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  1. acidrica

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Here's some quick recs from the GC. Eternal - Stephanotis, cyclamen, heliotrope, white rose and gardenia. Twilight - Lavender and jasmine, with a touch of glowing honeysuckle. Arcana - Frankincense, rosemary, lavender, neroli, and verbena. Intrigue - Black palm, with cocoa, fig and shadowy wooded notes. Séance - A mysterious, enigmatic blend of dry, mellow rosewood, crushed rose leaf and the slightest touch of warm hazel. Veil - White sandalwood, lilac, gardenia, violet, orris, lavender and ylang ylang. Bram Stoker - Bourbon vetiver with opoponax, Italian bergamot, and hay absolute.
  2. acidrica

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    They are?! Oh wow, I might need to actually finish it then. I'll reread my books and then get back to you on Fai. Hmm, I'll put in my own request for a recommendation. Kazuma Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. I am literally stumped. Something manly, but you also have to keep his kindness and TRUE LOVE thing into account. Also his sensitivity to spirits... o.o He's basically a street punk that goes on to fight demons. "Kuwabara was described as a stupid and ugly person. However he is extremely loyal to his friends and has a very strict code of honor. He would do anything for his friends and for love. He can be clumsy, reckless, and is also stubborn, persistent, and also has a great sense of humor. He doesn't give up a fight, even if he's injured. He has a temper, but not as bad as Yusuke's. He has a kind heart and an honest nature. He does not fight girls. Kuwabara is considered the kindest of the main characters." - From the Yu Yu Hakusho wiki. Black Furies? Sweet! I love them! That'll help me a lot! What notes were you thinking might fit? Or would very much NOT fit? I haven't tested all of my collection, so I'd be going on the scent descriptions to find something.
  3. acidrica

    Switch Witch Help

    Music I like: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLyecPDhYQyhIezqVd_yMsbA http://8tracks.com/mix_sets/liked:66678 My DW: http://acidrica.dreamwidth.org/ Explanation of Flamekeeping: http://www.flamekeeping.org/ Amazon wishlist: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/258U06ARLC494/ref=cm_sw_su_w For kindle purchases, look for Mary Ruth Gaw's account. That's my mom, and I share a kindle account with her. Thinkgeek wishlist: http://www.thinkgeek.com/brain/gimme.cgi?wid=81de54fc7 Will add more stuff once my mentor helps me out! 1. I wonder what a potential witchee would think about being bombarded with PUMPKINS in various formats. Because my current obsession just may last long enough to be of use in spoiling.....but I know wouldn't be appreciated by everyone. Would you appreciate it?!? I don't really like pumpkin food, but scents are okay. 2. I currently have a CSA and my significant other is perpetually out of town for work, so I've been doing a lot of canning and baking with my vegetables. How do people feel about canned good (pickles, salsa, etc) and vegetal baked goods (squash bread, zucchini bread). Not really interested, sorry. :C 3. Trading Post wants? SOAP! Snake Oil or Shub or Miskatonic would be awesome. But I really, really want some Smooch! 4. What direct sellers do you not like and would prefer not to get things from? And also feel free to list any retail brands you really don't like. Any makeup, any commercial perfume. 5. How about y'alls coffee and tea preferences? Trying to cut back on coffee, but I LOVE the fandom teas from adagio teas. I'm trying to open myself up to new kinds of tea, so really whatever. I'm used to tissanes, actually. 6. Do you cook? Would kitchen accessories make you happy? Tea bags. Just...tea bags to put loose tea in. Besides that, I don't cook. 7. How do people feel about creative endeavors? Would you like to receive one? Or supplies to make your own? What do you like? Drawings, stories, poems? I love them! YES! YES YES! I love faber-castel colored pencils, bristol board (smooth), black drawing paper, colored (desaturated dull grey or brown) drawing paper, kneaded erasers (I always need more!), micron pens in various sizes. I love drawings, stories, and poems! Really, if you make it I will love it! 8. What culture or country (doesn’t have to be modern) do you feel an innate connection with? What about it makes it special to you? Germany! I love the music! 9. Is there any sort of art commission you would like: cartoon, pin-up, fantasy, realistic, etc? If so, what subject would you like drawn (a picture of you, a character, a loved one or pet)? YES. I have so many characters, ah...ask me for references and you will get them? Fantasy most likely. 10. What do you find yourself doing for fun in your free time? What are your main hobbies and interests? Drawing and reading and writing. And Table-top rpgs. 11. Table-top gaming? If yes, what kind, edition, etc? Gaming accessories you long for? YES!! I play Pathfinder, World of Darkness (old and new and anniversary editions), Savage Worlds, various random games. I own of Pathfinder: Pathefinder Core Advanced Race Guide Inner Sea World Guide (though a replacement would be nice) All of the Council of Thieves adventure path First 2 of the Kingmaker adventure path First 3 of the Carrion Crown adventure path (I need the others as I'm running this path) First Jade Regent All of the 'Faiths of...' series Gamemastery Guide Advanced Player's Guide Pathfinder gamemaster screen Rivals Rise of the Runelords adventure path (anniversary edition) I really want hard copies of: Gods of the Inner Sea, Carrion Crown 4-6 Don't worry about world of darkness, I have almost all the books. o.o More interesting dice is always awesome! Sets of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. I uh, don't actually -expect- any of this, just noting which books I have. >> 12. DVD movies or games that you wish would magically appear in your hands? Can they be used, through Amazon? None. :C 13. What kind of snacks or candy from other countries/states would you like to try? Bugs. Seriously. Not ants or grasshoppers, but other stuff is fair game. I don't dig spicy stuff though, but BBQ flavor is good. Here's a good link. And another. I would love you to death. My soul for bbq mealworms or waxworms. OH AND HERE! I would love a few Chaco bars. 14. Do you have a favorite internet meme, character or pop culture fandom? Yes! Homestuck, Ava's Demon, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Attack on Titan (just getting into it), Harry Potter (I'm a ravenclaw!), Farscape, Battlestar Galactica (the reboot), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (but I don't consider myself a brony, kinda don't like the fandom), Adventure Time, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yu Yu Hakusho, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, trying to get into Evagelion, The Elder Scrolls (but not the MMO lore), Star Wars: The Old Republic...I -think- that's it? 15. Do you have a Facebook profile (or other social media) that you are comfortable linking to aid your witch in stalking? Please note whether you are willing to add BPALers as friends. Put everything in the spreadsheet, will add any bpaler. 16. Anybody interested in something from RCCC, whether it's con-exclusive merch or from a particular exhibitor or artist? Nah. 17. How important to you is regular contact / chatter with your witch? I love it, love it, love it. But I understand if you don't have the time. 18. Do you like puzzles/riddles/treasure hunts and that sort of thing? I tend to get frustrated very easily. 19. If you were to receive music, would you want a physical CD or digital versions? Digital please! My cd drive on my laptop is busted. 20. What’s a current problem/annoyance you have that could be remedied but you haven’t had time to address it? Ordering the parts for my new desktop. Well...begging my mother to give me my money so I can do said thing. 21. How do you feel about having some sort of trinket to carry around for good luck/wishes? i.e. a small figurine, symbol, card, coin… Sure! Just keep in mind that I'm not christian. I'm a kemetic flamekeeper. So ankhs are awesome. So are scarabs. Anything having to do wtih Anubis. Coyotes and crows because of personal reasons...anything YOU personally want to give me for a reason you give. 22. Are you superstitious about anything? Any things you can't have in your house for that reason--bad associations? Anything having to do with babies. Or alcohol. Or babies WITH alcohol. 23. For the vegetarians and vegans: How do you feel about things (say, marshmallows or gummy candy) made with vegan gelatin or other typically-animal-derived-but-not-in-this-instance products? I'm not a vegan yet, so this doesn't apply to me. :3 24. Ok, so we've covered pumpkin. How do you feel about the other fall classic – apples? I. Love. Apple. Cider. 25. Do you have any fabric or skin-contact aversions? Yes, scratchy things. 26. How do you feel about Christmas/Yule ornaments? I uh...don't really ever have Christmas trees and have complicated memories associated with them, so no...unless they were My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ornaments. Yule stuff is fine though. 27. How do you feel about Hello Kitty, and Hello Kitty accessories (including mugs, cups, etc)? I like that one penguin character, does that count? 28. If you had a week free where you could learn anything, with no financial restrictions, what would you want to study? I would go to gnomon workshop and just buy out all their DVDs and watch forever. Digital and traditional art. 29. Do you enjoy poetry? Who are your favorite poets and what type of subject matter do you like? I do! Uh....I mostly enjoy random poets online, but I like mental health as a subject matter, raw kind of stuff. 30. Would you enjoy receiving something related to a favorite Disney character? My top fav Disney characters: Zira from the Lion King 2, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Ratigan from the Great Mouse Detective, and Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. 31. How do you feel about cute things as decorations or accessories? As long as it's not babies! I have a baby phobia....strange, I know, but it's legit. :C 32. What is something you'd really like to recieve from your witch? Please be as specific as possible - no, "Oh whatever she thinks is fine!" M.C.A. Hogarth's Jokka Coloring Book. o.o I don't care if I end up buying it myself because I can't wait, I'll still want another. I'm hoping to own two of them in any case, one for coloring and one to just stare at. 33. Tarot cards/rune stones: So much yay! I have no rune stones of any kind, despite wanting them. I have the shadowscapes deck, the H.P. Lovecraft tarot deck (That really rare one), and the Deviant Moon Tarot Deck. Oh, and an old Rider-Waite, but I prefer decks that are more...like shadowscapes I guess? I am -dying- to get my hands on the homestuck tarot deck from whatpumpkin.com...but they appear to be out of stock? *sobs* . o.o But yes, a pendulum would be cool too...I should make a divination wishlist! 34. Go to your music source of choice - on random or shuffle setting if possible - & share with us the 10 most recent songs/artists: Spotify ahoy! Migraine - Twenty-One Pilots Seven Devils - Sadistik Joan - Heather Dale Jenny, you're barely alive - Rilo Kiley Teenagers - My Chemical Romance Disloyal Order of Water Buffalos - Fall Out Boy Hermit the Frog - Marina and the Diamonds Satin in a Coffin - Modest Mouse The Awkward Song - Cheese on Bread Shalott - Emilie Autumn
  4. acidrica

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Brienne is also my favorite! I have two suggestions for you: Embalming Fluid: A light, pure scent: white musk, green tea, aloe and lemon. (a bit of a no-nonsense scent. Crisp, sharp, and interesting) Pandy: Fresh white musk, honeycomb, sweet apricot, elemi, orange blossom, and mischievous pink pepper. (A scent based on somebody who wants to travel and have adventures. Fresh, sweet, but with a hint of spice) Yay fellow Brienne fan Thank you! I have already tried embalming fluid and it was lovely. Pandy sounds very exciting and I had never heard of it. I will order it next. Here's some recs for you, fellow genderqueer-y and INFP person! Miskatonic University: The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls.(for the thinky person/neuroscience person in you. It's very comforting but also a good 'sit down and study' blend) Al-Azif: A sinister, sinuous incense of summoning, a herald and paean to the Primordial Gods of Darkness, Chaos, Madness and Decay.( I think my love of this perfume might be clouding my judgement, but just...ignore the description and trust me when I tell you it smells like an old psychology textbook. Or an evil book. Either or. It's pretty no-nonsense and gender-neutral in my opinion. Very Slytherin.) Ladon: The hundred-headed dragon that guards the garden of the Hesperides: dragon’s blood resin, golden apple, apple blossom, white musk and hyacinth. (More Slytherin love, but with a sweet edge I guess? I'm just guessing from the apple. I kind also just want you to try dragon's blood resin. ) Black Pearl: Evocative of the sea's unplumbed mysteries. Gentle and lovely, but menacing and profound. Coconut, Florentine iris, hazelnut and opalescent white musk.(You love the Ocean, right? *grins*) Kumiho: A sharp, biting blend of crisp white tea and ginger. (Just based on how you like embalming fluid) Olokun: His ofrenda is the scent of the lightless deep: the glorious, unknowable gloom of the ocean floor. (more ocean love) Verdandi:Deep herbs and apple with black amber.(Necessity) Dormouse: A dizzying eddy of four teas brushed with light herbs and a breath of peony. Veritas: The essence of honesty, integrity, and veracity: frankincense, white carnation, angelica, chamomile, and heliotrope. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: Whiffs of cinnamon bark, almond, and spikenard surround a perfect fruit, whose scent is akin to a tamarind, with the grace of a fine grape, as warm and rich as a fresh fig, glistening red like pomegranate seeds, and as crisp as an apple. Half-Elf: White sandalwood, beeswax, white tea leaf, oud, and a hint of sophisticated urban musk R'lyeh: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. The sunken city of the Great God Cthulhu. A hellishly dark aquatic scent, evocative of fathomless oceanic deeps, the mysteries of madness buried under crushing black waters, and the brooding eternal evil that lies beneath the waves. Rome: Refined, austere and graceful. A recipe gleaned from Classical Rome: cypress, juniper, chamomile and rose. Shanghai:The crisp, clean scent of green tea touched with lemon verbena and honeysuckle. If you want to ask why I picked a certain scent, ask away!
  5. acidrica

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I hope you can work through that too; not to sound presumptuous, but you sound like a kind, fun and talented person. I know for a fact that there are plenty of people not having to deal with constant pain and mental illnesses that choose not to accomplish half the things it sounds like you have. Dragon's Heart - Dragon’s blood resin, red and black musks, a throb of fig and a sliver of black currant. Haunted - Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk. Sissy, the Ascendant - Sassafras and smoke for black vulture feathers, and King mandarin and red musk for the deep red-orange of the vulture’s face. Blue lilac and chamomile / opoponax and vetiver for the blue and black of her eyes. Vanilla bean and fig represent her innate goodness and instinctive kindness. The Visionary - Lush, honeyed red musk twined with heart-thrilling white musk on passion-warmed skin against a backdrop of raw, iced peat, common heather, and hearth wood. Imaginer - Honeyed patchouli, Madagascan black pepper, fossilized amber oil, beeswax absolute, massoia bark, Egyptian myrrh, and a thin thread of blood-red saffron. Fractured Singularity - Tobacco flower, saffron crocus, myrrh, ambergris accord, and a touch of vetiver grass. Halloween: Las Vegas - Walls smeared with red and black frosting, copious amounts of spilled red wine, the leftover contents of three full bars, dry leaves and desert flowers crushed into carpet, tobacco smoke, and champaca incense in a cloud of body-heat amped Snake Oil and Dorian. Anubis - Holy myrrh, storax, balsam, and embalming herbs. Mr. Jacquel - Golden amber, hyssop, North African patchouli, and embalming spices. The Lights of Men's Lives - The wax and smoke of millions upon millions of candles illuminating the walls of Death’s shadowy cave. Death Shall Come in with Thee - Opium poppy, smoke, and tar with green cognac, brittle white vanilla pod, white sandalwood, and clove bud. Ahhhh, thank you all so much, reading these really made my day! Time to update my wishlist and go curl up in feel-goods. <3 Aviatrix, I might PM you when I feel up to it, actually. I've been oddly busy these last few days, so I might be slow with any communication though. ^^;
  6. acidrica

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Here goes nothing: First of all, I'm diagnosed with schizoaffective (depressive type) and ADHD (combined type), along with anxiety and PTSD. That may seem really odd to start off with, but dealing with that really does color almost everything about me. I see things, hear things, and get delusional, but I take medication and I -know- I'm out of it, so I can usually manage myself. What I can't manage is the debilitating apathy/avolition that makes it so that I can't even feed myself unless someone ushers me to the kitchen. I'm very distracted without my medication, and I also have no sense of time in the sense that I live 'in the moment' oftentimes. I have poor working memory (not remembering things, but putting things you know into practice). I also suffer from chronic pain, specifically Fibromyalgia, so I'm pretty much in constant pain all over, which makes it hard for me to be active. I'm 23. Also, I don't consider myself male or female, but non-binary or at the very least 'gender confused'. I'm very lonely a lot, despite having a loving mother, irl boyfriend (3 years wooh!), and many online friends. It's almost as if I need to be in constant contact with -someone- or else I start to feel panicked. I'm an artist, but I enjoy drawing monsters and fantastical things. Not to sound arrogant, but I'm pretty good at it. I'm an avid roleplayer (I tend to run tabletop games for friends online), and I also enjoy writing. I hope to one day become a self-published author (because my stories are too strange and niche for any publisher I know of). I've been told I'm very giving. To quote a friend, "I almost think you get some kind of perverse pleasure out of giving people things". I'm very open, as you can probably tell by now. I simply don't care what people know about me, because I have nothing to hide, and I figure if I can help combat stigma, then I'm at least doing something good. This often makes me awkward in social situations. I tend to like most people right off the bat, but sometimes my paranoia will kick in if they remind me of certain people from my past. I'm spiritual, but in a very strange way. I understand that being spiritual gives me comfort, so it's really a survival strategy as opposed to true devotion or belief that 'my way is right'. I worship the ancient Egyptian deities, particularly Anubis, Set, Sobek, and Sokar. I used to want to be a funeral director, but then the hallucinations started to really hit me, so I decided that would be a bad idea. Still, I feel drawn to dead things, even though I fear death immensely. For example, I used to skin and dry hides from fresh roadkill. Of course, I also used to talk to animal skulls, but that was before my medication...so yeah. I care about people a lot, and in a situation where it's fight or flight, I will generally always flee. I'm more afraid than violent. In fact, I've been in less fights than anyone I know. Fear is a constant in my life. It doesn't matter if someone lives far away, if they're nice to me, I'll care about them all the same. I could barely know you, but if you asked for support in the form of anything I could give, I probably would. I tend to be a lot of my friends' crisis contact, and I've stayed up many a night talking people down from depression or such. I want to make a difference in the world, but I don't know how, the more it becomes clear how strongly my mental illnesses affect my life. I don't want to go on disability, but it's seeming more and more likely. But even if I do, I -will- find a way to contribute, even if it's through writing or art. I -need- to be of use. I'm smart (tested IQ of 148, though I really don't think that matters because my meds make my brain really slow nowadays), and was raised considered 'gifted' before my grades plummeted due to a variety of factors. I read a lot, mostly non-fiction. I also read a -lot- about abnormal psychology, mostly about how my illnesses affect me. I hate myself a lot, because I see myself as a burden, though I'm trying to work through that. I don't trust people in positions of authority. I'm an anarchist (think 'direct democracy' and 'highly organized' anarchy, not terrorism). I'm not active in trying to do anything to change the way the government works though, I just know that an anarchistic society is the only one (in theory) I'd feel safe in. Despite that, I tend to be submissive in bed. Go figure. Sorry if that was long or too in depth. I'm just really interested to see what I get based on what I think about myself, I guess.
  7. What are your thoughts on yarn and handmade yarny things? I love handmade yarny things and yarn! For bath and body products: do you have a bathtub or shower? I have a bath, but I never use it because it's ugh. I love non-commercial soap and scrubs though! Are there any particular fandoms that you follow? Yes! Homestuck, Ava's Demon, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Attack on Titan (just getting into it), Harry Potter (I'm a ravenclaw!), Farscape, Battlestar Galactica (the reboot), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (but I don't consider myself a brony, kinda don't like the fandom), Adventure Time, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yu Yu Hakusho, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, trying to get into Evagelion, The Elder Scrolls (but not the MMO lore), Star Wars: The Old Republic...I -think- that's it? Do you own a wax/oil burner? (If no, would you like one?) I don't! And yes! I would! So much! Would you like loose, fancy tea? Yes yes yes yes! I'm out of teabags though...so even just teabags without the tea would be yay. Incense, y/n? Only Japanese incense or cone incense, as I can't stand dipped incense. Favorite fall activities? Cider. Just Cider.
  8. acidrica

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I LOVE playing Philodox almost as much as Theurges. I once had a metis Black Fury Philodox, she was pretty cool, though bitter. Don't worry about it, if you want, we can move this over to the other thread while I look through and try to find scents that might fit Tala.
  9. acidrica

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    GC: Black Annis - A mixture of damp cave lichen and oak leaf with a hint of vetiver, civet and anise.(I'm planning on trying this for my kobold sorcerer) Azathoth - tangerine, saffron, vetiver, black amber and cedarwood. Bloodlust - Dragon’s blood essence, heavy red musk, Indonesian patchouli and swarthy vetiver with a drop of cinnamon. Czernobog - A combination of three musks, with splashes of dark myrrh, vetiver and mullein. Sloth - Vetiver over Black Myrrh Troll - vetiver, pine pitch, troll musk, black basil, clove smoke, and scorched cumin. In case you couldn't tell, I'm feeling the Vetiver for him. So apparently to me, "absent-minded fey artist" says "sparkly and flitting! And fruit!" because here's what I thought of: Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel: Polycarbonate and metallic film monuments to domestic whimsy, whirling merrily in the summer breeze. Raspberry, lime, blueberry, tangerine, lemon, juniper, and white grape. Schroedinger's Cat: A paradoxical scent experiment! - tangerine, sugared lime, pink grapefruit, oakmoss, lavender, zdravetz, and chocolate peppermint. Getting away from the fruits a little, I considered: Mag Mell: The Plane of Joy, eternal reward for a lifetime of valor and glory. A place of eternal youth and beauty, strength and honor, music and revelry. The warmth of amber, the puissance of white ginger and the clarity of verbena, with fresh green grass, lush sage and cleansing droplets of summer rain. Imaginer: A report from the land of dreams: honeyed patchouli, Madagascan black pepper, fossilized amber oil, beeswax absolute, massoia bark, Egyptian myrrh, and a thin thread of blood-red saffron. And of course, these based mostly on the names: A Fit of Artistic Enthusiasm: Electric jolts of mania: a salt-crusted coffin bobbing through tumultuous ocean. Who in the World Am I: Sheer vanilla, hinoki wood, lavender, bergamot, cotton blossom, and lightly spiced oriental blossoms. Oh, these are all interesting! Fruits tend to go odd on me though...but oakmoss always smells lovely. Hmmm. Anything more mossy, now that I think about it? Thank you!
  10. acidrica

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Ah, my favorite game! What tribe do you see her eventually fitting into, if any at all? Also, auspice?
  11. Depends on how you feel about vetiver, but I'm really digging Orc right now for keeping me on task.
  12. acidrica

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    For the Zombie, I know it's obvious, but maybe Zombie Apocalypse? I found it to be kind of fruity in an unnerving way. I need help thinking of a scent for a character I'm coming up with. She's a doppelganger (shape shifting fey) who has lived a good chunk thinking she was actually the person she was shape-shifted as for some reason. She's an artist, and after she finds out what she really is, she kind of...designs new forms for her to try out using her skill at art. I'm hoping for something slightly 'fey' with some absent-minded artist thrown in, but hopefully without florals because I hate those.
  13. acidrica

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I'm not sure, since I don't know anything about that character, but what type of character is she? I do know a good deal about world of darkness, so I might be able to help out.
  14. acidrica

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Marshy, actually. I'd be happy with either though, probably. Thank you for all the advice guys! I actually did something silly yesterday and tried to layer secretions manifique (by Etat Libre d'Orange, look it up if you don't know what it it...it's...interesting) with dragon's heart. The dragon's heart made it smell less...horrid, but it was still pretty bad. Not really fitting for my character, but some horrible part of me kind of wants to try it out, because it -is- strong enough. If I could get that kind of strength with another bpal, I'd be all for that. Just now tried debauchery. Layering it with dragon's tears once I get it might work. The civet doesn't turn into anything horrible on my skin, but my mom says it smells really soapy. I'm still open to ideas though. Black Annis really sounds like it might work if I layer it with one of the dragon's blood blends.
  15. acidrica

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Oh wow, quick responses! Thank you so much! Right now I'm rocking a TON of dragon's heart, some dragon's musk, a bit of banded sea snake (me trying to replicate a watery..thing, idk), and the pool of tears. Right now it's not as strong as I'd like, and a lot of the scents seem to cancel each other out. I'll try to get some dragon's tears (is it new? I thought I had all of the dragon's blood blends, but that one eluded me). The florals are going kind of...meh on me, so I think I'll try to down it out with some more dragon's heart. Dragon's musk seems to be a bit too...sexy, I guess? Don't worry, at this point drowning myself in perfume is the point. Seems I'll have to invest in some bottles.