to herbal teas to sweeten them. Now once on all I smell is cherry which as it dries the licorice starts to mellow and smell more like regular licorice and the cherry mellows out also it continues to mellow until everything balances and the cinnamon comes out to take the sweetness down and add its yummy spice. One this is dry it lasts ages on me it sticks to my clothes and sheets and lingers all day I like it very muchly I think I'd like more cinnamon and because of its sweetness I have to be in the right mood to wear it! I give it a 8/10 over all. If you like cherry sents this for me doesn't beat bloody mary but it is perfect with a bright red dress and red lippy for a playful rockabilly look!
  7. violetgrimm4

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    I think that alien invasion has pineapple in it I'm not sure if any of the other reviewers mention it but I get pineapple and grapefruit from it
  8. I don't know if its been mentioned in this vast topic forgive me for not searching but I read that men are very much attracted to vanilla which would explaine why men love snake oil! Apparently vanilla is close to a smell that women make or something along these lines. I know a lot of the scents that drive men wild on this topic contain vanilla in its various forms Surprisingly women like snake oil as much as men do in my experience! (I'm gonna go find an article about men and vanilla now)
  9. violetgrimm4

    Scent for Halloween?

    I wore mircalla all day and was a zombie on the evening so I wore bloody mary !
  10. For the person asking for red musk recs I think red phoenix would be perfect I sold mine because iwas poor and regretted it ever since mircalla reminds me of it
  11. violetgrimm4

    fizzy, sorta carbonated, sparkling blends?

    Velvet pink kitty was so fizzy I couldn't wear it!
  12. violetgrimm4

    dragon's blood recommendations...?

    My fave is dragon musk its so exotic smelling I have an imp of dragons milk but I often find it too sweet :s I quite enjoy dragon moon 08 and blood (I think ths just called bloodlol) coz I lurve cherry!
  13. violetgrimm4

    The Last Squished Jellybean

    Oh I wish I had a bottle of this beauty cinnamon licorice sugary yum! I love the smell and I'm tempted to lick myself after a while I get a sorta cinnamon minty smell oh I love it!
  14. violetgrimm4

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    I love the smell of roses they make me feel feminine and pretty but roses hate me *weeps* I bought imps of london and 25+7 hoping to put them on and be transformed into a sexy siren and all that happened was the rose became so strong it almost gave my OH an asthma attack which is not the sexy effect I was hoping for! I got a rose single note in a swap I did to test in the hope that on its own maybe it will be better but no once again my long suffering partner almost got gased again! Mostly now I am avoiding rose but I had joined a decant circle for the new DD blockbusters and bought an imp of gothic horror before any reviews went up when I go it I HAD to put it on my skin since it smells live heaven in the bottle and it works it works OH so well! So my recommendation is for gothic horror its a good rose for folks who can't normally wear it Oh and I don't know if it has it in it but on me scherezade smells like It has rose in it!